Super Junior's Heechul says he is  at all times been dumped by way of girlfriends

Super Junior's Heechul says he is at all times been dumped by way of girlfriends

Super Junior's Heechul revealed that he isat all times been dumped through his girlfriends at the February 13th episode of 'A Hyung I Know'. 

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A viewer asked if there was once a good, purposeful way to get a divorce alongside someone, and Kim Hee Chul and comic Kim Ji Min decided to place on a skit. Kim Hee Chul expressed, "I get tired after dating anyone for more than one month. I mightadore it if other folks just understood truly quick," acting angry.

Despite the act, Heechul shared, "Whenever I used to be in a relationship, I turned intoconstantlydamaged up with."


Super Junior Will Perform At KCON LA, In Their First U.S. Performance Since 2012

Super Junior Will Perform At KCON LA, In Their First U.S. Performance Since 2012

Super Junior is the first act that has been announced for the lineup at KCON LA 2015. (Photo : SMTOWN ) On May 14, CJ EM announced the first artist for the lineup of KCON 2015 in LA. SM Entertainment"s powerhouse male group Super Junior has been announced as the first performers for KCON 2014 LA.

Super Junior debuted as a 12-member pop group in 2005. The group was catapulted into stardom with the success of the 2009 hit album "Sorry, Sorry." Super Junior has continued to be at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave and is one of the leading groups to reach markets in Latin America. In 2014, the group released their seventh Korean studio album, "Mamacita." "Mamacita" marked the return of Leeteuk and Heechul, following mandatory military service.

Super Junior"s Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryewook and Kyuhyun are prepared to perform before their dedicated fans at KCON 2015. KCON will mark their first performance in the United States since the 2012 SM Town Live World Tour III, which kicked off in Anaheim, California on May 20, 2012. Their performance at KCON will provide the opportunity to see the current 9 member lineup prior to additional military enlistments.

Super Junior has performed 100 concerts worldwide and is the only Korean act to hold the title of best selling artist for three consecutive years (2011-2014).

According to the announcement from CJ EM, tickets for KCON will go on sale in June 2015.

KCON 2015 has expanded to encompass 3 days in Los Angeles, California. Hallyu fans can convene for dynamic programming and will have the opportunity to see live performances from top Korean acts like Super Junior.

KCON 2015 in LA will be held from July 31 through August 2. The convention and concert will then travel to the New York City area for a performance and conference sessions at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on August 8.

Are you excited about the opportunity to see Super Junior in Los Angeles?

Which Super Junior song is your favorite? Here are some of our favorite Super Junior music videos.

Sexy, Free and Single

Mr. Simple



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Super Junior-M’s Henry Reveals How Many Girlfriends He Has Had on “Real Men”

Super Junior-M’s Henry Reveals How Many Girlfriends He Has Had on “Real Men”

Super Junior-Ms Henry has recently revealed how many girlfriends he has had on the latest episode of the MBC variety program, Real Men.

On the November 16 episode of Real Men, the soldiers went out of the barracks after dinner to teach the elementary school students living nearby English and Mathematics.

Henry and K.Will went together and taught English to some students. Henry, who acted as the English teacher of the kids, took some questions from one of the students who got curious and asked him how many girlfriends he has had. Henry revealed, I have had only one girlfriend ever.

The children were so curious about Henry that they continued asking him questions about his first and only relationship so far. Henry continued, I first had a girlfriend when I was in middle school. Among the 2000 students, I only looked at her.

K. Will joined in the fun and asked Henry a question as well. Which part of her was prettiest?, K.Will asked. Her smiling eyes were pretty, Henry continued. Even while his face began turning red as he reminisces his young love, Henry continued talking about his first girlfriend until the students were satisfied with his answers.

Finally, Henry finished talking about his love affairs and closed the conversation with, (But) right now, we have broken up. I dont have a girlfriend. I am finding.

Good luck with your search, Henry! ㅋㅋ 


Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

Super Junior, SM Entertainment

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

Super Junioris a multi-talented music group from South Korea. Since the very beginning, every member has worked very hard to be where they are today. Practicing from day to night, they continued to refine their singing and dancing abilities. Who would have thought they would one day be known as "kings of the Hallyu Wave". In this one year, Super Junior has continued to gain recognition for their abilities from all over the world. From sold out concerts, to starring as main leads in dramas, the members are slowly branching out to different areas of entertainment and are continuing to excel in everything they set their hearts and passion on.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

In January of 2012, Super Junior attended the 26th Golden Disk Awards. The Golden Disk Awards is a yearly awards show where the Music Industry Association of Korea presents awards to those with outstanding music achievements in the music industry. They came back with a total of 4 awards, the Disk Daesang, Bonsang, Popularity Award, and Ceci award. As of January 11, 2012, their winnings have decorated them to be the Korean artist with the most won awards in GDA, with a total of 13 awards in the history of the GDA or of Super Junior.

A week later, on January 19, Super Junior won the Daesang and Bonsang award at the 21st Seoul Music Awards. Super Junior's award streak continued on throughout the year, both as a group and as individuals. Later in the year, in November, Super Junior won Album of the Year, Naver LINE Award, and Best Global Group Award at the MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA). In December, Shindongwon the MBC Music Star Award at the Melon Music Awards.Leeteukwas also awarded the Entertainer of the Year award at the year-end SBS Awards, and also the Popularity Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards. The Golden Disk Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music awards are the biggest 4 music award shows in Korea and to win at all these ceremonies are considered one of the highest achievements one can get in the music industry. Additionally, Super Junior's prominence in the overall entertainment industry as reflected by Leeteuk's and Shindong's awards, confirm them to be the well-rounded entertainers they are well-respected to be.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

Earlier in April, Super Junior fulfilled a dream they have always had - performing on European shores.With the welcoming arms of their devoted ELFs, Super Junior performed in front of 7,000 fans in Paris.Their stay in the City of Light was then later turned into an exquisite photo book collectible.Later in April, Kangin returned from his military service. With that, the group was back with 11 members, with Heechul still serving his military/civil service stint.

In May, Super Junior successfully ended their Super Show 4world tour in Seoul with Encore Concerts on May 26th, and 27th. They started last November in Seoul, and had 24 successful, sold-out shows worldwide. They are also the first Korean artists to hold 2 solo concerts in Macau.Prior to that, they performed in back-to-back concerts within those two weeks, performing with the rest of SM artists at SMTown in Los Angeles, and then taking part in a history-making most globally watched K-Pop concert in history on the 21st, with MBC and Google tag-teaming to put together the Korean Music Wave concert held on the Google campus/Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.The event, in which Super Junior was likely the most anticipated group in the lineup, was streamed live on YouTube, allowing fans all over the world to tune in.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

In June, news of a comeback was released. Soon after, individual pictures of each member were released every single day. With the image concept, "Beautiful Men", Super Junior released their music video, "Sexy, FreeSingle" in July. A manlier and sexier image was shown and this album was well received. Super Junior's 6th Album, Sexy, FreeSinglefeatured 10 tracks. Affirming that they are not only a group who sings pre-made songs, Eunhyukshowed his songwriting prowess on this album by penning the lyrics to Gulliver."Sexy, Free and Single" went on to dominate the physical album sales of 2012. Ranking #1 for 3 years in a row, Super Junior as the kings of digital album sales sold 117,718 physical copies of their album.

In August, Super Junior released a repackaged version of their 6th album, adding the tracks: "SPY", "Outsider", "Only U", and "Haru".Again, featuring their musical composition talents, Donghae and Leeteuk collaborated in composing "Only U", which was said to be a song for ELF. The release of the repackage album led to the release of a second lead music video for Super Junior's 6th album featuring the song "SPY".

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

In September, Super Junior became the honorary ambassadors for Gangnam District.In October, Eunhyuk had his first solo photo shoot for Singles Magazine. Also, Eunhyuk was put into SM Entertainment's dance unit team, "Younique". This album was released through the partnership of SM and Hyundai. This is the first time a car company has collaborated with an entertainment agency to release an album.

Also in October, Leeteuk, the forever leader, finally enlisted for his military service.With Leeteuk gone, and 2 other inactive members, the group is now down to only 10 active members.Two months into his service, Leeteuk was included to cast in a musicalfor the military, allowing the Korean public to once again see him as an entertainer even during his obligatory duties as a Korean citizen.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

In November, Super Junior's 4th photo book was released. Title "Super Junior Boys in the City Season 4", it features pictures of Super Junior minus Kangin and Heechul, during their Paris activities. The book also contains essays and stories about their feelings about their debut, Leeteuk's enlistment, and their friendships. These were personally written by the members themselves. This photo book was released to commemorate Super Junior's 7th anniversary and was released simultaneously in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. November 5 marked Super Junior's 7th anniversary.Having lasted 7 years is a major feat since the average lifespan of music groups is 5 years.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

As for acting, Kibumreturned to the small screen by starring in the drama "I Love Lee Tae Ri".Other members have also been offered opportunities to further enhance their acting careers. In June, Donghaewas casted for "Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog".In September, Siwonwas casted in "The King of Dramas" for which his acting was well-received by viewers. In all of the other dramas Siwon has starred in, this one has shown a more comical side of him.In July, the members appeared in an episode of SNL Korea. This is the first time the group has starred in a show with a rating of 19+ and if you have seen the episode, you can see why.In addition, many of the other members have started to star in musicals. Kanginmade his comeback by starring in "Goong". Kyuhyunstarred as the male lead in "Catch Me If You Can". Sungminstarred in "Jack The Ripper" and Eunhyuk starred in "Fame". A lot of them have showed that through many hours of long practices, determination, and perseverance, one can achieve success.

Super Junior's Rise to International Fame - A 2012 Recap

As for businesses, a few of the members have started venturing out into the business world. Yesung opened up a glasses store called "WHYSTYLE", and a cafe called "Mouse Rabbit". Eunhyuk opened a branch of the national coffee and pastry franchise "Tous Les Jours". Donghae ventured in a waffle house called "The Grand Place". Shindong opened "Epic Lounge" and Siwon recently also invested in national coffee chain "Twosome Coffee". All businesses are proven to be a success, since many loyal fans visit these places every single day.

Most recently, the members are getting ready to promote new music through their subgroups, Super Junior Mand Super Junior K.R.Y.

Marked with the title "Kings of the Hallyu Wave" this is only the beginning. With continued support from loyal fans all over the world, Super Junior will continue to grow and excel in all their future projects. There really is no stopping them. Whatever it is they set out to do -- acting or modeling, singing or dancing, hosting or even venturing out to businesses, for Super Junior anything and everything can be done.

Writer: Michelle Wong (The Super Junior Handbook) | Edited by: KpopStarz | Photo Credits: SM, KpopStarz


Kim Hyunjoong, Super Junior, TVXQ and more in the yearly Oricon for 2012

Kim Hyunjoong, Super Junior, TVXQ and more in the yearly Oricon for 2012

Kim Hyunjoong, Super Junior, TVXQ and more in the yearly Oricon for 2012For the past years, the yearly Oricon rankings have been overtaken by super group AKB46 and Johnny's Entertainment group Arashi and 2012 is no different with both groups charting high and taking the top positions again.

But what we are going through the rankings for isn't necessarily the Japanese pop artists, but the Japanese releases by Korean artists instead. And even though there are loads of them nearly each week, only a few break the amount of sales necessary to get into the top 100 of the Oricon album and single rankings.

The first Korean artist in the single ranking is Kim Hyunjoong with his single "Heat." He arrived at a 31st place after selling 202,672 copies of his single. Following closely with 184,469 copies sold, we find Super Junior and their May release "Opera." Labelmate TVXQ got to a 40th place with 175,544 units of "Android" while 2PM is at the 47th spot with "Beautiful." "Beautiful" sold 163,463 copies. TVXQ's "Still" (160,791) got just one place lower while the first girl group in the ranking, KARA, can be found at the 49th spot with "Speed Up/Girls Power." Another 2PM release is at 52, the group's latest single "Masquerade" which sold an amount of 151,227 since its release last November. Girls' Generation's "Paparazzi" is at the 58th place, with Super Junior following just behind them. The group's Japanese "Sexy, Free and Single" release got to a 59th spot. The singles sold 136,181 and 123,140 copies respectively. At 61, there's space for 121,547 copies of Kim Hyunjoong's other single, "Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy." SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" took a 71st spot, breaking the 100k number with 110,230 copies sold, while Girls' Generation closes the single rankings for Korean artists with "Oh!" at 92 with an amount of 84,814 albums.

The yearly album rankings, on the other hand, show fewer releases yet the same groups return with the addition of T-ara, Big Bang and solo artist/actor Jang Geunsuk. KARA takes the lead for Korean artists with "Super Girl" at the 18th spot. It sold 295,651 copies since its release. With 229,043 albums sold in 2012, Girls' Generation follows them 7 spots lower at 25, interestingly, with their 2011 album "Girls' Generation." Big Bang's "Alive" can be found at 31 with 187,865 copies sold, while Girls' Generation's second full length made it to the 41st place with 141,259 copies. Actor and solo artist Jang Geunsuk ends at 59 with sales of 112,276 "Just Crazy" albums. After him, it's all about the girl groups as T-ara's "Jewelry Box" was good for a 65th place. KARA's two latest releases, "Girls Forever" and "KARA Collection", are at 66 and 99 respectively.

Which was your favorite Japanese release of the year? Are you surprised by the ones that made it into the top 100?


31. Kim Hyunjoong - Heat (07/04) 202,672 copies

35. Super Junior - Opera (05/09) 184,469 copies

40. TVXQ - Android (07/11) 175,544 copies

47. 2PM - Beautiful (06/06) 163,463 copies

48. TVXQ - Still (03/14) 160,791 copies

49. KARA - Speed Up/Girls Power (03/21) 158,613 copies

52. 2PM - Masquerade (11/14) 151,227 copies

58. Girls' Generation - Paparazzi (06/27) 136,181 copies

59. Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single (08/22) 123,140 copies

61. Kim Hyunjoong - Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy (01/25) 121,547 copies

71. SHINee - Dazzling Girl (10/10) 110,230 copies

92. Girls' Generation - Oh! (09/26) 84,814 copies


18. KARA - Super Girl (11/23) 295,651 copies

25. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (06/01) 229,043 copies, 2011 release

31. Big Bang - Alive (03/28) 187,865 copies

41. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation 2 ~GirlsPeace~ (11/28) 141,259 copies

59. Jang Geunsuk - Just Crazy (05/30) 112,276 copies

65. T-ara - Jewelry Box (06/06) 104,478 copies

66. KARA - Girls Forever (11/14) 101,947 copies

99. KARA - KARA Collection (09/05) 70,542 copies

Source: Oricon (SingleAlbum)


Super Junior Choi Siwons Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Super Junior Choi Siwons Chirps and Tweets of 2012

There’s no denying that Choi Siwon is the Twitter King in the K-Pop realm with close to 3 million followers.

Among his 2000 something tweets, Choi Siwon has everything from inspirational Bible verses to good mornings and good nights to fans all over the world with each passing day.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Despite his busy schedules and flying from country to country, Choi Siwon has always let fans know what he was up to with daily tweets, greetings, and most importantly, pictures to show his love for his fans.

So as 2012 comes to a close, we looked through his twitter deck and picked out some tweets that we found noteworthy of being spotlighted.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

An Announcement to the ELFs

On October 26, Choi Siwon made the hearts of all the ELFs frozen in time for a couple of hours when he tweeted, “Today, I have something to tell all the ELFs. Please look forward to it.”

Fans started to freak out, wondering what Choi Siwon’s big message could be. A new drama? A new album? A new girlfriend?

He finally broke his silence on the same day, saying “My dear ELFs, I heard that there is a strong objection to me growing out my hair. But I will not succumb and continue growing my hair until it’s the length that is shown in this picture. So why don’t you just start supporting me ^^? You pretties. *_*”

Although it wasn’t the announcement that fans were expecting, they received the message graciously and showed signs of support and laughter.

Funny enough, Choi Siwon recently got a haircut.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Playtime with Daddy

The life of a superstar can be quite busy sometimes, but Choi Siwon always finds time for his family and it brings himself down to earth even more, if possible.

On September 23, he tweeted, “Catchball with dad in Han river! It was fun! :) Have a nice weekend!”

Whether it’s playing catch with his father or remembering his grandmother on her day of passing, Choi Siwon had fans aww-ing with all the sweet family moments.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Teaching about Korea and Learning about the World

One of the pros of Choi Siwon’s twitter is that he writes in both Korean and English so that his global fans can also see what he’s up to.

But it’s never one-sided as Choi Siwon tries to make his Twitter more interactive by getting the fans involved.

On March 13, he tweeted, “Our country is known for mirrors, cosmetics, jewelry boxes, red ginseng, seaweed, kimchi, clothing, accessories, among others... Could you tell me the different types of goods/products your country is known for?

As he introduced South Korea, Choi Siwon asked about the countries where his fans resided, and we’re pretty sure he received an overwhelming response from his fans around the world.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Support for Nichkhun

When 2PM’s Nichkhun was involved in a DUI accident, many people criticized the younger singer for being irresponsible. Choi Siwon showed his support for the singer by posting a message of encouragement.

On July 27, he wrote, “A few days ago, Korean idol group 2PM member Nichkhun was involved in a traffic accident while drinking and driving, which is an absolutely illegal action To this point Nichkhun should regret and refrain from committing such actions ever again. I believe he is examining himself more because of this accident. Nichkhun is a symbol of the Thai dream of success and has significance for both Korea and Thailand. Let us give him time to reflect from which he will emerge a better and reborn person. Thank you.”

The tweet went viral and became a hot topic with people wondering if Choi Siwon should have said anything about the incident or not.

While many criticized Choi Siwon for trying to get involved in a situation that has nothing to do with him, others praised the singer for showing support for his junior.

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Fat Choi Siwon

Parodying Se7en’s When I Can’t Sing, Choi Siwon tweeted on April 9, “Even if I lose everything, even if my popularity falls, even if I can no longer sing, even if I get fat, can you continue loving me for who I am ^^ You will, right *_*?? Puhoot!”

Included was a chubbier looking Choi Siwon using one of those fun applications on a smartphone.

And how many ELFs said they’ll love him?

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Super Junior Love

Wrapping up the year, Choi Siwon did what he does best - “Love!” especially to the perhaps some of the most special people in his life.

The tweet went up on December 28, showing the currently active Super Junior members getting ready to put on another amazing show at an end-of-the-year music festivals.

The simple one-word tweet seemed to contain all the overwhelming feelings of how he felt towards the other members as they completed another fulfilling year together.

We hope Choi Siwon continues to update fans through his twitter as he starts a bright new year.

And in the words of Choi Siwon:

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012

Photo Credit: Choi Siwon′s Twitter

Super Junior Choi Siwon’s Chirps and Tweets of 2012


2PM, EXO, SUPER JUNIOR, and Kim Hyun Joong name as the winners for Tower Records Japans K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012

2PM, EXO, SUPER JUNIOR, and Kim Hyun Joong name as the winners for Tower Records Japans K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012

2PM, EXO, SUPER JUNIOR, and Kim Hyun Joong name as the winners for Tower Records Japan’s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012′

Tower Records Japan‘s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012‘ has officially released the list of nominees and winners.

The winners were chosen for their total sales from all Tower Records stores as well as polls conducted through Facebook and mixi.

Take a look at the list below!


Artist Nominees










Shoujo Jidai

New Artist Nominees











Album Nominees

“Midnight Sun” – BEAST


“Mama” – EXO-K

“Electric Shock” – f(x)

“20 twenty” – FTISLAND


“Sherlock” – SHINee

“Sexy, FreeSingle” – SUPER JUNIOR

“Jewelry box” – T-ARA

“GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~GirlsPeace~” – Shoujo Jidai

Single Nominees

“Masquerade” – 2PM

“Oyasumi good night -Japanese ver.-” – B1A4

“Be My Shine ~Kimi wo Hanasanai” – BOYFRIEND

“Where you are” – CNBLUE

“Be Mine” – INFINITE

“Speed Up / Girls Power” – KARA

“Heat” – Kim Hyun Joong

“Dazzling Girl” – SHINee

“Sexy, FreeSingle” – SUPER JUNIOR

“PAPARAZZI” – Shoujo Jidai


Artist Winners

Grand Prize: 2PM

Second Place: SUPER JUNIOR

Third Place: B1A4

Third Place: SHINee

New Artist Winners

Grand Prize: EXO

Second Place: NU’EST

Third Place: B.A.P

Album Winners

Grand Prize: “Sexy, FreeSingle” – SUPER JUNIOR

Second Place: “Sherlock” – SHINee

Third Place: “ALIVE” – BIGBANG

Single Winners

Grand Prize: “HEAT” – Kim Hyun Joong

Second Place: “Masquerade” – 2PM

Third Place: “Sexy, FreeSingle” – SUPER JUNIOR


SourceImage: Tower Records


Super Junior, Trendiest Hashtag For Korean Twitter Users In 2012

Super Junior, Trendiest Hashtag For Korean Twitter Users In 2012

Super Junior, Trendiest Hashtag For Korean Twitter Users In 2012 Super Junior is a leading Hallyu group on and off the web.

For this past year 2012, popular group Super Junior dominated the trending hashtags. From the total of seven Korean #1 trending topics for the year, one spot was taken by Olympic gold-medalist, Park Tae-hwan after his disqualification in the London Olympics which left many Koreans bewildered.

However, the remaining six were all related to Super Junior.

#기대릴게이특 ("We'll wait, Lee Teuk") was on the list when the group leader enlisted for his compulsory military service. Following behind on the list were topics like #슈퍼주니어2500일 ("Super Junior 2,500 Days"), #이동해생일축하해요 ("Lee Donghae, Happy Birthday"), #이특영원히사랑해요("Lee Teuk, we love you forever"), #슈크라이6주년 ("Su-KRY 6 years"), #슈주은혁사랑합니다 ("SuJu Eunhyuk, we love you"), and #슈퍼주니어26000일 ("Super Junior 2,600 Days").

This list doesn't even include the English Super Junior-related hashtags that trended throughout the year.

Two of the most followed Korea tweeters on Twitter are also Super Junior members. Choi Si-won has 3 million followers and Dong-hae has a following of 2.6 million.


Big Bang-Super Junior-Epik High Nominees for 2012 WMA's

Big Bang-Super Junior-Epik High Nominees for 2012 WMA's

Super Junior, Big Bang, WMA, HyunA, Epik High, Girls' Generation, Ailee

Big Bang-Super Junior-Epik High Nominees for 2012 WMA's

K-Pop has spread widely throughout the course of this year.

Today, the 2012 WMA's (World Music Awards) revealed the nominees list for this year. On this list, K-Pop artists such as Big Bang, HyunA, Lee Hi, Epik High and others were seen.

World star Psy was also seen on the list in 3 different categories.

In the 'World Best Group' category, groups from Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls' Generation and more were seen listed.

For 'World Female Artist', 4minute HyunA along with Taylor Swift, Rihanna and others were seen.

Due to the international popularity of K-Pop, there seems to be many K-Pop nominees for the WMA's this year.

For 'World Best Song', rookie singer Lee Hi and Ailee were seen on the list as well.

Many believe that because of the 'Psy Syndrome,' K-Pop has been able to become this popular.

the 2012 WMA's will be held on December 20 at the Miami Marine Park in Florida.


Super Junior Shown Greeting Yoo Seung Jun Heartily at

Super Junior Shown Greeting Yoo Seung Jun Heartily at "2012 MAMA"

Yoo Seung Jun was happy to be among his fellow Korean singers for the first time in 10 years, and the experience was made even more meaningful thanks to the welcomes from Super Junior.

On December 1, Yoo Seung Jun uploaded a series of photos from the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2012 MAMA) held on November 30.

Attached to the photos was a caption reading, "I′m very thankful toward Super Junior. They welcomed me and loved me. I hope to see them again."

In the photos, Eunhyuk and the other Super Junior members are shown talking with Yoo Seung Jun after greeting him with a bow. One of the photos even shows the group hugging him with a warm air.

Yoo Seung Jun drew attention for appearing at 2012 MAMA, which was held in Hong Kong. His appearance marked his first appearance in front of the Korean public in 10 years, and also sparked new controversies regarding his military duties.

Even though the debates continue, Yoo Seung Jun has continued to upload photos he took with Psy and Super Junior, showing his love toward his juniors and Korea.

Yoo Seung Jun said, "I was able to meet my fans in Korea for the first time in a long time because Jackie Chan hyungnim (big brother) took me to MAMA. I′m so grateful."

Photo credit: Yoo Seung Jun′s Weibo