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10cm sticks with Orange Caramel

Acoustic band 10cm collaborated with girl group Orange Caramel to recreate one of its hit songs "Hug Song".

The song, released yesterday, has more string-based sounds with a faster beat. On top of that, the girl group members' lovely voices ask for hugs, giving the song a heart-warming touch.

This collaboration is part of a project named "Re;code" by Loen Entertainment, which encourages talented but lesser-known artists to work with more mainstream stars.

So far many idol group members have collaborated with singer-songwriters.

Geeks, best known for its recent collaboration with Ailee on "Wash Away", was the first one to work with Soyu of Sistar on the project. The remake of its hit song "Officially Missing You" to "Officially Missing You, Too" was widely loved by fans here as the boy duo's rap created a harmony with Soyu's feminine voice

Types of SNSD Fans | SNSD Korean

by Soy @ Soshified

There are 10 general types of SoShi Fans. If you don’t know what SoShi is, then you’re probably not one of these 10 yet. This is just based on the fans of each girl, that I’ve met and have had the pleasure to meet. (I believe as fans, we should know all about the positives of the girls, as well as their flaws, we can only grow stronger with them). Sometimes, I think that the girls and their personalities really do attract a certain group of fans. Also most fans, once again, I’m saying most start off as a Fany fan, because of how approachable she seems.

The first types are the Tiffany Fans. They are extremely possessive of this girl (they all claim that Tiffany is theirs, but Tiffany can’t possibly have that many soul mates). Probably the craziest group of fans you will ever meet

Orange Caramel & 10cm release “Hug Me” remake for ‘re;code’ project

Orange Caramel and 10cm have joined efforts for the ongoing project album ‘re;code‘!

Their collaborative single is actually a remake of 10cm’s “Hug Me“, but with a fresh spin with the added vocals of the ladies.

The ‘re;code’ project album has so far featured Geeks and SISTAR‘s Soyu‘s “Officially Missing You, Too“,INFINITE‘s Woohyun and Lucia‘s “Cactus“, and Daybreak and Sunny Hill‘s “Love Actually“, and now joining the list are the two above mentioned stars.

Check it out below!

Today’s Photo: May 9, 2013 [2]

Hyoyeon (left) and Sunny of Girls' Generation smile during a promotional event for a fashion brand in Seoul on Wednesday.

[UK] 5th Terracotta Festival 2013 Full Line-up Announcement

Tickets are now on sale for the fifth edition of the annual Terracotta Far East Film Festival.
Over the years the festival has seen the event go from strength to strength. This year is set to be the biggest yet, expanding to 27 films spread over 4 sections and 2 venues from 06 - 15 June 2013.

The core of the festival will remain a hand-picked selection of the best CURRENT ASIAN CINEMA at The Prince Charles Cinema. This all UK Premiere section reflects the vibrancy and energy in Asian filmmaking today. Ranging from realist dramas to romance, light comedies to spy action thrillers, swordfighting epics to gothic fairytales, the festival aims to balance the representation of Asian countries

Girls’ Generation Sunny Reveals Hidden Figure, ‘Sexy Body Line’

Girls Generation, Sunny

Girls' Generation Sunny Reveals Hidden Figure, 'Sexy Body Line'

Girls' Generation member Sunny attended the launching event for the 'MSFTSREP X GENARALIDEA Collaboration'.

Sunny attend this event wearing a casual yet trendy outfit. Her outfit showcased her great body line and curves, surprising many.

This event was a collaboration between designer Choi Bum Suk of GENARALIDEA and Jaden Smith's line, MSFTSREP.

On the other hand, Girls' Generation recently finished their Japan arena tour and is preparing for their world tour.

Jay Park, Girls’ Generation, and more attend Jaden Smith’s ‘MSFTSrep’ and ‘General Idea’s pop-up store event

Jaden Smith‘s street fashion brand ‘MSFTSrep‘ and Korean designer Choi Bum Suk‘s ‘General Idea‘ collaborated for a pop-up store event in Apgujeong, Seoul on the 8th.

Through this first collaboration, consumers were able to get their hands on ‘MSFTSrep’s 2013 S/S collection as well as ‘General Idea’ and ‘MSFTSrep’ limited collaboration t-shirts.

To commemorate the occasion and show their support, Jaden Smith’s father Will Smith, Jay Park, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Hyoyeon, Busker Busker‘s Brad, and more made appearances at the event.

Check out some of the photos below!


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Lee Hyori Is A "Miss Korea" In Her New MV –

Seoul Beats Idols Music Film Drama TV Media Style Culture TweetmusicLee Hyori Is A “Miss Korea” In Her New MV Written by Gaya On May 7, 2013

It’s been a good day for comebacks, especially long-awaited ones; not only did 2PM return to Korea with third full album Grown and title track “Come Back When You Hear This Song,” the one and only Lee Hyori is also making a return with her fifth studio album.

Her agency B2M Entertainment this week pre-released the MV for the track “Miss Korea,” a languid tune oozing confidence, which is only to be expected when Hyori sounds as divine as she does in this song, the resonance of her lower register bringing “Miss Korea” to life. While singing about how she doesn’t let her worries bring her down, Hyori is presented to us in a variety of ’60s-inspired visual pastiches filled with stripes, drag queens and one noticeably large handbag

SNSD’s Hard-Hitting Interview with Complex | SNSD Korean

Open this image in a new tab and read the url: that is indeed the original name of the .jpg on Jaeki Cho's twitter page (@JaekiCho). A little profane but he's definitely right.

While SNSD were in New York, they sat down with Jaeki Cho of Complex for a rather intriguing interview, its discussion topics ranging from the American market to high heels, music tastes, Wu Tang Clan, the culture of celebrity, downtime (or lack thereof), and future plans. [Full interview here.]

Like the title of the actual website, it offers more complex insight into SNSD’s thoughts on various subjects. It’s a very interesting read due to the hard-hitting questions and SNSD’s extempore responses, and because of the lighthearted chatter peppered throughout

[Opinion] You're Not A True Fan

Have you ever been labeled “not a true fan” from other members in your fandom for not loving the group’s new single? I have had this label attached to me several times throughout the years from several fandoms. Apparently, disagreeing with the majority about the quality of the song meant that I was not a true fan. K-pop fans need to stop spreading this repressive mindset that the consensus should override an individual’s opinion.

If the group’s new single is anything less than completely catchy, opinions will initially be divided, with some fans liking it “just because ___ released it,” while other fans admit that they didn’t like it for various reasons. Maybe it wasn’t good or maybe the song veered away too much from the style that attracted the fan to the group. Whatever the reason, the “supportive” fans will attack the dissenting fans for not following the agenda of worshipping everything that their favorite group releases