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Sunny celebrates her birthday with Girls’ Generation

Sunny had an incredibly fun birthday with the rest of her group members!

Taeyeon uploaded photos from Sunny’s party onto her Instagram. The first photo shows the girls sans Sooyoung and Yuri holding glasses of champagne and smiling brightly for the camera. Tiffany’s the only member with makeup, but all of the girls look beautiful nonetheless. Taeyeon wrote, “Happy B-day SUNNY❀ We were happy today as well. Sunny, I love you. You’re mine #515#HPM #bd“.

The second photo was of just Taeyeon and Sunny, and Sunny looks like she’s cracking up at whatever Taeyeon has just said or done. Taeyeon expressed herself with just a “:)“, but that was enough to show how happy she was.

Happy birthday to Sunny once again!

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[SNS Pic] Girls' Generation Celebrates Sunny's Birthday

Today on Instagram, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon shared two photos of the group celebrating Sunny’s birthday. They all seem to be having tons of fun at a dinner party.

Sadly, Sooyoung and Yuri seem to be missing in group shot.

 Happy birthday to Sunny! She turned 24 years old today.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Reveals Photos from Sunny’s Birthday

Girls Generation, Taeyeon, Sunny

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Reveals Photos from Sunny's Birthday Girls' Generation Taeyeon Reveals Photos from Sunny's Birthday

Girls' Generation Taeyeon posted pictures online from Sunny's birthday.

Today, Taeyeon posted on her instagram, "Happy B-day Sunny! We were so happy today," along with a photo.

In the photo members of Girls' Generation took a picture together to celebrate Sunny's 24th birthday.

Taeyeon later also revealed another picture of her and Sunny laughing together.


Girls’ Generation Sunny Celebrates her 24th Birthday with Present from Fans

Girls Generation, Sunny

Girls' Generation Sunny Celebrates her 24th Birthday with Present from Fans

Girls' Generation Sunny celebrated her birthday and received many messages from fans.

Her fans revealed a happy birthday message in the news for her 24th birthday.

The message stated that they hoped that she would always be warm and 'sunny' like her name.

Her fans also volunteered at a social welfare center for her birthday as well.

Fans also did the same thing for Jessica's birthday which was last month.

[Happy Birthday] SNSD”s Sunny Turns 24

The Girls′ Generation (SNSD) members are growing up fast, and it′s hard to believe the bubbly Sunny is turning 24.

Although SNSD has been laying low since wrapping up promotions for hit I Got a Boy, the girls recently returned to the stage at the Dream Concert on May 11.

We haven′t forgotten about the girls because, today, we′re celebrating Sunny′s birthday!

Before we knew her as Sunny, she went by Lee Sun Kyu.

But Sunny will always be Lee Sun Kyu at heart.

Not quite the reaction we were hoping for from the bubbly SNSD member on her birthday.

Now that′s much better.

Oversized teddy bears bring out the kid in all of us.

Nananananananana Batman!

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LUNAFLY Dreams of World Tour: “We Want to Be Known Around the World”

LUNAFLY, Singapore, Press Conference

On 10th May, taking place at ta'ke Restaurant in Studio M Hotel, LUNAFLY members, Sam, Teo and Yun greeted the Singaporean media for their first ever visit to the sunny island. Sam said, "We were surprised to see that many fans came to the airport to see us" and thanked the fans for a very warm welcome. They then proceeded to talk about their first full album, Fly to Love, which was released in early April. Yun said, "Since our first two single albums used more acoustics sounds, we wanted to change it up by experimenting and we wanted to go for more upbeat sounds for this album." Sam also added, "We always make sure that we do two versions of every songs that we wrote," as he felt that it is very important to do that to be internationally recognized. He also mentioned that they always wrote the English version of the songs first before the Korean version

Why JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Won A Third Acting Popularity Award

park yoo chun, kdrama, JYJ

JYJ Yoochun Makes a Grand Slam, 'Sweeps up Drama Awards'


For someone who started out as an idol singer, Park Yoo Chun hasquickly become a respected actor. He recently won his third popularityaward at this year's Baeksang Arts Awards. He is the first actor to winthe award three years in a row and he can add it to his collection oftrophies from all three major Korean television channels.

This year's Baeksang Popularity Award was given for his role in"Missing You," which received a 54.3 percent approval rating. The JYJ singer won the first time for playing in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and thenagain last year for his role in "Miss Ripley."

"I'm thankful for receiving this great award and I will happily actto receive it again next year," said Park, who is considering new roles

‘Dear Mom’: A Peek Into Girls’ Generation And Their Mothers

Girls' Generation, SNSD

Back in 2009, Girls' Generation released the song "Dear Mom" as a tribute to their mothers.The girls have always had a close relationship to their families, and despite their busy schedules, they manage to fit in mother-daughter time as much as possible.

A couple weeks ago Taeyeon posted a picture to her Instagram of her mother braiding her hair, adding the caption, "It's been a really really long time since mom last did my hair.Even though she is grown up now and has a career of her own, it was refreshing for fans to see Taeyeon's loving feelings for her mother trumping her star status.

The two spend as much quality time together as they can, and the picture is a testament to how close and loving their relationship really is

10cm sticks with Orange Caramel

Acoustic band 10cm collaborated with girl group Orange Caramel to recreate one of its hit songs "Hug Song".

The song, released yesterday, has more string-based sounds with a faster beat. On top of that, the girl group members' lovely voices ask for hugs, giving the song a heart-warming touch.

This collaboration is part of a project named "Re;code" by Loen Entertainment, which encourages talented but lesser-known artists to work with more mainstream stars.

So far many idol group members have collaborated with singer-songwriters.

Geeks, best known for its recent collaboration with Ailee on "Wash Away", was the first one to work with Soyu of Sistar on the project. The remake of its hit song "Officially Missing You" to "Officially Missing You, Too" was widely loved by fans here as the boy duo's rap created a harmony with Soyu's feminine voice

Types of SNSD Fans | SNSD Korean

by Soy @ Soshified

There are 10 general types of SoShi Fans. If you don’t know what SoShi is, then you’re probably not one of these 10 yet. This is just based on the fans of each girl, that I’ve met and have had the pleasure to meet. (I believe as fans, we should know all about the positives of the girls, as well as their flaws, we can only grow stronger with them). Sometimes, I think that the girls and their personalities really do attract a certain group of fans. Also most fans, once again, I’m saying most start off as a Fany fan, because of how approachable she seems.

The first types are the Tiffany Fans. They are extremely possessive of this girl (they all claim that Tiffany is theirs, but Tiffany can’t possibly have that many soul mates). Probably the craziest group of fans you will ever meet