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SNSD′s Sunny and ZE:A′s Im Si Wan Light Up ′Rio 2′

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview Sunny shows some leg in a floral print mini dress

SNSD′s Sunny and ZE:A′s Im Si Wan lit up the room at the music festival showcase for animated film Rio 2, held at the Yeouido CGV in Seoul on April 8.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Sunny takes the mic in the Q&A session

SNSD′s Sunny and ZE:A′s Im Si Wan lit up the room at the music festival showcase for animated film Rio 2, held at the Yeouido CGV in Seoul on April 8.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Sunny plays up her doe eyes

SNSD′s Sunny and ZE:A′s Im Si Wan lit up the room at the music festival showcase for animated film Rio 2, held at the Yeouido CGV in Seoul on April 8

“Rio 2” Sunny States She was Worried About Acting a Mother of Three

Girls" Generation member Sunny expressed her feelings on doing a voice over for the animation "Rio 2".

On April 8, ZE:A"s Siwan and Girls" Generation"s Sunny attended the "Rio 2" music festival showcase held in Yeoeido"s CGV.

Sunny claimed: "I enjoyed watching the prequel "Rio". I agreed to do the voice over because I loved the animation, but later realized I would be acting the voice of a character who is a mother of three children. I was worried, but thanks to the great director, it was a fun job".

Sunny explained that it was her first time acting a mom: "Thankfully, the character was a bird. I think that made it easier".

Meanwhile, "Rio 2" is a 3D jungle adventure story about a city-dweller parrot family who decides to leave on an adventure to the Amazon jungle, only to meet a revengeful evil parrot Nigel and other wild creatures

EXO’s Kris Joins SM Lineup On Instagram

(Photo : galaxy_fanfan)

EXO member Kris jumped on the Instagram bandwagon on April 7, opening an account and uploading his first picture.

Within fourteen hours, the picture had over 200,000 likes and 95 thousand comments. Kris"s account, galaxy_fanfan, had nearly 400,000 followers.

The picture depicted EXO"s Canadian member wearing a stylish outfit while sitting against a mirror looking at his reflection, and said "welcome to galaxy."

Kris is the first EXO member to create an Instagram account, and the first member to create a public SNS account. However, he joins a growing group of SM Entertainment artists who use their Instagram accounts to communicate with fans.

The most popular SM Entertainment artist on Instagram belongs to Girls" Generation leader Taeyeon

Im Si Wan Promises to Bungee Jump if ‘Rio 2’ Sells 1 Million Tickets

ZE:A’s Im Si Wan made a special promise for animated film Rio 2.

Im Si Wan attended the showcase for 3D animation Rio 2 on April 8 and said, “Frozen recently sold over 10 million tickets and I think that is also possible for Rio 2.”

“I will set the goal to be 10 million and if the goal is reached, I will go bungee jumping, like a bird. I will bungee jump as Blu the bird.”

Then Sunny said, “If the movie sells 1 million tickets, I will prepare an event to watch the movie with the audience,” and upon hearing this Im Si Wan shouted, “Alright, bungee jumping if we sell 1 million tickets!”

Meanwhile, Im Si Wan will be dubbing for Blu and Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny will be dubbing for Blu’s wife Jewel for Rio 2

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Announces Marriage Plans, Toheart Makes Onew Sandwich and More

preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Happy April Fool’s Day. To see what the stars were up to in the SNS world, check out today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Sunny posted a photo with Yoona from their recent date on Instagram, writing “Had some time while shooting, so ate out with Yoona. Deliciously at Seok Cheon oppa’s restaurant. Abundantly. Gaining strength after eating and again gogo.”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Seohyun cozied up with some ice cream, as Jessica posted the above photo on Weibo, writing “It′s getting warm. How about some ice cream?"

Taeyeon was spotted squatting again, as indicated by this photo she posted on Instagram on April 1.

Secret’s Han Sunhwa, who is currently starring in God’s Gift – 14 Days updated fans with a set of selfies on March 31

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Showered With Bday Love, SHINee Key Gets Ready for Mexico, and More

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview Just when we thought it was finally spring, the weather decided to play us and drop in temperature, but that didn′t stop your favorite stars from staying active in Twitter Roundup.

Birthday boy Super Junior’s Eunhyuk took to Twitter to show off his birthday goodies on April 4, tweeting a series of photos of fan gifts, including the one above of his fellow members enjoying a delicious meal.

VIXX’s N tweeted a photo reminding fans to tune into his upcoming drama Hotel King on April 5, writing “I’m still lacking, but I will work hard to be actor Cha Hak Yeon!”

Rainbow’s Jae Kyung went out to brunch as indicated by a photo she posted on her Instagram on April 4, writing “Brunch! Brunch! Yummy.”

G.Na appeared to be enjoying the sunny weather, posting this photo on her Instagram with the caption, “So #bright #outside #lol my eyes

Key, Sunny, Yuri and Taeyeon are now millionaires on Instagram

(Photo : @bumkeyk”s Instagram)

SM Entertainment‘s artists have showed off their undeniable popularity!

SHINee’s Key and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Yuri and Taeyeon are now millionaires with millions of followers on Instagram.

Key (bumkeyk) surpassed the 1 millionth mark before the end of March. He is loved for his eclectic fashion and random pictures

Sunny of Girls” Generation (svnnynight) also reached the 1 millionth mark on Instagram before the first quarter of 2014 ended. Her account is always updated with cute selcas/selfies as well as sumptuous foods.

Yuri (yulyulk) surpassed 1 million Instagram followers before Valentine’s Day. She often updates fans with photos from her filming, photoshoot and her vacations

Girls’ Generation Yoona-Sunny, Date To Itaewon… Visits Hong Suk Chun’s Restauarant

Girl group Girls" Generation"s members Sunny and Yoona went a date to Itaewon. (Photo : instagram)

Girl group Girls" Generation"s members Sunny and Yoona went on a date to Itaewon.

Yesterday, Sunny posted on her Instagram, "Itaewon date with Yoona for the first time in a while because we had some time left from our shooting. Going back to work after eating so well at Suk Chun"s restaurant" along with a picture.

In the picture, Sunny and Yoona are at Hong Suk Chun"s restaurant. They"re pointing to his picture on the wall and smiling for the camera. They also revealed 5 different types of food that they ordered.

Internet users who saw this commented, "How cute", "They"re so pretty", etc.

Photo Credit: Sunny Instagram

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and YoonA have dinner at a Thai restaurant

Sunny and YoonA, from Girls’ Generation, recently hung out at a Thai restaurant.

Sunny updated her Instagram account on March 31st with the message, “I was filming and got a break in the middle~ It’s been a long time since eating out on a date with YoonA!!♡keke Totally delicious at Suk Chun oppa’s restaurant! Full! Plentiful! Ate… now I have strength go go ssing!! I was starving but now I’m full back to shooting! #myThai#yummy” along with the above photo of herself and YoonA.

Hong Suk Chun later posted to his Twitter, “My pretty dongsengs Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and YoonA. Their massive devouring at My Thai hehe Aren’t they so pretty?”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation recently concluded their promotions for “Mr

YoonA and Sunny Get Their Eats On in Itaewon

Girls’ Generation members YoonA and Sunny got their eats on in Itaewon.

On March 31, Sunny posted some mouth-watering photos of all their food on Instagram, with the caption, “Because we had some time while filming. My first date out with YoonA in a long time. The food at Suk Chun oppa’s restaurant was so good. Full. Back to filming after food, go go!”

Alongside all the pictures of food is a selfie of YoonA and Sunny, with a picture of Hong Suk Chun hanging in the background. Netizens who saw the photo commented, “YoonA and Sunny’s Itaewon date, I want to go, too!” “The food at Hong Suk Chun’s restaurant really is good,” “I’m jealous,” etc.

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