Sunmi Talks About Her Decision To Leave JYP Entertainment

Sunmi Talks About Her Decision To Leave JYP Entertainment

On September 10, singer Sunmi held a LieV broadcast and talked about her past and future.

The theme of the broadcast was challenge. Sunmi said, There have been a lot of challenges for me in 2017. My first challenge was my new album. It was my first solo comeback in three and a half years. Id changed a lot and thats why I had a lot to think about. I had a lot of thoughts about the direction I wanted to go in. On stage, you have to bring out all your energy in 3 minutes. That was hard and I worried about it.

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She also talked about her move to a new agency after Wonder Girls disbanded earlier this year. Ive come to a new agency after leaving the agency that Id made a nest for myself in. This was definitely a really big challenge. It wasnt an easy decision. Id been in that nest for 12 years.

Her former agency head and mentor also gave her some advice. Park Jin Young also said that it was 50/50, she revealed. He told me that I had sense but lacked drive and that I needed someone to push me forward. So I decided to move to my current agency.

She added, I wanted to show a more diverse side of myself to the public and to my fans. Instead of doing what Id always done, I wanted to try lots of different things. Thankfully my company has a very natural atmosphere so they understood.

Were glad shes doing well at her new home!