Sunmi changes up her choreography for ‘Gashina’

Sunmi changes up her choreography for ‘Gashina’

Sunmi changed up her choreography for “Gashina”!

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MakeUs Entertainment¬†revealed the special ‘Part Change Up Ver.’ practice session above for “Gashina”. Though Sunmi’s moves don’t change, you can see that the male and female dancers changed up their positions.¬†

Fans are liking the unexpected switch, commenting, “Can they please do this as a live stage at least once? That would be amazing to see lmao”, “This is such a funny and hilarious thing! Both Sunmi and the dancers slay. Queen Sunmi”, and more.

Check out the “Gashina” MV here if you missed it, the original choreography here, and the choreography switch up video above!