Sungjae and Yoon Mi Rae to model for ‘Sprite’

Sungjae and Yoon Mi Rae to model for ‘Sprite’

Yoon Mi RaeandBTOB’s Sungjaehave been chosen as the new faces of ‘Sprite’.

The pairing of a female rapper and idol singer-actor is unique and completely unexpected, but their upbeat personalities make this combination perfect. The two will be bringing freshness through music together and relay Sprite’s refreshing message.

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The company said, “Sprite has always given refreshing moments unique to Sprite with hot male and female models. This year, we chose Sungjae and Yoon Mi Rae, who have different areas in both generations and music, so we could relay the message that Sprite’s freshness is for everyone.”

How do you like the two together?

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