Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless  Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

AT LEAST This situation ENDED In short AND ALL'S WELL.

CNBLUEleaderJung Yong Hwa, who was oncelatelybelow investigation for unlawful insider trading, has been discharged of all charges. His bandmate,Lee Jong Hyun, becamealternatively slapped with a fine of 20 million won ($17,300) for a similar offence.

On June 29, prosecutorssaid thatJung Yong Hwa was being investigated for allegedly profiteering two hundred million won ($171,600) from insider trading. He was stated to have bought 21,000 FNC stocks after he learnt that the corporate was seeking tosignal contract with most sensible comedianYoo Jae-sukon July 2015. After signing the deal on 16 July 2015, the inventoryworthinstantly surged from 20,800 won to 27,000 won.

AdvertisementThe investigation concluded that the stocks were no longerpurchased afterward the discussion to sign Yoo Jae-suk began. Furthermore, Jung Yong Hwa was now notconscious about the deal as it was kept under wrapped. It was also disclosed that Jung Yong Hwa has entrusted his price range to his mother, and the stocks were in realitysoldvia her. He had no wisdom close to the purchase. He handiest sold one of the crucial stocks, when Yoo Jae-suk was effectively signed with FNC Entertainment.

However, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyungot wind ofthe knowledge from an acquaintance that his firm would be signing a height celebrity. Without verifying the facts, he went forwardto buy the FNC stocks. Later, when he learned his action would motiveattainablefelony issues, he held directly to the stocks as an alternativeof promoting them. The prosecution determined that he has deeply regretted his actions, and penalized him with a fine only.

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Fans Are Stunned Over Jung Yonghwa Inventory Scandal!

Fans Are Stunned Over Jung Yonghwa Inventory Scandal!

Fans Are Surprised Over Jung Yonghwa Inventory Scandal! Jun 29, 2016 06:26

Source: Jung Yonghwaunder suspicioninmanipulation ofstock price"He stated he had nogreed for money..."

1,702 -26 For any person who once claimed not to exist greedy, he's making benefit of 2 hundred million won (around 172k USD) every week kkk 1,334 -19 There isn't anylead to avarice and mistakes have a tendency to be repeated 1,080 -26 That may smartly bea wideamount of cash to us, yetthat isthe sort ofcash that maximum celebrities can make easily... He is stupid to dedicate a crime for just 200 million won. Did he now not think he'd get caught? 82 -3 How come he used to benow not embarrassed viathe use of Yoo Jae Suk to scam money and yet still cross on his diversitydisplayand spot him face to face? What a ba$tard kkkk 55 -2 How dare you operate Yoo Jae Suk.... after running with him on 'Running Man' and 'Infinity Challenge'Similar VideosCNBlue,Jung Yonghwa Facebook Twitter Google

#CNBlue #Jung Yonghwa

Update on Sungha Jung

Update on Sungha Jung"s concert in Australia this January

Guitarist Sungha Jung will be visiting Australia in January 2015.

He will be in Melbourne on January 30th, then in Sydney on January 31st. On a Facebook account created for his concerts in Australia, the photos of the seats occupied and still available in both two venues were uploaded.

The seats are color coded. The pink one belongs to the VIPs, the yellow is for Gold, the blue color is for Silver. The red blocks mean that the seats were already sold. For tickets, clickMelbourneandSydney.

written by: SOURCE: Sungha Jung


Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Foster Emotion In LA After Overcoming The Scandal

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Foster Emotion In LA After Overcoming The Scandal

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung depart for LA once again

After overcoming the noise of recent sex scandal, the newly married couple, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, has spent time with each other in LA to foster emotion.   

According to Starin, Lee Byung Hun left for LA on the 6th for a business trip with Lee Min Jung in accompaniment. The latter finished her advertisement filming schedule in Korea, and used her free time to go overseas with her husband.

Regarding this, the actor"s agency confirmed, "Lee Byung Hun has left for LA. Because it"s the end of the year, there are a lot of schedules related to his movie. It seems he"ll be going back and forth between Korean and the States until early next year... It"s hard to confirm whether he departed at the same time as his wife, but it is confirmed that the two are both in the States."

The actress"s agency also said, "Lee Min Jung finished up her domestic advertisement activities and left for the States... It seems to us that she"ll be staying overseas with Lee Byung Hun for the time being."

In related news, another hearing for the ongoing blackmail case will also be held on the 16th.


Lee Min Jung is making preparation to comeback regardless of her husband's scandal

Lee Min Jung is making preparation to comeback regardless of her husband's scandal

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun

Lee Min Jung is making preparation for her comeback. She does not pay any attention to scandal of her husband's blackmail.

After the news related to her husband's scandal was revealed, Lee Min Jung remained a low profile. After that, although she took part in some jobs as a model, viewers did not see her for a long time until het husband first reported the blackmail attempt to the police. She moved back into her parents" Gangnam home to avoid the reporters stationed outside the home she shares with actor Lee Byung Hun.

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun married last year in a lavish celebrity wedding. There was speculation that the couple would split up after the blackmail incident became public but the actress recently traveled to the U.S. to join her husband.

Before he left for Los Angeles to do promotional work and talk with Hollywood producers, he issued a public apology. He said he was truly sorry to his wife for any pain the incident caused her.

"I am going to do my best to comfort her and make up for the pain she felt," he said.

The speculations that their marriage was in trouble had to do with the details of the blackmail incident. Two women allegedly tried to blackmail the actor, saying they would release video footage of him engaged in a sexually explicit conversation unless he gave them $5 million. The women were identified as GLAM"s Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon.

Da Hee and Lee Ji Yeon appeared in court on Oct. 16. Although they admitted to blackmailing the actor, they claimed that the blackmail attempt was done in retaliation. They said that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon had an affair and he broke it off. The actor denied that there was an affair and said he stopped socializing with the women after he realized the extent of their financial problems.

A second trial was scheduled for Nov. 11 but it had to be rescheduled for the 24th since Lee Byung Hun was in the U.S, for work. He will appear in court as a witness.

The couple will return to Korea next week. Lee Byung Hun"s agency, BH Entertainment, confirmed that he is returning for the court case, but they do not yet have his itinerary. Lee Min Jung will make her first public appearance at a fashion event.


Shin Min Ah talks why she didn

Shin Min Ah talks why she didn"t have a scandal with Jo Jung Suk on "Guerrilla Date"

Shin Min Ah talks why she didn

Shin Min Ahtalked about her upcoming movie on "Guerrilla Date"!

In her movie "My Love, My Bride", she works with actor Jo Jung Suk. When the reporter told her, "There"s no scandal between you two," she laughed and explained, "We"ve never met up just the two, of us. The producing company"s CEO always butted in."

The reproter then asked, "Did he call you his wife during the entire period of the shoot?". She answered, "To get into his character, he called me the same thing his character calls my character in the movie."


Lee Min Jung Reported to be Staying with Her Family After Lee Byung Hun Scandal

Lee Min Jung Reported to be Staying with Her Family After Lee Byung Hun Scandal

On September 16, it was revealed that Lee Min Jung returned to her newlywed home with Lee Byung Hun after returning from her two-week Paris trip. However, based on reports by Star News, this was a false report, as she is currently residing in her family’s home in Gangnam.

On September 17, Lee Min Jung continued with her CF filming schedule, and afterwards went directly to her home in Seoul. A staff at the CF filming scene revealed that Lee Min Jung showed her professionalism as she refused to show any of her emotions throughout the shoot.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun had been part of a blackmail scandal that involved girl group GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon, who had demanded five billion won (approximately five million USD) in exchange for a recording that showed Lee Byung Hun leading obscene conversations with them. The scandal later grew to a question of whether Lee Byung Hun had been having an affair, as model Lee Ji Yeon had claimed that she had been in a relationship with Lee Byung Hun for the past three months.

Throughout the scandal Lee Min Jung had not made any comments. Her management agency, MS Team Entertainment, also stated on September 18, “We do not have anything to say regarding Lee Min Jung’s residence.”

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You can read more about Lee Byung Hun’s scandal here:

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Sungha Jung's 'The Milky Way' MV

Sungha Jung's 'The Milky Way' MV

Sungha Jung's 'The Milky Way' MV

Sungha Jung has released the official music video of 'The Milky Way' in May.

This music video is different from all other music videos because you can't hear someone's singing. As what Sungha Jung is popular with, this MV showcased his amazing guitar skill. Although there's no voice, Sungha Jung's facial expression and passion for what he's doing is transpired through the video.

Watch below:

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