Sulli, Another SNS Trouble – This Time, Animal Cruelty?

Sulli, Another SNS Trouble – This Time, Animal Cruelty?

Actress Sulli is famous for her mishaps including her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Choiza (Member of a Korean hip hop duo called Dynamic Duo.), her acting skills and attitude, and most of all, her SNS.

Her Instagram is always full of fans and anti-fans, and she just doesn’t give a care in the world. Many times, she is accused for her love of “loli” themed photos (people accuses her that lolicon related posts triggers and supports child molesting.), her not wearing a bra in many of her photos and just overall childish and immature posts seem to ticks off a lot of people.

On the 20th, Sulli posted a short video on her Instagram which featured an alive eel on a grill, and as the fish gasped it’s last few breaths, she mimicked the fish and added a sound saying, “Ahhhh, save me! Save me!” and laughed. (Video inserted below)

To this short video, many viewers commented, “This is just weird”., “It’s creepy”, “This is a bit too much, even for her. Did she seriously laugh at the dying, suffering fish?”, “That’s so mean”. and so on.

As the comment section was filled with people criticizing her, she deleted the video and added a picture of slices of the eel on the grill ready to eat and captioned, “You guys shouldn’t eat eel. Boo”. And commented on her own post, “You guys are meaner”.

The netizens are having an argument over her post with opinion such as, “What hypocrites, you guys act like you all don’t eat fish and meat. Also, this is her SNS. If you don’t like what you see, then don’t follow her”. And the other party saying, “It’s the fact she enjoyed and laughed at the suffering fish. She is becoming more like a psychopath each day. She have no sympathy for anyone and it’s not just about the fish, it’s about the way she’s been acting off lately”.

What do you guys think about this?