"Unbowed" contributes 10 million to "26 Years"

The production team for "Unbowed" contributed 10 million won to "26 Years" crowd funding.

Director Chung Ji-young from "Unbowed" and additional staff members showed intention of donating 10 million won to the National Crowd Funding, according to the movie production company Cheongoram.

Chung Ji-young and chairman Choi Yong-bae met as director and producer of the movie "North Korea's Southern Army". "Unbowed" and "26 Years" take on the same path in reflecting the Korean politics and irrationality of the society.

In support of this kind of contribution, the Crowd Funding for movie "26 Years" broke through 200 million won on the 3rd. There was a live time QA session in response to this by Chairman Choi Yong-bae himself.

"26 Years" is a top secret movie about the character's involved in the Gwangju movement's plan to convict former president Chun Doo-hwan. This project was started off in 2008 under the title, "29 Years" but various difficulties stalled it for 4 years. Crowd funding will go on until the 20th of April to gather donations aimed for 1 billion Won (~US$ 1 million).


The Film "Unbowed" Reaches 2 Million Viewers

The Film "Unbowed" Reaches 2 Million Viewers

The Film Unbowed Reaches 2 Million Viewers

The film “Unbowed” reached 2,000,000 viewers within 14 days of opening. For one day on January 30 the film had 99,722 viewers pushing the total number of viewers to 1,974,049. According to “KOFIC,” on January 31 the film would have surpassed 2,000,000 viewers.

The film “Unbowed” is based on a true story called the “crossbow terror incident.” A mathematics professor Kim Myung Ho lost the chance for advancement and also his job as a professor. In 2007, Kim Myung Ho’s rebuttal was denied without any reason. The angry professor visited the judge with a crossbow and demanded a fair trial. There was a physical altercation, the judge had a bloody shirt and there was also a broken arrow. However, the professor argued that he did not in fact shoot the judge which caused a controversial and interesting case.

Ahn Sung Ki plays the professor in the film “Unbowed.”