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Boom performs his new song “Let Me Play” for the first time on ‘Strong Heart’

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Boom performs his new song “Let Me Play” for the first time on ‘Strong Heart’

Boom surprised viewers as he held his first performance for his new single, Let Me Play, on SBS Strong Heart.

Boom stepped away from his comedian image for a moment and pulled off an energetic and charismatic performance. Baekdoosans Yoon Hyun Sang made a special guest appearance and livened up Booms stage with his guitar skills.

Yoo Hyun Sang stated, After seeing how hard [Boom] is working, I decided to help him out. To which Boom responded, Even if I die right now, I leave with no regrets, showing his satisfaction on the performance.

Booms new single, Let Me Play, is also receiving attention for being written and composed by Dynamic Duos Gaeko.

Heart B sings 'A Song For You' in new MV

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Heart B sings 'A Song For You' in new MV

Vocal ballad staff Middle B has completely happy their fanatics with a new MV for "A Song For You." It"s an overly sweet, soothing music that might have you swaying from aspect to side with your eyes closed.

The lovely track showcases every member"s robust matches rife with emotions. The MV presentations them gazing a woman in silence.

It"s an ideal song for the bleak yet romantic autumn weather, so concentrate above!

Girls’ Generation Continues song display Dominance With 9th Win for “Lion Heart”

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Girls’ Generation Continues Music prove Dominance With 9th Win for “Lion Heart” Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for their endured dominance over music shows! The group’s win at the September 6 episode of SBS‘s “Inkigayo” marks their 9th win with “Lion Heart,” pushing BIGBANG’s “Let’s now not Fall in Love” and HyunA’s “Roll Deep” to 2nd and third, respectively.

Yoona sings Chinese song 'Moon Represents My Heart'

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Yoona sings Chinese song 'Moon Represents My Heart'

Girls" Generation"s Yoona showcases her vocal by way of making a song popular Chinese song "The Moon Represents My Heart" at the Tencent concert, take a glance at her short functionality below

SG Wannabe slay song charts with 'Heart Beating'!

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SG Wannabe slay song charts with 'Heart Beating'!

Have you been taking part in SG Wannabe"s new double name tracks "Heart Beating" and "Good Memories"? If the answer"s a yes, you've got the similar song flavor as the remainder of Korea!

By that we mean SG Wannabe has totally slayed genuine time song charts by taking on all 8 primary charts! As of 7am on August 20 KST, "Heart Beating" became once 1st position on all 8 charts, and "Good Memories" became once second position also on all 8 charts.

The ballad workforce also effectively wrapped up their comeback exhibit with a whopping 2500 fans. Here is their first comeback as a set in four years, so what a good way to kick off their promotions!

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Gary Confesses And Song Ji Hyo's Heart Flutters

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Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang It was recently revealed that Song Ji Hyo had broken up with her CEO boyfriend Baek Chang Ju in December 2014 and in July 2015 she announced she was leaving his agency C J-eS Entertainment. It was not the first time the couple had broken up, but every time they had in the past, Running Man fans wondered if Leessangs Gary Kang stood a chance.

Song and Kang have had a long-running love line on the popular variety show and fans love to ship them. Together they are known as the Monday Couple. Not just fans but fellow cast members seem to agree they should be a real couple.

Even Kim Jong Kook said so on February 2 broadcast of the SBS show Healing Camp.

I think that Gary and Song Ji Hyo should date at this point. If they date, I think itd be good for Running Man.

On the August 3 broadcast of Healing Camp, Gary spoke about his long-running love line with Song Ji Hyo.

An audience member asked him if he ever wanted to confess his feelings to Song Ji Hyo outside of the show. He sighed and surprised the audience with his answer.

"Ive never contacted her privately.

But that does not mean there is nothing to confess.

When you have a love line, you start to discover, Oh, theres this side to her. But I suppressed it a lot. I thought Dont be swayed, dont be swayed so much because I thought if we break up, one of us has to leave the show.

He said it in a way that made it seem like a joke but there is some truth to the downside of having a relationship when you already have such a successful working relationship with someone.

"Thats why, Im just working," he said and the audience laughed.

When Song was called on the same episode of Healing Camp, she was asked about a surprise kiss that she recently received from Gary.

When Gary gave you a surprise kiss on Running Man, how did you feel?

She replied in a way that made the audience wonder.

When he kissed me, I didnt feel anything; I was just surprised. But afterwards, my heart did flutter a bit.

Okay, Monday couple fans, do you think Gary stands a chance now? Or are the shows producers just trying to get your hopes up?

Song Ji Hyo Admits That Gary’s marvel kiss Made Her heart Flutter

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Song Ji Hyo Admits That Gary’s surprise buss Made Her heart Flutter Actress Song Ji Hyo, A typical at the SBS kind display “Running man” with “Monday Couple” spouse Gary, made A voice Appearance at the episode of SBS’ “ curative Camp” to Air on August three.

The guest of the display, Gary, supplies the Actress A choice. When she Answers, the MC Asks her, “When Gary gave yous A surprise kiss on ‘Running man,’ how did you Are feeling?”

Song Ji Hyo replies, “When [he kissed me], one didn’t feel the rest; i used to be only stunned. but later on, my heart did flutter slightly.”

meanwhile, in this episode of “ curative Camp,” Gary opens up or so his best issues. “It’s been two decades since i began [rapping], And one wonder whether other individuals volition withal like the photographs [and lyrics] I wish to painting.”

AOA has reportedly brought home the third victory with the song called “Heart Attack” on “The Show”

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AOA Take 3rd Win with Heart Attack on The Show + 9MUSES and Girls Day Comeback Stages On this weeks The Show, AOA went up against 9MUSES, MAMAMOO, Chaeyeon, and Teen Top for first place and came out on top.

It was a tight competition with Teen Top trailing just behind AOA with only about 100 less points, followed by 9MUSES with approximately 300 less points than Teen Top.

Girls Day held a comeback stage with performances of both title track Ring My Bell as well as Come Slowly. 9MUSES also held a comeback stage for their song Hurt Locker. Check them out below!

AOAHeart Attack [WINNER]

Girls DayRing My Bell + Come Slowly [COMEBACK]


AOA has reportedly won with the song called “Heart Attack”

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AOA Takes 1st Win with Heart Attack + BTOB Comeback Special on Show Champion AOA took their first win with Heart Attack on this weeks episode of MBC Musics Show Champion, which was held in Yeoju.

The girls made sure to do their best to not leave anyone out in their thank yous. Check out their sweet acceptance speech and encore performance below.

BTOB also held a comeback special, performing their song Its Okay for the first time on a music show since they released the title track last month on the 29th.

Meanwhile, BTS, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, NS Yoon-G, HIGH4, and more also took the stage on the Yeoju special of Show Champion. It was also SM rookies Doyoung and Jaehyuns last broadcast as MCs.

Check out some of the performances below!

AOAHeart Attack (Remix Version) [WINNER]

AOA has reportedly made to the second victory thanks to the song called “Heart Attack”

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AOA Gets 2nd Win With Heart Attack on Music Core + Comeback Stages by BTOB, 9MUSES, NS Yoon-G, and More BIGBANG, SISTAR, and AOA are the contenders for first place for this weeks episode of Music Core. AOA wins first place with Heart Attack while SISTAR receives second place and BIGBANG receives third place respectively.

Not all videos are available yet.

BTOBGiddy Up (Yo Ho Ho) and Im Okay

SleepySong Ji EunCool Night