After School Jungah on 'Strong Heart,'

After School Jungah on 'Strong Heart,' "Uee Makes about Ten Times More Income"

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afterAfter School Uee was revealed to be the member who make the most money.

On the July 17 broadcast of SBS, Jungah revealed "Uee makes the most money in After School. Because she is active in dramas and commercials, sometimes she makes about ten times more than other members."

Super Junior Kyuhyun also stated "I'm always around second to fourth place in income ranking. Because I participate in every events and promote in China." To this, Leeteuk added "Shindong or Eunhyuk makes the least in the team."

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TWICE’s Tzuyu Graduates Heart  Faculty and Plans to wait  Prime School in Korea

TWICE’s Tzuyu Graduates Heart Faculty and Plans to wait Prime School in Korea

TWICEs Tzuyu Graduates HeartFaculty and Plans to waitTop School in Koreack525 March 31, 2016 0 LINE it!TWICEs Tzuyu Graduates Middle School and Plans to Attend High School in Korea TWICE’s Tzuyu is now officially a junior high school graduate!

According to her agency JYP Entertainment on March 31, Tzuyu has passed her qualification exam for junior high graduation.

“She could be attending school in Korea beginning in high school,” they say. “However, enrolling season has already passed, so it is going to existtricky for her to enroll this year. We think she canget started high school next year.”

Tzuyu took the junior high certification exam on March 20 at Sunhwa Basic School in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, TWICE is these daysmaking ready for a comeback in April. They've already began filming for their tune video and should soon announce particular dates for their comeback.

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Kang Dong Won Shocks Fanatics With His Unusually  Gentle Weight in Heart School

Kang Dong Won Shocks Fanatics With His Unusually Gentle Weight in Heart School

Kang Dong Won Shocks Lovers alongside His UnusuallyMild Weight in HeartFaculty ck525 November 30, 2015 0 LINE it!Kang Dong Won Shocks Fans With His Surprisingly Light Weight in Middle School Kang Dong Won, who is recentlyplaying the limelight from the film “The Priests,” stunned fans with his weight all through middle school.

Recently, an image of Kang Dong Won’s physical exam effects at the time was revealed online.

The symbol is a screen shot from an old program that showed his looks, grades, height, and weight during middle school.

It isn't a surprise that he used to be already tall for his age back then; his present summit is 186 centimeters. Although he turned intobest in 8th grade, he had already reached 175 centimeters in height. However, his weight was only 54 kilograms (approximately 119 pounds). Whilst 19 years have passed since then, Kang Dong Won is still known for his narrow body, currently weighing in at 66 kilograms (approximately 146 pounds).

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won also printed why he was so tall in a radio displayultimate year.

“I have enjoyed cheese since I used to be young,” he said. “I at all times put cheese on best of my rice. I’m thinking that had so much to do with my height. I also worked out a lot.”

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[Spoiler] "Who Are You - School 2015" Yook Seong-jae skips class to show his heart to Kim So-hyeon-I

On the 6th episode of KBS 2TV "Who Are You - School 2015", Gong Tae-kwang (Yook Seong-jae) skipped a class for Go Eun-byeol (Kim So-hyeon-I).

When Gong Tae-kwang saw Go Eun-byeol was being threatened by Kang So-yeong (Jo Soo-hyang) repeatedly, he changed his mind to withdraw himself from school and decided to stay in the school to protect her. Later, there was a rumor going around that Kang So-yeong was forced to transfer from the previous school because a student committed suicide being bullied by her.

Kang So-yeong suspected the origin of the rumor should be Gong Tae-kwang. She told him"Is it you who spread the strange rumor about me. It"s only you and Go Eun-byeol who used to know about it. Or is it Lee Eun-bi, who"s pretending Go Eun-byeol? I"m going to have her handwriting appraised. Wouldn"t it be fair both sides should be revealed as you said?"

Gong Tae-kwang got worried. He grabbed Go Eun-byeol"s hand, as soon as she arrived at the school and went on a random bus with her. Gong Tae-kwang told Go Eun-byeol, "Shouldn"t there be at least one person? Someone who can call you by your real name?". He was confessing his love to her sneakily.

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[Old School] CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa Reveals Why He Always Locks His Heart

[Old School] CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa Reveals Why He Always Locks His Heart

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa reveals the real reason why he always ignores all girls who hits on him!

During the February 10 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Old School, Jung Yong Hwa confessed the reason he turns down the girls who hit on him.

Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Kyuhyun recently said on Radio Star that there are many girls who hit on you, but you always turn them down. Have you ever regretted after turning them down?”

Jung Yong Hwa answered, “I don’t think I ever regretted it.”

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Reveals Why He Turns Down Girls Who Hit on Him

When Kim Chang Ryul asked, “Are you trying not to be bound by love?” Jung Yong Hwa explained, “I can date, but if I do, I think it would be troublesome for the other person. I would only be able to see her just once or twice a month.”

Then Kim Chang Ryul commented, “I think you’re a responsible person. You’re trying not to step close to something you cannot be responsible for. It’s not a bad thing to love when you can be responsible for it,” siding with Jung Yong Hwa.

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[Taxi] After School's UEE Admits That Her Heart Beat Faster When She Met

[Taxi] After School's UEE Admits That Her Heart Beat Faster When She Met "Hogu's Love" Co-star Choi Woo Shik

UEE’s Heart Fluttered When She First Met “Hogu’s Love” Co-Star Choi Woo Shik

The twenty-year-old "Hogu's Love" stars After School's UEE and actor Choi Woo Shik sat down with tvN's talk show "Taxi" to opened up about their share affection with each other.

When asked how they felt when they first met each other, UEE says, “My heart was fluttering.” She shares that when she heard she would be acting alongside Choi Woo Shik, she looked up his previous works. After watching his other roles, she thought he would fit the role of Kang Ho Gu, an innocent man who has never dated, very well. She continues, “When he laughs, he seems similar to the character of Kang Ho Gu. While we film, he seems to become more and more like his character.”

When Choi Woo Shik is asked about meeting UEE for the first time, he answers, “I was so nervous. Usually, it can be uncomfortable when dealing with the opposite sex, but I felt like I was meeting After School’s UEE, a celebrity.” However, they got close quickly, as he shares, “We got friendlier and comfortable with each other. She is down-to-earth, like a neighbor friend.”

After the initial interview in a taxi, UEE and Choi Woo Shik relocate to have a romantic ski date. As it is UEE’s first time on a snowboard, Choi Woo Shik tutors her. Watching Choi Woo Shik’s skillful boarding, UEE praises him, saying, “That’s so cool. He appears manly and I feel an interest in him for the first time.”

In another part of the show, UEE shares her diet and fitness secrets. She of course eats well and consistently exercises, but she also drinks at least two liters of burdock tea every day.

You can catch UEE and Choi Woo Shik’s candid talk on the next “Taxi” and their new drama, “Hogu’s Love,” in mid-February.


[Roommate] After School's Nana,

[Roommate] After School's Nana, "It's Difficult To Touch My Heart"

After School’s Nana Says It’s Hard to Date Celebrities on “Roommate”

On the latest episode of "Roommate 2," After School's Nana opened up about her dating history. Especially, the star also revealed that she has dated other famous artists in the past!

“When I date, I don’t go into it easily and I don’t break up easily, either,” she said while talking with other “Roommate” members Sunny and Lee Guk Joo. “The number of boyfriends that I’ve had can be counted on one hand. A number of them were celebrities. My longest relationship lasted about two years.”

NaNa then elaborated on her experience dating celebrities, saying, “You can’t really date when you’re going out with someone famous. You’re really limited to certain things. It’s hard to go out to eat, so you’re really limited to just your house, your car, or an empty movie theater. You have to go really far out (from Seoul) if you want to see a movie.”

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'Superstar K4's Honey-G croon 'Fluttering Heart' for 'High School King' OST

'Superstar K4's Honey-G croon 'Fluttering Heart' for 'High School King' OST

"Superstar K4"s Honey-G are singing "Fluttering Heart" for fellow "Superstar K" alumni Seo In Guk"s tvN drama "High School King" OST!

SEE ALSO: [Single and MV Review] FIESTAR - "One More"

"Fluttering Heart" is by producer Kim Ji Soo and expresses Min Suk (Seo In Guk)"s heart towards Soo Young (Lee Ha Na). With this, Honey-G croon another love song with their soft and tender voices, and like the song"s title, they left listeners feeling the butterflies in their stomachs from the nervous excitement of romance expressed in the song.

Feel the love in the air through the song!


Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left Strong Heart

Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left Strong Heart

Although Lee Seung Gi did an amazing job as the sole MC of “Strong Heart” after Kang Ho Dong”s leave, he revealed that it wasn”t as easy as it appeared and he felt like running away several times because of the responsibility and pressure.

On the April 14th broadcast of Lee Sun Hee‘s special on SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp’, Lee Seung Gi opened up about suddenly taking on the role as ‘Strong Heart’s only MC. He said, ”Also being a main MC at such a young age… Personally, I think I especially had a really difficult time when Kang Ho Dong wasn’t there for a short time. I wanted to run away a couple of times a day. Around 20 to 25 guests come on, and bringing the celebrities together and carrying [the show] by myself was extremely difficult because I wasn’t prepared for it.”

He went on, “Since I haven’t been doing variety shows for about two years and I reflected on myself when I used to do a lot of variety shows and was active, there are times when I feel like I had really competitive sense when it comes to things I say. I felt pride that if I do it, I will be the best at, it but that wasn’t it. Once I left and took a hiatus… I felt like I exhausted myself during the course of only two to three years. But [in the case of Lee Kyung Kyu sunbaenim], doing this comedy route consistently for 30 years is very [impressive].”

MC Lee Kyung Kyu joked, “It’s not that hard. Because if the show does well, it’s my doing, and if it does bad, it’s your fault. If you have that perspective, it’s comfortable. If it does well, I take the credit, but if it does bad, I say, what’s wrong with the guest who came on today,” bringing everyone on set to laughter.


Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host Strong Heart Alone

Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host Strong Heart Alone

Lee Seung Gi confessed that he constantly wanted to run away when he was the main MC of Strong Heart.

During April 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, Lee Seung Gi reminisced over the time he had to host Strong Heart alone when Kang Ho Dong suddenly left the show.

Lee Seung Gi said, “When I first started variety shows through KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Days, it went really well. So I felt pressured for my next variety show.”

“I became the main MC of a show at such a young age,” he continued. “When Kang Ho Dong was absent from Strong Heart, I struggled so much. I wanted to run away multiple times a day.”

Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host ‘Strong Heart’ Alone

Lee Seung Gi explained, “There were about 20 guest celebrities. It was very difficult to host a show with all of them when I wasn’t prepared enough to do that.”

After confessing that he was able to look back at himself while doing variety shows for the past two years, Lee Seung Gi said, “There was a point when I thought that my abilities and senses were superior to others. But that was arrogance. I feel like I used it all up in two to three years but I think it’s amazing that you’re doing this for 30 years continuously,” as he showed his respect to Lee Kyung Kyu.

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