#StayStrongTOP trends worldwide following the news of his hospitalization

#StayStrongTOP trends worldwide following the news of his hospitalization

T.O.P is trending worldwide on Twitter following the news of his hospitalization.

On June 6, T.O.P wasfound unconscious due to medication overdose and was moved to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for treatment. Police soon clarified that T.O.P did not technically lose consciousnessbut is only in a deep sleep in response to his anti-anxiety medication.The Big Bangmember is expected to fully recover in about two days.

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Despite the clarification by the police, many fans around the globe are greatly shocked and concerned for the idol star.As a result, fans are expressing support and love for T.O.P on Twitter with encouraging messages and the hashtag #StayStrongTop, which is currently trending worldwide.

Many are hoping for a fast recovery for T.O.P and also a fair conclusion to his marijuana scandal.

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