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7 Things South Korea Does Greater Than Any individual Else

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7 Things South Korea Does Greater Than Any individual Else

26kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Have you wondered what this technologically complicatedcountry does larger than any other country in the world? From industries to lifestyle, have a look at where South Korea dominates.

From Starcraft, to Working/Drinking Hard, to Plastic Surgery, take a glance at our list of 7 things South Korea are international champions at!

7 Things South Korea Does Better Than Any person ElseBy way of Koreaboo

Have you ever wondered what this technologically evolved nation does better than any other country in the world? From industries to lifestyle, have a glance at where South Korea dominates.

1. Flight AttendantBy Koreaboo

South Korean airlines are most well-likedamong travellers for the impeccable in-flight carrier that the beautiful, and well-trained flight attendants provide. 

2. Plastic/Cosmetic Surgical treatmentBy Koreaboo

World famend for their plastic and/or cosmetic surgery services, South Korean surgeons are known to do one of the vitalhighestpaintings around, developing a market forscientific tours in South Korea.

3. RunningTough Drinking HardBy Koreaboo

South Koreans reportedly work practically 10 hours in way over the reasonable indicated by OECD. Furthermore, heavy drinking is a a section of Koreas work culture, without negatively effecting productivity.

4. Credits Card UseBy Koreaboo

South Korea has crowned the scoreswhen it comes to credit card use by the overall populace, and has persevered to do so agopart decade (with 1.5 transactions to each and every one US transaction).

5. StarcraftBy Koreaboo

Not simplest is Starcraft loopy popular in South Korea, you'llin truth make a highly lucrative career by gambling IT as well.

6. CosmeticsBy Koreaboo

Given the countrys obsession and emphasis on physical beauty, it'll make sense that South Korea would be a pace-setter in cosmetics innovation.

7. Net ConnectivityBy Koreaboo

With an 80%rate of web penetration around the country, South Korea showsthe top rate of information superhighway connectivity in the world, with generation being an very important component of day after day life.

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Four Things K-Drama Fans Should Do In Hong Kong During MAMA 2015

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Four Things K-Drama Fans Should Do In Hong Kong During MAMA 2015

The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is one of the premiere events in K-pop, with idol groups Big Bang and iKON scheduled to take the stage along with luminaries like Park Jin Young (J.Y. Park).

While MAMA is a ceremony dedicated to honoring the best acts in Asian pop, hip-hop, and rock, it is a star-studded evening that provides enjoyment for K-Drama fans. Top actors and actresses light up the red carpet alongside idols, providing entertainment for viewers who watch live broadcasts of the event.

Hallyu enthusiasts who make the trip to MAMA can engage several fun-filled activities including CJ EM"s first-ever Nominees Day and Night programming. In addition, day excursions to Macau provide K-Drama viewers with the perfect opportunity to check out sites like The Venetian Macau, where "Boys Over Flowers" and "Fated to Love You" filmed iconic scenes.

Here are four things K-Drama fans should do in Hong Kong and its surrounding areas, during MAMA 2015.

1. Enjoy four days of Hallyu before MAMA 2015 with the Nominees Day and Night programs.

2015 MAMA Nominees Day is a four-day celebration that will be held from November 28 through December 1, at Plaza Hollywood, in central Hong Kong. The event includes artist meet-and-greet opportunities, a cover dance show featuring the songs of nominees, and an exhibition of past winners.

More information about Nominees Day and Night programming can be found on the official website for the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2. Attend the MAMA red carpet, where K-Drama stars mingle with K-pop idols and top Asian pop acts.

Hallyu fans can attend the 2015 MAMA red carpet by purchasing tickets through Hong Kong Ticketing. In addition, Hong Kong Ticketing has tickets for the main event, the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

3. Plan a day excursion to Macau, where dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "Fated to Love You" were filmed.

Transport agencies like Vigor Tours offerday excursions to Macau, where K-Drama fans can visit sites like the Venetian Macau.

4. Visit Kim Soo Hyun at Madam Tussauds Hong Kong.

Kim Soo Hyun is the first K-Drama star on display at Madam Tussauds Hong Kong, but he will soon be joined by Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Three Things the Drama “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” Does now not Have

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Three Things the Drama “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” doesn't Have SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “The Village: Achiara’s Secret,” held its press convention on October 6. At the click conference, director Lee Yong Suk indexed three things his new drama does not have.

He began, “First, there may be no romantic side in this drama. this is a bizarre drama without a love-lines.” He extra stated, “Secondly, there aren't any actors in this drama who can not act. all the actors and actresses in this drama, adding Yook Sung Jae, are incredibly talented people. Lastly, none of the actors know who the true killer is. they are going to be guessing in conjunction with the viewers. All of the actors are scared that it may smartly be them. it's far infrequent for actors to be kept out on such the maximum important detail in the script. this is what makes it more exciting for us. i am hoping the audience will be just as excited.”

“The Village: Achiara’s Secret” is set a village which, in the beginning glance, turns out like a normal, quiet place. However, when a dead frame is discovered, an investigation is introduced to discover the killer and soon, the village’s unpleasant secrets slowly turn out to be revealed. take a glance at this awesome drama on October 7 at 10 p.m. (KST)!

Gary heats things up with his rap in sensual 'JOA' MV featuring Jay Park

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Gary heats things up with his rap in sensual 'JOA' MV featuring Jay Park

Gary is back with any other one, and this time it's miles a shockingly sensual release, featuring Jay Park!

In the MV, Gary sings, "I like your back, your gaze, your smile," and raps about getting it on with his lover (yes, the lyrics are a little 19+). The MV itself explore the physical enchantment between two people; they sizzle every other with their gazes and ultimately take it to the following step. 

Listen to Gary"s sensual rap and Jay Park"s similarly sensual vocals in the whole video above! 

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Four Things We Learn From K-Dramas Like 'The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law'

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Four Things We Learn From K-Dramas Like 'The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law'

(Photo : KBS2 ) The KBS2 family series, "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" is poised to conclude its 12 episode run. The drama which is also known as "The Virtual Bride," stars Sistar"s Dasom as Oh In Young, a washed up K-pop idol whose last ditch effort for fame is to appear in a scripted reality show.

In Young is paired with Yang Choon Ja, a matriarch who maintains tight control over a traditional household, where 150-year-old soy sauce is prized along with the ability to make kimchi.

The unlikely pair struggled to find common ground and are seemingly mismatched. However, their differences are outweighed by the disparity between In Young and Cha Myeong Seok (Ryu Soo Young), the mathematics professor that becomes the on-screen husband of In Young.

With only 12 episodes, "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" provides a condensed look at the popular genre of Korean family dramas, which often run for more than 50 episodes.

Here are four things that viewers learn from family dramas like "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law."

1. K-Drama audiences dream of living happily-ever-after with a K-pop star, even the male viewers.

"The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" provides a revised take on series like "EXO Next Door," where members of a pop group are accessible to the average person. In the case of the KBS2 series, ahjussi fans or older men who support younger female K-pop idols receive positive attention through Myeong Seok. In Young initially refers to him as ahjussi with disdain, but the word becomes a term of endearment as she realizes her true feelings for the college professor.

2. The smartest people are often ignorant when it comes to love.

Myeong Seok is the eldest son of a traditional family and is doted on by his mother, Choon Ja. His ability to solve complex equations does not translate into real-life situations like love. This provides an interesting contrast as he derides In Young for her lack of education while realizing that she is smarter in affairs of the heart.

3. Mother-in-laws have redeemable qualities beyond serving as the scapegoats for their failed dreams of their children.

Yang Choon Ja is a difficult character for many K-Drama viewers who have yet to become mother-in-laws. Ironically, the actress who portrays Choon Ja also plays the difficult matriarch in "All About My Mom."

Choon Ja is well intentioned and attempts to maintain the rules that have governed her household for years. However, she is forced to adjust to changing times. She has mixed feelings about In Young, a young woman who is willing to work hard at home, but is trained in performing arts. She is heavy-handed when dealing with her daughter-in-law who wants to teach at a study school. However, Choon Ja realizes that she has to adapt to modernity in order to maintain her place as the female head of the household.

4. Girls who are live-in helpers always have a crush on the oldest son and aspire to become more successful than the matriarch.

In a plot twist similar to "Unkind Women," the girl who resides in the household as a live-in helper harbors resentment towards the conventionally successful family. She dreamed of marrying the eldest son and never considered departing his side.

Have you watched "The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law?" What are your thoughts on the series and similar family dramas?

Three things Yeo Jin-goo needs to do as he becomes an adult

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Three things Yeo Jin-goo needs to do as he becomes an adult

"Night of television Entertainment" indexed 3 things that Yeo Jin-goo needs to do as he becomes an adult out of his minor age.

The September 9th episode of SBS" entertainment news show, "Night of TV Entertainment" covered the inside of track adding the plagiarism controversy between Yoon Eun-hye and clothier Yoon Choon-ho, the news associated with the photo of Kang Yong-seok and blogger "A", interview with AOA"s Seolhyun, Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee"s behind-the-scenes tale of "Yong Pal", interviews with Yeo Jin-goo, Seol Kyeong-gu, and Kang Ye-bin.

While Yeo Jin-goo"s new movie, "The good distance Home" co-starring Seol Kyeong-gu is to be released soon, his interview drew attention. Yeo Jin-goo listed three things he"d find impossible to resist to do three months later, which is the time when he gets out of his minor age.

Yeo Jin-goo said, "I"d love to commute by myself once you have my driver"s license" and "The 2d thing at the list is having chimek (fried fowl and beer). i've been having white meat with coke or cider handiest so far".

As the closing thing on the list, Yeo Jin-goo said, "I would like to date someone".

5 Things You Must Know About emerging Superstar Stephanie Lee

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5 Things You would actually like to Know About growing Star Stephanie Lee If you've got been following SBS’s newest hit drama “Yong Pal,” then you have seen Stephanie Lee in action. The type grew to become actress has been receiving compliment for her role as Cynthia Park in the Wednesday-Thursday drama. Even supposing her persona has exited from the drama, you'll be ready to get to understand the lady in the back of the fierce fighter. So what do you need to have to get into first? Let’s get started with the basics, shall we?

The Michigan-born attractiveness has walked in displays for designers equivalent to Tom Ford, Chanel, and Adidas since her debut. She’s also had CFs with best actors like Gong Yoo and Yoo Ah In and has modeled for former twiglet and “America’s Next height Model” creator/judge Tyra Banks during her rookie days. Yes, that Tyra Banks. Since then, Stephanie’s profession has skyrocketed and she’s been some of the maximum sought after units with Elite Models Management and K-Plus (now YGK-Plus) signing her.

According to Stephanie herself, she used to be at all times short till her circle of relatives moved back to the us when she changed into 11 and began dining more. She’s acknowledged that she believes eating the entire pizza, hamburgers, and spaghetti brought about her to abruptly grow to her present height of 177 cm (approx. 5.8 ft)! Though she was tall, she never believed she looked just right adequate to be a model except she began looking at “America’s Next Top Model” and saw others who gave the affect of her. She then went directly to Long island and signed with Elite version control correct away.

I bet you didn’t know she’s very best known for her Neutrogena commercials. Lovers have adored the manner she announces the product call and feature dubbed her “Neutrogena girl.” Aww cute.

4. She Made Her Acting Debut Remaining Year

Recap: All Things Soompi @ KCON LA

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Recap: All Things Soompi @ KCON LA As we are allimproving from that post-concert slump, we idea a little reliving of #KCON15LA used to be in order.

Did you are making it to the conventionand forestall by the Soompi booth? We had so much going on, so justin the event you missedthe rest – here’s what went down!

Selfie Corner +Endless Giveaways: When our booth wasn’t web hosting meet and greets or K-beauty takeovers, we had a large number of exciting activities including:

If I were in a K-pop band challenge: We challenged KCON attendees with ourup to now viraldifficulty and the primary word they saw used to be their destiny (nopower though). They even were given a sticky label tosing their own praises their K-pop idol roles!

Fanart contest: We looooove whenfanatics create even more content to supplement K-entertainment, so web hosting a fanart station is a no-brainereach year. thank you to the artists who stopped by!

Selfie corner: With our adorable K-entertainment-inspired polaroid frame, we invited attendees to take pictures on my own or with their squad in the Soompi booth. Above are some of our favorites~

Giveaways:We like free stuff, you (most likely) love loose stuff,every person loves loose stuff! To celebrate this universal love, we held raffles and flash giveaways all weekend for special pieces like signed GOT7 CDs, exclusive B2ST figurines, and other signed goodies.

Viki: We invited ourbuddies from Viki to chill at our booth for the weekend, and you'll be able to bet they didn’t come empty-handed! With swag bags and signed 2NE1 t-shirts, Viki brought more a laugh for KCON attendees and helped us out a ton at our booth. thank you Viki~

Click the numbersunderneath for more exciting Soompi events anda possibility to win some Soompi swagwhile you couldn’t make it out to LA: Related Pages: 1 2 3 four 5

Rapper Sleepy talks about the scandalous things he's seen whilst working at the club

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Rapper Sleepy talks about the scandalous things he's seen<b> whilst </b>working at the club

Sleepy is now a a phase of the duo Untouchable, yet there used to be a time he used to be just a guyoperating at the club where he"s noticed a little more than just PDA.

On the August 7th airing of JTBC"s "Witch Hunt", Sleepy mentioned hisoutdated jobs. He shared, "For 3 years in my early twenties, I worked as a DJ, rapper, and bartender at a club. I saw a large number of weird people."

Sung Si Kyung asked, "Whatroughly weird people?" Sleepy said, "There areladies with boyfriends, yet they still hit on other guys. Not each and each girl has a boyfriend, yet if they seeasensible guy,they are trying to make love with him. or even where there are other people, someattempt to make love."

Heo Ji Woong asked, "You mean they have got intercourse?" Sleepy replied, "Yes.On the table. It"s unlike a club room has a door like an evening club [differentroughly club]. There are those that actively have threesomes or foursomes. It"s true, I"m not making it up. There are bright [good]aspects to club culture, butI believe the darkaspects are severe."

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Technology allowsregulate of things in virtual reality

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Technology allows<b>regulate </b>of things in virtual reality

When a man dressed in 3-D glasses raised his hand and poked it into the air, a work ofpicket in the screen used to be pushed apart and fell off. Soon after,every other man in the screen also driven out a work of wood.Here is the so-called "virtual fact Jenga" game.The two men have accessed virtual fact from other locations and are playing the game.

Park Jeong-min, a researcher at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology,acknowledged on Tuesday his team had evolved technology that permits users to govern things in almost reality as though they are real. In a not-so-distant future,it'll likely becomeconceivable for aa couple of number ofother individuals to play a game simultaneously from other locations, or medicalexecs tohabits simulation ofsurgical treatment in virtual fact in advance.

The studies team devised astrategy to manipulate things in virtual fact by the use of "kinect", a motionreputation sensor this is used inthree-D televisions or Microsofts game console "Xbox" First, the team inter-linked 3 3-D tv sets and installed two sensors on most sensible of them. Then, they reflected visualpictures from thethree-D televisions by the use of mirrors, and installed coordinates of virtual reality at the sensors. The team made the sensors to recognize knowledge on motions of the users who are if truth be told moving in genuine space, processing the coordinates of virtual and genuine spaces.Simply by dressed in 3-D glasses, users canenjoy a situation as though he is moving the thing in the 3-D video.

Microsoft also evolved a identical virtual fact device, yet it concerned complicated apparatus, and couldbest operateinside a area of 60 centimeters each and every of height, width and length. The tool developedby means of the Korean studies team can freelycross thingsinside virtual fact in a area about 2.3 times larger than that. the hot device also has a margin of about five millimeters, offering a top level of precision. People from other locations can simultaneouslyget admission to and move theidentical thing in virtual reality. The tool has won patent in Korea and the U.S.