Starship Trainees Open Up About Their Friendship And Life After Produce 101 Season 2

Starship Trainees Open Up About Their Friendship And Life After Produce 101 Season 2

Jung Se Woon and Lee Kwang Hyun, two trainees from Starship Entertainment who won the hearts of viewers with their appearance on Mnets Produce 101 Season 2, updated fans on what theyve been up to since leaving the show.

On June 22, the duo held their first Naver V-App broadcast, which began with an opening statement from Lee Kwang Hyun and a small guitar performance by Jung Se Woon.

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They also promised to dance if they got three million hearts from fans, and switch outfits if they got 4.5 million hearts. The two trainees reached their first goal during the broadcast and danced to EXOs Growl.

When asked how theyve been since their appearance on Produce 101 Season 2, Lee Kwang Hyun said, Since the show ended, Ive been back at Starship and working hard as a trainee. Im building up my skills so I can show them to you if I get the chance to. Jung Se Woon also said, I still cant believe its over. I think its because I spent four months on the show. Im slowly readjusting to normal life.

Lee Kwang Hyun was also asked what he thinks he did well on the show, and he replied, I think I did well in Get Ugly. I still remember it. Thats what I think is my legendary performance.

The two trainees friendship shined throughout the broadcast, and Lee Kwang Hyun said, During the show, I relied on Jung Se Woon a lot. We trained together, traveled back and forth from the set together, and hes become someone I seek out when hes not around.

Jung Se Woon added, I became close with Lee Kwang Hyun while preparing for the show. We got to know each other really well. So I rely on him a lot too. I think I would have been really stressed if I had to go through it alone. To me, Lee Kwang Hyun is like a chair. Hes someone I can always lean on.