Stars Who Had Originally Dreamed Of Becoming News Anchors

Stars Who Had Originally Dreamed Of Becoming News Anchors

While some may have prepared to become actors or idols from the get-go, a lot of celebrities actually start out with slightly different dreams before pursuing acting or singing. Here is a list of celebrities who had originally wanted to become news anchors!

Actress Seo Min Jung revealed that she had originally dreamt of becoming a news anchor.

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On August 29, she appeared on KBS 2TVss 1 vs. 100 and said, When I was in elementary school, Baek Ji Yeon lived in the same building as me. Since then, I dreamt of becoming a news anchor.

She said, When I was in university, I was the news anchor for the school news. At the time, KBS came and gave classes for a week for the university news anchors. When classes were over, they chose five of us and asked us to take the test to become a news anchor for KBS. I was one of those five people. However, she started working as a VJ and gave up on her dream to become a news anchor. She debuted as an actress later on.

Besides Seo Min Jung, there are other stars who had initially dreamt of becoming a news anchor.

Song Joong Ki had revealed in March of 2017 on the KBS 9 oclock news that becoming a news anchor was one of his unrequited dreams. He said, I had a period of time when I wanted to become a news anchor, but now Im sitting in a news studio with the anchors, so I feel like I achieved that dream. Song Joong Ki was also an anchor for his universitys news.

Lee Bo Young revealed her original dreams on SBSs Healing Camp in 2014, saying, I made the cut to become a flight attendant, and I had failed the MBC news anchor test in the last round. She said, I gave up on becoming a flight attendant because I wanted to take tests at all three broadcasting companies the following year.

After Schools Lizzy revealed that she wanted to be a news anchor since she was young, too. She said on Cultwo Show last year, Since I was young, I wanted to be a celebrity, a news anchor, or a show host. She said, I probably couldnt have made it as a news anchor and I probably would have become an MC.

Lee Eui Woong, who gained popularity through Mnets Produce 101 Season 2, appeared on tvNs Problematic Men and revealed that he had won various speech competitions. He said, I liked to speak in front of the class. My dream at the time was to become a news anchor.