Star Presenter Hwang Soo-kyung Goes Cable

Star Presenter Hwang Soo-kyung Goes Cable

The popular ex-KBS presenter Hwang Soo-kyung now hosts an infotaiment program on TV Chosun which started airing last week.

The program features tips on cooking, travel, education, finance and other lifestyle trends. It is Hwang’s first non-network program since her departure from KBS two years ago.

Hwang, who was with KBS for 22 years, was the face of “Open Concert” for 17 years as well as other popular programs on the state-run broadcaster. She is well known for the longevity of the programs she has hosted.

The secret, she says, is “thorough preparation”. Hwang carefully researches her interview guests and other subjects of her shows.

She also rewrites scripts to suit her own style. “It’s not easy to come up with fresh comments to keep viewers engaged. But with enough preparation, you gain more confidence and develop the ability to deal with emergencies”, she says. “I believe it’s a basic moral duty of a presenter”.

Hwang went freelance in 2015. “It was really scary leaving an organization I’d been part of for such a long time”, she says. “But I felt I would grow more timid in the face of new challenges the more time went by”.

When asked what has been the biggest change in her life since leaving KBS, she says, “I can go to yoga class every day. When you work in broadcasting with irregular working hours and frequent business trips, it’s really hard to find time to do something for yourself”.

She also spends more time with her son, who is a high school senior, and daughter who is in third grade. And she is pursuing a master’s degree in cultural contents. “Now I really need to work hard since I’m being evaluated for my true capabilities”.…