CNBLUE’s Yonghwa & Jungshin display their Bartending skills on ‘Star King’

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa & Jungshin display their Bartending skills on ‘Star King’

CNBLUEs YonghwaJungshin display their Bartending skills on Star King

The February 16 episode of SBS Star King featured two CNBLUE members showing off their Bartending skills.

If you can recall, the CNBLUE members were endorsement models for T.G.I Fridays where they transformed into BartendersWaiters for the restaurant chain. Star King invited a professional Bartender and CNBLUE members YonghwaJungshin wanted to also display their skills.

Check out the fun segment below.

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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa becomes the 2nd idol to win on ‘Idol Star King’

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa becomes the 2nd idol to win on ‘Idol Star King’

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa becomes the 2nd idol to win on ‘Idol Star King’

On the January 19th episode of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘, Yonghwa of CNBLUE has become the second idol to win on the ‘Idol Star King’ segment.

During the episode, the members went up against each other for the title of “Master Swordsman of Chopsticks” by hitting beer cans with metal chopsticks. They also had to compete the master of chopsticks Kim Moon Soo, and another guest.

The CNBLUE members had to hit stationary beer cans while the masters had moving ones, and Yonghwa was the winner. The singer expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m going to cry.”

Meanwhile, CNBLUE recently made their comeback with latest song “I’m Sorry“.

Check out a clip below!


CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa is a playboy on Star King

CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa is a playboy on Star King

CNBLUE?s Jung Yonghwa is a playboy on ?Star King??

On the April 14th broadcast of SBSs Star King, 13 natural beauties who claimed they did not undergo any plastic surgery guested on the show and participated in a special contest.

During the broadcast, the show featured a small parody corner of SBSs Match which is currently one of Koreas most popular adult reality TV shows that features a group of men and women seducing each other and coupling up.  Go Young Wook, B1A4s Baro, and CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa participated in this corner and showed a variety of acts to win the hearts of two beauties, Lee Yoo Jin and Choi Ye Jin.

First, Baro showcased his impressive beatboxing.  Unfortunately for him, the spotlight was taken from him, when Yonghwa sang a beautiful song that matched Baros beats.  When the time came to choose the winner, both ladies stood in line behind Yonghwa, showing their interest in the idol.  Unable to hide his excitement, Yonghwa wrapped his arms around their shoulders and did a small ceremony to commemorate his win.

Furthermore, a young girl who earned the nickname, Little Kim Tae Hee for her natural beauty went up to Yonghwa during the show and gave a small smooch on the idols cheek.  He was pleasantly surprised and expressed, Why is my heart fluttering? which cracked up many of the show members.

Yonghwas popularity among the ladies didnt stop here, however.  Another guest named Lee Eun Bin admitted that her ideal type is Yonghwa and serenaded him with Girls Generations Hoot.  Yonghwa didnt know what to do as he became instantly shy and honestly revealed, Im falling for her charms.

Check out the humorous segment below, would Yonghwas flirting techniques make your heart flutter?

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“Star King” Finishing After nine Years

“Star King” Finishing After nine Years

Star King Finishing later onnine Yearskokoberry July 19, 2016 0 Star King Ending After 9 Years LikedsortdisplayCelebrity King can be ending its run very soon.

SBSs Star King aired its first episode on January 13, 2007. The provebrieflychanged into popular as it supplied many laughs and moved hearts. A lot of talented individuals, approximately 3,000 or so, were visitorsat the show. Star King used to bethe primarydiversity prove to feature non-celebrities as the stars of the show. The basis of the show was to show off non-celebrities with suddenabilities or special stories.

Kang Ho Dong has been the main MC of the show. His call has grow to benearly synonymous with Star King. Leeteuk also joined him as an MC and has been with the show for a long time.

While filming their ultimate episode on July 18, the MCs spread out about how they felt about the finish of the show. Kang Ho Dong said, Star King was my lifes school. I learned anythingeach moment I stood in this stage. I sincerely thank everybody who has been a a phase of knocking on the door of Star King which was a window that helped dreams to come true and no longer exist lost in this difficult world.

The last episode of Star King will air on August 9. Its follow-up show has yet to be decided.

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Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXOs Dance Teacher Kasper Wows With Excellent Looks And Call Me Baby Functionality On Star King

Watch: EXO’s Dance Trainer Kasper Wows With Just right Looks And “Call Me Baby” Functionality On “Star King”ilmare42 June 15, 2016 0 Watch: EXO’s Dance Instructor Kasper Wows With Perfect Looks And “Call Me Baby” Performance On “Star King” On June 14’s episode of “Star King,” dancer Kasper (real call Kim Tae Woo) appears as a guest to blow their own horns his talents, and finally ends up wowing the crowd with either his talents and his brilliant looks.

Kasper has worked with many SM Entertainment artists, and is presentedat thedisplay every bit being EXO’s dance instructor. He in an instant wins the hearts of a lot of thefemininecontributors of the panel, who cheer wildly for him as he plays “Call Me Baby”! Watch his performance below.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asks him to ascertain the claim that he’s EXO’s instructor, Kasper says, “I were given the choreography for ‘Call Me Baby’ from an in some other country choreographer and trained on it, and then helped teach the moves to EXO, giving them recommendation and assisting them be told the gestures. We’re recentlyoperatingin combination on their new songs.”

Kang Ho Dong asks if he’s worked with any other artists at SM Entertainment, and Kasper replies that he’s taught Large Junior’s Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Taemin. MC Leeteuk of Super Junior looks a littlefearfulstatus next to him since thegoal of the episode is to figure out which of the contestants isn'tin point of fact a dance instructor.

Kang Ho Dong asks Leeteuk if he knows Kasper, since he’s claiming to be a instructor at his agency, and Leeteuk replies, “To be honest, I’ve noticed him before. Yetthere are the kind ofgreat amount ofthose that come out and in of our offices, I presumed he was once a trainee.”

The prove as well shares a photo of Kasper with EXO’s Lay, and when Leeteuk asks about Kasper’s sharp suit, he says, “This is TVXQ’s Yunho’s, he wore it once in a track video.”

Kasper could also be asked by capability ofthe fame panel about how he’s controlled to turn into a dance instructor at such a widecorporate as SM Entertainment. Kasper replies that he’s very precise when it comes to expressing the sounds in music, and presentations how he can pay attention to the primary pointsinside a dance move. He then offersone of the vital members of the panel a snappy dance lesson! Test it out below.

What do you bring to mind Kaspers edition of Call Me Baby?

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Qri, Youngji, Hyeri, Sohyun, And Other Idols Sign up for Star-Studded Forged Of 'Idol Intern King'

Qri, Youngji, Hyeri, Sohyun, And Other Idols Sign up for Star-Studded Forged Of 'Idol Intern King'

Qri, Youngji, Hyeri, Sohyun, And Other Idols Join Star-Studded Cast Of Idol Intern King(Photo : SK Broadband)A brand-new typedisplay called "Idol Intern King" will star six idols from other groups.

The cast of six latelycomprises Sohyun of 4minute, Qri of T-ara, Hyeri of Produce 101, Youngji of Kara, Hyojung of Oh My Girl, and Narae of SPICA.

The program, produced by skill of Korean telecommunications large SK Broadband, may be a "mobile range show"broadcasted on exclusively on cellular video platform Oksusu. This may existthe 2nd one variety prove released in this format, after "Take Care of the Witch" used to be released previous in 2016.

The program will observe the six idols as they start living existence every bit an intern, meandering viaevery so often confusing and hard hardships as a normal, daily employee.

The show is supposedto attachthe gangcontributors with their fanatics by giving them new reports and the point of view of a non-celebrity.

The ladies volition be punished for quite so much of offenses, adding tardiness and get dressed code violations, by being scolded out by their superiors.

In every one episode, the cast will be installed new situations, including a employee at an aquarium, a wayclothier at a style company, a baseball cheerleader, and more.

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Watch: Bodybuilder Unearths  Sooner than And After Pictures On Star King

Watch: Bodybuilder Unearths Sooner than And After Pictures On Star King

Watch: Bodybuilder UnearthsSooner than And After Pictures On “Star King”leonid Might 18, 2016 0 Watch: Bodybuilder Displays Before And After Photos On “Star King” Famend bodybuilder Jhi Yeon Woo astonishes audience alongside her muscular figure on her go back to SBS’s “Star King.”

A “Body Queen Pageant” used to be held at thedisplaysMay just 17 episode, with idol teams Laboum and History as visitors on the panel.

Jhi Yeon Woo, a “body queen” in her 30s, sticks out among six other contestants most commonly in their 20s. All over the pageant, she monitors her hard earned muscles more toned than the moderate man’s.

During her first “Star King” appearance on April 19, the bodybuilder reveals she once looked very other from how she does now.

Viewers become eventide more stunned seeing her beyond photos that display how much her figure has changed.

Jhi Yeon Woo says, “I’m 170 centimeters tall, and back then I used to be a length 44 and weighed 48 kilograms. I couldn’t even raise heavy items in the grocery. Now I can beready toconvey them with ease.”

Watch her cut on “Star King’s” pageant below!

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Body builder Ji Yun Woo dazzles “Star King” with her good looks and physique

Body builder Ji Yun Woo dazzles “Star King” with her good looks and physique

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Feminineframe builder Ji Yun Woo shocked the audiences of Star King with her youngergood looksand impressive muscular structure. 

On April 19th, Star King invited the head female body builder in the arena every bit she graced the set with her elegant, blameless beauty. However, she enticed the target marketextra as she boasted her ambitious muscular structure, rivalling the ones of male body developers live.

As the episode aired, Ji Yun Woo used to be praised for her beautiful face and muscular structure, even as others criticised the bodybuilder for being excessive.

Check out the totalpictures from the episode below. Image: Superstar King / TVDaily

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“Star King” PD Says It’s Unlucky How Netizens Are Reacting to Hani’s Tears on Television

“Star King” PD Says It’s Unlucky How Netizens Are Reacting to Hani’s Tears on Television

Star King PD Says Its Unlucky How Netizens Are Reacting to Hanis Tears on Tv an0ya April 13, 2016 0 LINE it!Star King PD Says Its Unfortunate How Netizens Are Reacting to Hanis Tears on Television Kim Tae Hyung, the keymanufacturer of SBS kinddisplayCelebrity King, finds it unfortunate that netizens are criticizing EXIDs Hani for crying on television.

Over the beyond week, Hani has received negative attention for dropping tears on shows Baek Jong Wons 3Wonderful Emperors and Star King. Some netizens have pointed out how Hanis attitude turns out to werereplaced over her contemporary hiatus, and how they omit her bright and outgoing character. Others have downright criticized her for acting unprofessional.

On the April 12 broadcast of Star King, yoga teacher Kim SEO Jin chooses Hani as the solid member who she feels maximum concerned about and recommends her to test outcurative yoga. At first, Hani is terribly hesitant to attempt the advised couple yoga pose with the instructor, and appears scared to give completeregulate over her frame to anyone else. When they after allbe triumphant in recreating the not easy pose, Hani bursts into tears.

Addressing this issue, PD Kim Tae Hyun comments to local news outlet OSEN, It was onceno longerobviously featured in the broadcast, but the yoga academicsexistence changed thank you to yoga. The instructor had experienced many hardships in life, yet yoga helped her overcome them. This evoked an emotional reaction in Hani whilstlooking yoga.

Only a quick clip of the yoga part was aired because of editing. In reality, the state of affairs went on for around 30 minutes. Hani becomeincrediblyterrified of that yoga pose and failed a couple of times. However, when she at last succeeded in doing the pose, she beganlaying off tears of joy, the PD explains what came aboutall through the filming, and emphasizes, Her tears of joy were shed after overcoming her fear, and personally, I find the response by netizens very unfortunate.

What are your mind on this issue?

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Senior citizen items  surprise panel as they take on PSY’s “Gangnam Style” on “Star King”

Senior citizen items surprise panel as they take on PSY’s “Gangnam Style” on “Star King”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn the newest episode of Star King, aired on March 15th, a set of senior electorate made a guest appearance appearing off their experienced fashiontalentsyet their dancing qualifications too.

Averaging an age of 75 years, they recreated several noted poses adding Seolhyuns life-size advertisement pose and running the runway.

With exploding charisma, the crowd of seniors took on PSYs international viral hit Gangnam Taste and had all the panel entire attention as they conducteda quick stage.

Watch them bust a go below:

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