[SPOILERS] Who won on the September 2 episode of ‘Immortal Song’?

[SPOILERS] Who won on the September 2 episode of ‘Immortal Song’?

There was a fierce competition on the ‘swap special’ of ‘Immortal Song’.

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On the September 2 installment of the show, Park Ki Young, Kim Jong Seo, Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Jung Min, Yurisangja, Hong Kyung Min, and Can were tasked with covering each other’s songs. Ballad duo Yurisangja were up first with their cover of Kim Jung Min’s “Sad Vow Ceremony”, but Kim Kyung Ho overtook them with his rendition of Kim Jong Seo’s “You Without an Answer” by earning 419 points.

Kim Jong Seo’s cover of Can’s “My Life’s Spring” then went on to win by a hair with 421 points. Kim Jung Min was up fourth with Hong Kyung Min’s “Shaky Friendship”, and before performing, he revealed, “All my hit tracks were recorded while I was sick with a cold. I have a cold today as well.”

However, he wasn’t able to defeat Kim Jong Seo, and Can went on to come out the winner with 426 points for their touching cover of Yurisangja’s “Can I Love You”. Can’s Bae Ki Sung also surprised the audience with his wedding announcement and video letter to his future bride.

Last up was Park Ki Young with her version of Kim Kyung Ho’s “Forbidden Love”, and with 439 points, it earned her the final trophy.

Congrats to Park Ki Young!