[Spoiler] “The King’s Case Note” Review

[Spoiler] “The King’s Case Note” Review

A: The genius King and the top student of the National Intelligence Exam create a duo to solve mysterious cases in town.

A: Comic + Action + Crime investigation! Kind of reminds me of “Detective K” and “The Grand Heist”.

A: Lee Sun-kyun (The King), Ahn Jae-hong (The Note), Kim Hee-won (Evil chief), Jung Hae-in (The King’s handsome bodyguard), etc.

What’s the chance of you liking the movie? =70%

1. The plot of the movie is clear and on point. If you are a person who likes a neat storyline, this will satisfy you. Sick of a sloppy scenario with unresolved hints? The introduction, development, turn and conclusion is a clean cut on this one.

2. Likes criminal investigation shows? This one will be a unique one considering the time period. What seemed like strange happenings back in the day will be explained to us with our modern knowledge in science.

3. Visual is important to you as much as the storyline? This movie doesn’t have an outstanding action scene but the CG and the whole set up is quite smooth.

4. Lee Sun-kyun and Ahn Jae-hong’s fans will like this movie for sure. The chemistry between the two is better than expected. For some reason, you may feel that the King’s favorite food will be pasta, but that’s just your imagination! Lol

What’s the chances of you NOT liking the movie? =30%

1. It’s not a movie where you will laugh your head off. Since it is G-rated, many comic scenes are very “appropriate” and sometimes even feel boring.

2. Not an extensive investigation show. The mysteries of the movie does not require much brain, no plot twist in any point.

3. The ending of the movie is pretty expected.

You may or may not like these-

1. Actor Lee Sun-kyun’s rebellious King character.

2. Actor Ahn Jae-hong’s usual face, this character wasn’t an image changer for him.

3. The movie is different from the original version of comic book.

The whole balance of the movie is pleasant and it’s an easy one to watch with the whole family.