[Spoiler] “Reunited Worlds”, ‘dead’ Yeo Jin-goo reunites with Lee Yeon-hee

[Spoiler] “Reunited Worlds”, ‘dead’ Yeo Jin-goo reunites with Lee Yeon-hee

Yeo Jin-goo died on his birthday trying to save a friend.

On the first episode of the SBS drama “Reunited Worlds”, Seong Hae-seong (Yeo Jin-goo) was in 11th grade when he took graduation pictures with Jeong Jeong-won (Chaeyeon).

This picture became his funeral picture. Seong Hae-seong narrated, “I died at the age of 19”.

12 years later, Jeong Jeong-won (Lee Yeon-hee) was a thirty-one year old grown up. She visited Seong Hae-seong’s memorial and saw a strange white smoke in the sky. At the same time, Seong Hae-seong woke up on the school roof and also saw the strange smoke.

Seong Hae-seong came down from the roof and was surprised to see himself wearing an old pair of uniforms that was different from the uniform today. He came out into the field and headed home thinking about his grandmother and sister. He arrived home but his family wasn’t there. The tenant who lived there now mistook Seong Hae-seong for a thief and they got into a struggle. Seong Hae-seong slightly pushed the man but he showed amazing strength.

Seong Hae-seong was taken to the police for trespassing. According to police information, Seong Hae-seong appeared to be dead 12 years ago. The police reported this to his superior Sin Ho-bang (Lee Si-eon) who was also Seong Hae-seong’s friend. Sin Ho-bang and Seong Hae-seong met in the meeting room. Sin Ho-bang was so shocked he passed out.

Grown-up Jeong Jeong-won was working in a restaurant as an assistant chef. Cha Min-joon (Ahn Jae-hyun) the head chef and owner of the restaurant was going to leave to Paris and he waited in front of Jeong Jeong-won’s house. He said, “I couldn’t go because I felt scared and worried about you. So I’m not going”. He had confessed his feelings for her but she didn’t notice.

Jeong Jeong-won still thought about Seong Hae-seong and missed him.

Seong Hae-seong had wanted to become a famous chef when he was in school. He and Jeong Jeong-won liked each other, but they never got around to telling each other that.

On Seong Hae-seong’s birthday, Jeong Jeong-won prepared a surprise birthday party. Seong Hae-seong called to say he was taking a day off work and going home. Jeong Jeong-won told him to bring her wallet she left at art school to stall him.

Seong Hae-seong went back to school alone. A fellow student was passed out in the art room, with blood on his head. Seong Hae-seong took his bike to call the ambulance but got in a car accident.

Grown-up Jeong Jeong-won and Seong Hae-seong reunite after 12 years as grown up and a high school boy in uniform.


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“[Spoiler] “Reunited Worlds”, ‘dead’ Yeo Jin-goo reunites with Lee Yeon-hee “

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