[Spoiler] “My Sassy Girl – Drama” Oh Yeon-seo and Joo Won break up

[Spoiler] “My Sassy Girl – Drama” Oh Yeon-seo and Joo Won break up

Oh Yeon-seo found out that her mother was dethroned because of Joo Won when they were young.

The SBS “My Sassy Girl – Drama” Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) remembered that he accidentally got Princess Hye Myeong’s (Oh Yeon-seo) mother dethroned. Hye Myeong also found out that he was majorly responsible for it.

Everything came out. Gyeon Woo witnessed a friend get murdered. His friend owned a writing class. Gyeon Woo spead rumors because he thought the Queen had done this to hide the fact that she’d been writing to another man.

However, the truth was the Queen had nothing to do with this. The owner of the writing class had given Gyeon Woo a brush which held the truth about the queen; she was innocent. Gyeon Woo tried to go into the palace to fix what he started and coincidentally ran into Hye Myeong.

They walked together to meet the dethroned queen. However, they only saw a dead body. In the end, the body wasn’t found and the young Gyeon Woo and Hye Myeong looked in the mountains for it. Gyeon Woo fell down and lost his memory.

Gyeon Woo’s parents were against Gyeon Woo and Hye Myeong. Gyeon Woo asked his father Gyeon Pil-hyeong (Jo Hee-bong) if he knew that it wasn’t him who wrote the rumors. Pil-hyeong said, “I couldn’t stand in the way of my son as a father”.

Park (Yoon Se-ah) poisoned Wol-myeong (Kang Sin-hyo). She gave him poisoned bean porridge and said, “You need to die for me to live. I will be punished in hell”.

Gyeon Woo and Hye Myeong went on a sad date. He presented her with dried chrysanthemums. She gave him a letter. They parted like that and Gyeon Woo drank by himself.

Jeong Da-yeon (Kim Yoon-hee) told her father Jeong Ki-joon (Jung Woong-in) that Gyeon Woo was the one who spread the rumors. Jeong Ki-joon was the one that made sure the rumor spread to every inch of the village and got the queen dethroned.

Jeong Ki-joon used this as bait to threaten Gyeon Pil-hyeong to get Gyeon Woo married with Jeong Da-yeon. However, Gyeon Pil-hyeong refused.

Gyeon Woo set out to straighten out the mistake he caused in the past. Gyeon Woo went to see Hwi Jong (Son Chang-min). He confessed that it was him who started everything.

Da-yeon was devastated that she was rejected and told Hye Myeong that it was Gyeon Woo who had her mother killed.


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