[Spoiler] “Criminal Minds” Oh Yeon-soo killed by Kim Won-hae

[Spoiler] “Criminal Minds” Oh Yeon-soo killed by Kim Won-hae

Oh Yeon-soo was killed by Reaper Kim Won-hae and Son Hyun-joo cried in despair.

On the latest episode of the tvN drama “Criminal Minds”, Reaper turned out to be Baek San (Kim Young-cheol) .

Reaper set a trap and hacked into NCI. Adding all circumstances together, Kang Ki-hyeong (Son Hyun-joo) figured out that Reaper was Baek San (Kim Young-cheol). A video Baek San planted was played.

In the video, Baek San said, “This has become fun. But oh dear, if this video is playing it means you’ve fallen for my trap. Can you see those people? Their lives are in my hands. Are you going to come and save them? Are you sure you’re not going to regret it?” He then killed the mother and daughter in the video.

Kang Ki-hyeong wanted to go to the site but his teammates stopped him and the footage seemed to have been filmed 12 hours ago. Kang Ki-hyeong recalled putting his family under a protection program and called the agent in charge but he didn’t answer. He was brutally abused by Baek San and was about to die. Right before he died, Kim Young-cheol used his phone to call Seo Hye-won (Oh Yeon-soo) and told her Baek San decoyed her out with the lie that Kim Young-cheol was dead.

Kang Ki-hyeong called Baek San and stimulated him with a trauma he had since he was a child and said, “I promise you, I will study you and you won’t be safe”. He wanted to make a deal but Baek San refused.

Baek San called Seo Hye-won and her son to Kang Ki-hyeong’s house and made the husband and wife talk on the phone. Kang Ki-hyeong told his wife not to show her fears and to his son Han-byeol, he said, “Let’s solve the case with me and give you mother a big hug”. Han-byeol hugged his mother and disappeared to play and Seo Hye-won started crying in fear. In the end, Baek San killed her and Kang Ki-hyeong cried.


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“[Spoiler] “Criminal Minds” Oh Yeon-soo killed by Kim Won-hae”

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