Soyul and Moon Hee Jun’s lies come to light after the news of their baby

Soyul and Moon Hee Jun’s lies come to light after the news of their baby

Crayon Pop’s Soyul and H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun are a couple of endless surprises. First, they shocked the public with engagement news out of the blue, and they just recently shared an unexpected news again by revealing that Soyul is pregnant and scheduled to give birth this week– yes, this week!

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Unfortunately, many netizens are not pleased with the ongoing surprises, especially the news of their baby because the couple ”lied” about it. 

Rumors about Soyul’s pregnancy surfaced soon after their engagement news. Many netizens speculated that the reason the couple rushed to marriage is because of a baby on the way (shotgun wedding). However, Soyul denied the rumors through her label Chrome Entertainment and claimed, “It’s not pregnancy before marriage.”

We all know that was clearly a lie now. 

It doesn’t end here. Netizens believe Soyul had another lie. Back in October of 2016, Soyul officially announced that she’ll be halting all promotions due to an anxiety disorder. Coincidentally, that’s around the time period when Soyul would have been in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Netizens aren’t convinced by the coincidence. 

In Korean society, pregnancy before marriage does tend to have a negative connotation but it’s 2017. Netizens are having a difficult time understanding why the couple lied about something that would’ve been inevitably revealed. Fans are especially more disappointed as they greatly worried about Soyul following the news of her anxiety disorder. 

Netizens expressed frustration with the comments, “They must not know how betrayed one can feel after being lied to… They should’ve just told the truth… Then the fans would’ve encouraged them”, “I guess a lie just ended up leading to another lie”, “I don’t understand why they lied about something that can’t be covered. Pregnancy before marriage is not hugely a shameful thing. They were gonna get married anyway.”

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