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T-ara Soyeon poses for BNT International

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T-ara Soyeon poses for BNT International

T-ara"s Soyeon poses for the newest factor of BNT International, take a glance at all her pics here

Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk Offers an Update on Courting With T-ara’s Soyeon

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Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk Presents an Update on Relationship With T-ara’s Soyeon Click-B‘s Oh Jong Hyuk currently mentioned his long-term relationship with T-ara member Soyeon all over interviews about Click-B’s contemporary comeback.

During an interview on October 20, he’s asked whether he’s still dating Soyeon. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We’re luckily dating. Soyeon at all times supports me, regardless of what I do.”

He is then asked about the prospect of upcoming wedding bells. Oh Jong Hyuk replies, “We haven’t idea about marriage yet. We’re just dating without any giant problems.”

Oh Jong Hyuk also acknowledged in an interview on October 21, “When the Click-B individuals all get together, we get apprehensive and fear about the public’s reaction. When we do that, Soyeon gives us numerous advice, from the viewpoint of a fan.”

When asked back about any long term marriage plans, Oh Jong Hyuk replies that he sounds like he must display an easier aspect of himself to his folks prior to they get older. “But thankfully my older brother still hasn’t gotten married, so I have time,” he jokes.

Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon began dating back in past due 2010, and their relationship was once published to the public in September of 2013.

Click-B is a first-generation K-pop crew that made a long-awaited comeback on October 21 with their first album in thirteen years that includes all seven members.

T-ara's Hyomin and Soyeon communicate bout why they're no longer pleased with their firm CEO

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T-ara's Hyomin and Soyeon communicate bout why they're no longer pleased with their firm CEO

It turns out T-ara"s Hyomin and Soyeon aren"t too pleased with their CEO, as they published their truthful mind about him!

Part of the latest episode of KBS" "Hello" featured the fear of a fitness teacher who acknowledged his wages were cut through his boss because he couldn"t dance. 

So hearing about this concern, MC Lee Young Ja asked visitors Hyomin and Soyeon, "Are you pleased with your CEO?" Soyeon replied hesitantly, "I"m happy," as if she knew her CEO could also be staring at the show, bringing chuckles, whilst Hyomin in truth said, "No, I"m not." 

Soyeon then explained what it's far that the ladies don"t actually like about their CEO. She said, "Our CEO"s taste is if he owns a restaurant, he has to do the valet parking, serving, cooking, and cashing out shoppers all himself. even supposing there are those that concentrate on those areas, he still feels the want to do the entirety himself." 

So it turns out like the ladies are pronouncing their CEO is one to at all times micromanage everything, which is maximum certainly either a pro and con?

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f(x)'s Amber and T-ara's Soyeon get close and private on 'A Song four U'

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f(x)'s Amber and T-ara's Soyeon get close and private on 'A Song four U'

f(x)"s Amber and T-ara"s Soyeon got great close on "A Song four U"!

T-ara changed into once a guest on a contemporary filming of the range show, and the ladies played the pepero game! Soyeon"s spouse turns out to be Amber. She tells Amber, "Amber, you remain still, okay? Unni will cross to you" and then is going ahead without any hesitation.

Inspect the preview under and get able for the entire episode at 11:55 PM KST on August 23rd!

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Soyeon and Qri give us a peek at T-ara"s web drama with sweet and romantic individual posters

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Soyeon and Qri give us a peek at T-ara

T-ara"s upcoming web drama looks like it will be a ton of fun, filled with cuteness and romantic moments! Perfect for Queen"s, who"ve been missing these girls.

Soyeon"s poster has just been released, which you can see above, and Qri"s poster was also released recently, as seen below.

Their web drama will have a total of 6 episodes for 6 separate stories. Each member will be paired up with a male actor for each episode, along with 6 separate OSTs!

As you can see in their separate posters, Soyeon will be paired with Lee Joong Moon in their "Sweet Temptation" episode and Qri will be with Jang Soo Won in their "Black HollyDay" episode!

Each web drama episode looks like it"ll have the quality of a romantic comedy film! Stay tuned for more individual posters!

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LABOUM drops teaser images for ZN and Soyeon

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LABOUM drops teaser images for ZN and Soyeon

Following Solbin and Yujeong"s teaser images for second single album, "Sugar Sugar," rookie girl group LABOUM next dropped pictures for ZN and Soyeon!

The girls continue the somewhat mysterious and innocent looking pictures as they wear soft, off-white outfits with a vintage effect, raising curiosity about the concept they"re going for. Either sitting or lying down on the beds, the girls both look lovely.

Are you excited for their comeback?

LABOUM releases teaser images of ZN and Soyeon for "Sugar Sugar"

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LABOUM releases teaser images of ZN and Soyeon for

LABOUM continues their teasing streak by releasing two new individual teaser images for members ZN and Soyeon.

Following the same concept, ZN and Soyeon are also seen posing on the bed with a somewhat sorrowful atmosphere, showing a mature and mysterious image.

LABOUM will make their comeback with second single album "Sugar Sugar" on March 27th.

Laboum's ZN and Soyeon Roll in Bed in New Sultry MV for "Sugar Sugar"

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Laboum's ZN and Soyeon Roll in Bed in New Sultry MV for

Laboum's girls, ZN and Soyeon, are blazing hot and stunning in their MV for latest single "Sugar Sugar."

Using the same concept as members Yujeong and Solbin, the two LABOUM members dons comfortable clothing and lay on a small mattress on the floor.

ZN wears a large, one piece sweater, her long hair flowing down either side of her as she looks down towards her lap. While ZN simply sits on the mattress, Soyeon makes herself completely comfortable on the bed with eyes closed, her head resting on the very edge of the bed, allowing her hair to fall freely on the ground.

LABOUM’s 2nd single “Sugar Sugar” will be released on March 27th.

LABOUM release ZN"s and Soyeon"s teaser images for "SUGAR SUGAR"

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LABOUM release ZN

Following Yujeong"s and Solbin"s, the teaser images for ZN and Soyeon are also released.

The girls are looking fresh and innocent with their bedroom concept which is totally different from their cute image last time.

Meanwhile, Laboum"s 2nd single "Sugar Sugar" will be released soon.

T-ara"s Soyeon Send Congratulation Message to Her Dongseng Eunjung and Qri on Their birthday

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Soyeon congratulated fellow T-ara members Eunjung and Qri on their birthday!

Soyeon took to her Instagram to give her birthday wishes on December 12, sharing, "#MyDongsengEunjung #MyUnniQri #ThanksForBeingBorn."

She also shared a lovely snapshot of their birthday bash, showing her love. T-ara returned from China to Korea on the 11th, yet still made time to celebrate their members" birthday right afterwards.

Happy birthday once again!