Soyeon and Boram reportedly skip out Taiwan concert + Dispatch photos of T-ara

Soyeon and Boram reportedly skip out Taiwan concert + Dispatch photos of T-ara

Soyeon and Boram are reported to have skipped out on attending T-ara’s first concert togetherin Taiwan.

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On May 12, MBK Entertainmentrevealed the agency and the other T-ara members were not able to contact Soyeon or Boram for a week. When the label sent staff to pick the two members up for their flight to Taiwan, it’s reported they stated they would arrive at the airport on their own, which was the first communication they’ve had with MBK in 7 days according to the label.

The agency is also claiming that with T-ara’s official disbandment upcoming, Soyeon and Boram revealed their intention to be absent from T-ara promotions on the 5th. Afterwards, they had not attended any concert practices, and T-ara had not been able to film any footage as a result. Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, and Jiyeonpracticed as a four-member group instead as MBK claimed it was assumed Soyeon and Boram would still show up for the Taiwan concert.

As for accusations that the label had canceled the plane tickets, MBK asserted only Boram and Soyeon would be able to change their scheduled tickets as they are the ones with their passports. On T-ara’s future scheduled concerts overseas, MBK stated, “We hope to complete the other overseas concerts with Soyeon and Boram. However, their thoughts are the most important. It would be nice if they could end everything well with the members they’ve spent 9 years with, but it’s disappointing that it seems things will be ending like this.”It’s reported MBK will ask for compensation from Soyeon and Boram if they do not attend the concert.

Dispatchalso caught members Hyomin, Qri, and Jiyeon looking very sullen on the way to the airport, which you can check out below.

What do you make of the news about Boram and Soyeon?

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