Sowon Shares First Impressions Of GFRIEND Members And Which Female Idol Shes Close With

Sowon Shares First Impressions Of GFRIEND Members And Which Female Idol Shes Close With

On August 11, GFRIENDs Sowon held a V Live broadcast to communicate with her fans. During the broadcast, she answered many of the viewers questions and even continued broadcasting while going out to buy dinner.

When asked if she would ever cut her hair, she said, Im not ready for that yet. I think my image will become calmer. I like my free-spirited image so Im going to keep my long hair for now. However, she added, I want to get bangs. I think that if I had bangs, it would be easier to style for magazine shoots.

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She also told the story behind the name Sowon, which was given to her by her agency and means wish. They created the name from my real name, Sojung, but I like my real name a lot too. She also revealed that her current roommate in the dorm is Yerin because the two of them are sensitive to sleep habits and neither of them have any.

Sowon then shared her first impressions of some of the other GFRIEND members. My first impression of Eunha is school uniform,’ she said. She had tied a cardigan around her waist and she was a very shy, girly girl. Her voice was very quiet too. I remember being surprised that she brought a salad the size of a serving tray.

She continued, [Yuju] was very pale. She kept putting something on her lips and brushing her hair and I thought she was a unique character. Were similar in height and I thought that she looked like me as well.

When asked which celebrity she was closest to, Sowon said that it was TWICEs Nayeon. Im surprisingly shy so I dont make friends easily. Ive been meeting Nayeon a lot recently and were having fun. Jokingly she added, Nayeon, are you watching this?

GFRIEND is currently promoting their recent mini-album Parallel.