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SECRET Jun Hyosung, Prayer For Sunken Ferry “Hope They Safely Return”

Girl group SECRET"s member Jun Hyosung prayed for the victims of the Jindo ferry. (Photo : osen)

Girl group SECRET"s member Jun Hyosung prayed for the victims of the Jindo ferry.

Today, Jun Hyosung posted on her Twitter, "I hope they safely return. There"s nothing we can do but pray."

Yesterday, the Jindo Ferry that was on its way to Jeju Island in South Korea sank. It had 475 people on board including high school students and teachers. 179 have been rescued so far and 9 were found dead. 287 are still missing.

South Korean Pop Stars Voice Support For Victims Of Jeju Ferry Disaster: Hundreds Of Passengers Still Feared Trapped

(Photo : South China Morning Post)(Photo : Ktopia)

South Korean authorities fear 278 people, many of them believed to be from a group of 300 students from Seoul on a class trip to Jeju Island, are trapped inside a ferry off of the nation"s southeast coast, after the vessel flipped on its side and filled with water on Wednesday.

Four people among the 439 passengers have been confirmed dead, according to CNN.

Thursday, as the international relief effort mounted, South Korean president South Korean President Park Geun Hye vowed to do everything possible to rescue to save the victims of the ferry disaster.

"We cannot give up," President Park said following a briefing in Seoul, according to CBS News. "We have to do our best to rescue even one passenger."

As news of the disaster made headlines around the world, many of South Korea"s top pop stars took to social media to both express their sorrow and solidarity for the victims of a tragedy that is still unfolding

Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for April 6 – April 12

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of April 6 to April 12 below!

1. Akdong Musician - "200%"

2. HIGH4 ft. IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms"

3. Yoon Min Soo - "Relationship"

4. Akdong Musician - "Give Love"

5. Akdong Musician - "Melted"

6. Mad Clown ft. Hyorin - "Without You"

7. A Pink - "Mr

Top stars G-Dragon, Hyorin, and more express their concern for the passenger ship victims

In addition to the mass cancellation of events, shows, and more in light of the tragic ferry accident, top celebrities also took to SNS to express their concern for the passengers of the ship, touching the hearts of many with their sincerity.

Hyorin wrote on SISTAR"s official Twitter, "I am sincerely praying for the safe return of the Jindo passenger ship"s missing people." NS Yoon-G wrote on her own Twitter, "Ah, please everybody, return safely. Please rescue them quickly."

n his own Twitter, "PRAY FOR SOUTH KOREA."

Hopefully all the prayers and sincere wishes will bring this incident to a miraculous conclusion. Our condolences to those affected.


— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) April 17, 2014

“Three Days” And Other Dramas Cancelled Out Of Respect For Ferry Disaster

Many of Wednesday night"s dramas and entertainment shows were cancelled due to a tragic event that sent shock waves through Korea. It has been called one of South Korea"s worst peacetime disasters and the nation"s biggest maritime disaster.

The incident happened when a ferry traveling its bi-weekly route from Incheon to Jeju Island capsized on April 16. Of the 475 passengers, more than 300 were students from Danwon High School in Ansan. The students were on a class trip to Jeju Island. So far, 179 passengers have been rescued. Nine passengers are confirmed dead; among those were five students. Underwater rescue teams are still searching for missing passengers.

Out of respect for this terrible tragedy and in sympathy for those affected by it, Korean broadcasting stations cancelled Wednesday night"s showing of many programs, including the top dramas "Three Days," Cunning Single Lady" and "Golden Cross

A-JAX Members Cast In Upcoming Web Series ‘Vampire’s Flower’

(Photo : DSP Media)

Four of the members of K-Pop boy band A-JAX have been cast in a new web series.

Online content is taking many forms these days and among the new trends is the increasing popularity of internet-based television series.As sites like Netflix and Hulu in the United States have started creating their own programs available to users of their services, South Koreans have begun to jump on the bandwagon creating a variety of web series.

The latest web drama to join the ranks is Vampire"s Flower, a show that will follow the story of four young vampires as they juggle the love, life, and friendship.

For the lead actors, director Kim Sang Hoon and the production team have decided to cast members of the Korean idol group A-JAX.

"We thought A-JAX qualified to the play both the hot and cold vampires because they showed various sides of themselves in the past," explained Kim

Heo Jae Hyuk Apologizes for Instagram Photo, Claims He Did Not Know About Ferry Accident

Model Heo Jae Hyuk recently became the center of heavy criticism from netizens with his recent post on Instagram. At 12:20 AM on April 17, the model posted a photo on Instagram of someone holding his breath in a tub full of water, fully clothed in black, with the caption, “A fun game.”

This was less than a day after the sinking of the Korean ferry off the southern coast of South Korea, which happened on the morning of April 16. Currently, 9 passengers have been reported dead with 179 rescued and 287 still missing. Upon receiving heavy criticism, the model deleted the photo, and posted an explanation on his Twitter and Facebook. He said, “It has been less than three months since I’ve come up to Seoul. While I’m living in Sangsu-dong, I don’t have a computer or a TV, so I didn’t have the chance to see the news

2PM’s Taecyeon shows off his muscular arms in ‘beastly’ stills for ‘Very Good Days’

2PM"s Taecyeon has been in his share of dramas but that doesn"t mean his "beastly idol" ways are long gone.

In stills for "Very Good Days", Taecyeon played the part of the rugged "beastly idol" by setting up a tent on a camping site in Donghae, Gangwondo on April 15 and looking hot while doing it! Luckily for all of us, Taecyeon pulled his sleeves up to show off his muscular arms, which looked even better in broad daylight. He was full of beastly expressions while getting to work with his hammer.

Stay tuned for updates on whether or not "Very Good Days" will be canceled this week in light of the tragic ferry incident in South Korea.

A Pink canceled their fan meeting on April 19 to pray for the sunken passenger ship

A Pink has decided to postpone their upcoming fan meeting in light of the tragic passenger ship sinking off the southern coast of South Korea.


The girls” agency A Cube Entertainment released a statement on April 16 saying that the fan meeting for April 19 has been canceled. The event was originally going to take place at Kwangwoon University as the second fan meeting celebrating the group”s third anniversary since debut.


Due to the magnitude of the passenger ship sinking, A Pink felt too much pain and did not think they could sing for their fans with a light heart, which is how this decision came to be made. We plan on having the canceled fan meeting some other time in the future and will later announce the new date and location.

Many TV programs, events and comebacks delayed due to ferry disaster

On April 16th, a ferry carrying 459 people, mostly high school students on a trip to Jeju island, sank off South Korea's southern coast, leaving nearly 300 people missing, 7 people dead and 55 injured.
Due to the big disaster, all the entertainment programs, dramas as well as comeback schedules of many artists have been delayed to show respects for the victims.
KBS1's programs: "Secret of Birth" ,"Real Experience of The World" and the drama "Love through Song" was postponed .
KBS2's music program "Music Bank" planned to air on the 18th was canceled. However, drama "Golden Cross" and "Palpitating Romance" will air as scheduled.
MBC's programs "Zero" ,"Shining Romance" ,"Mother's Garden" ,"The Real Story" ,"Radio Star" had been delayed