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Stars Send Their Prayers to Victims of Sunken Ferry

With so many still trapped underwater with rescue missions continuing, starts sent their condolences and prayers for those who were affected by the sinking of the ferry on April 16.

There were more than 400 onboard, the majority of them high school students who were on a class field trip. As of April 17, there have been six casualties with an estimate of 290 people still missing.

Unable to do anything about the situations, stars expressed their sorrow through SNS, praying that everyone be rescued on the ship.

Song Seung Hun – I’m watching with a praying heart but this is just heartbreaking. I want to send my deepest sympathy to the sunken Jindo passenger ship and pray that all missing people be safe.

Super Junior Ryeowook – As soon as I came back to Korea, I heard the bad news

2nd Generation Hallyu Stars Are Taking Over the Globe

When the first Hallyu wave travelled through Asia, the main focus was Japan. Top stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Bae Yong Joon, Song Seung Hun and Kwon Sang Woo all were wildly popular in Japan. Each fan meeting drew more than ten thousand rabid fans that would tear up just at the sight of these super stars. These days, however, the Hallyu wave doesn"t travel through Japan. The new Japanese stars are actively rejecting Korean influence. As the saying goes, it seems Korea has outstayed Japan"s welcome. Even singers who are immensely popular in Japan, such as KARA or Girls" Generation, are falling behind in popularity because of this recent backlash against Hallyu.

The new wave of Hallyu megastars includes Park Hae Jin, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Woo Bin. Their popularity surpasses those first generation Hallyu stars, and instead of heading to the isolated island of Japan, they are heading into the Asian mainland - China

Song Seung Hun Shows Tough Side in Spring Pictorial for The Celebrity Magazine

Actor Song Seung Hun shows off his tough side with his strong eyes in his newest spring time pictorial for “The Celebrity” magazine. The actor also talks about his movie roles and his personality in the accompanying interview.

During the interview Song Seung Hun revealed that he is different from what the public thinks of him. He said, “The characters I’ve played have created an image that I am a gentle man who is obedient to woman. Actually, I am very honest and a brat, and I’m stubborn. I am a man who tries to live optimistically.”

You can read his whole interview in the April issue of “The Celebrity” magazine. The actor will be starring in the 2014 movie “Human Addiction.”

The actor wears a flower patterned blazer as he bites his finger on the cover of the April issue of “The Celebrity” magazine

Lee Min Ho – From Nameless Actor to the “$9 Million Man”

Recently, actor Lee Min Ho has risen to Hallyu star status, with explosive popularity not only in Korea and China, but all over Asia. However, Lee Min Ho’s success was not a straight candle-lit path to the top, but the result of years and years of hard work.

The actor debuted in 2006 in the EBS drama “Schoolyard Secrets,” with which he was slowly making himself known to the masses. However, after a serious car accident, Lee Min Ho had to suspend his activities for about a year, giving up following roles in “High Kick” and “9 End 2 Outs.”

When Lee Min Ho returned, he starred in “Mackerel Run,” which yielded poor results, ending early, as a result of problems with the production company and low viewer ratings

Song Seung Hun holds a fan meeting in Thailand

Actor Song Seung Hun held a special fan meeting in Thailand for his movie “Obsessed” (a.k.a “Human Addiction”).

Upon arriving Thailand, the Hallyu star conducted a press conference with local media outlets. He then attended a fan meeting in SCALA Theater in Siam Square, Bangkok Thailand where he promoted his movie and spent time chatting, taking photos with fans.

In other news, Song Seung Hun’s 2000 hit drama “Autumn in My Heart” had been reproduced in Thailand in May of 2013.


Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan are confirmed for MBC’s drama ‘Triangle’

According to MBC, Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan are confirmed to star in MBC's upcoming drama "Triangle".

"Triangle" which will be directed by PD Choi Wan Kyu and writer Yoo Chul Yong, is a melodrama about three brothers who were separated since their parents died and each of them all grew up in their own way.

Lee Bum Soo will play as the oldest hyung named Jang Dong Soo who works in Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, while Im Si Wan will play as the youngest brother named Jang Dong Jun who was adopted in a wealthy family.

In addition, Song Seung Hun, Go Ara, Lee Mi Yeon are also considered to star in this drama.

"Triangle" to follow "Empress Ki" and will be broadcast this May.

How Do New Hallyu Stars Stay On Top?

(Photo : Starhaus) (Photo : Salt Entertainment)(Photo : Starhaus)

It"s been ten years since "Winter Sonata" brought out the K-Drama Hallyu wave. A new wave of Hallyu is being sparked by dramas such as "My Love from the Star" and "The Heirs".

It"s been a change of guards from "Yon-Sama" Bae Yong Joon, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hun, Ryu Shi Won, Song Seung Hun, and Choi Ji Woo to Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin. Not only are the faces of Hallyu different, but today"s Hallyu stars have much more on their plate when it comes to riding the Hallyu wave.

Of course, this is not a bad thing. The international promotion of K-Drama stars has brought opportunities for actors and actresses to "tour" the Asian countries and meet the fans. After his explosion into popularity in "City Hunter," Lee Min Ho toured six cities over 3 months and met more than 60,000 fans worldwide

9 Doctors You’d Enjoy Doing Check-Ups With

Infinite"s Hoya transformed into a doctor for the hit Korean drama, "Reply 1997".

Joo Won as a doctor makes me blush. 

I"m feeling fine, but I"ll have you diagnose me any time Song Seung Hun!

Lee Jong Suk will be playing a doctor in "Doctor Stranger" and my oh my am I drooling. 

She is hands down the fiercest, smartest, and most talented doctor of all time. No one messes with Christina Yang.

Daniel Henney, Daniel Henney. 

Is it bad that I prefer Minho as a doctor than as a singer?

Dr. Gong Yoo-enough said. 

Pretty lady Moon Chae Won looks like a sweet doctor

Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Connection with Song Seung Hun During School Years

Kim Hee Sun talked about her special connection with Song Seung Hun from her school years.

March 6’s broadcast of KBS2’s Happy Together 3 featured the cast members of KBS’s new drama Very Good Times.

One of the stories that caught everyone’s attention that day was the one that involved Kim Hee Sun’s special connection with Song Seung Hun.

Kim Hee Sun said, “Song Seung Hun went to the school that was in front of my school. His name was Seung Bok then, and he had long hair. He almost looked like Terius because he tied his hair back.”

“I was a member of the girl scouts, and one time we all camped out in the school field. And all these guys stood in front of the school to protect me,” confessed the actress.

When the MCs asked her, “Was Song Seung Hyun one of the guys who protected you?” she said, “I’d rather not say

Actor Song Seung Hun Sends His Greetings From Turkey

Actor Song Seung Hun revealed his whereabouts with a photo.

On March 4, Song Seung Hun posted a photo of himself on his Twitter account with the description, “At Taksim Meydani,”

In the photo, Song Seung Hun can be seen standing in front of the Taksim Meydani located in Istanbul, Turkey. Just he has done in the past, he posed a “v” with his hand and displayed his gentle smile. He also attracts attention as he demonstrates his unchanging handsome looks.

It has been said that Song Seung Hun journeyed to Turkey in order to shoot a pictorial for a magazine. Song Seung Hun has been working hard filming, “Human Addiction.” The film is expected to air sometime during the first half of 2014.