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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts, Apologizes for the Small Amount

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon joins a growing list of celebrities who have donated to the Sewol ferry disaster.

On April 24, an employee of community-based fundraising organization Community Chest of Korea shared, “MBLAQ’s Lee Joon donated 10 million won (about 10 thousand USD). When donating, he said, ‘This is my first time donating. I’m sorry that the amount is small.’”

Fans who heard of his donation were surprised since he’s well-known to be stingy with his money. He would even collected money from his friends who owed him money during childhood.

Other celebrity donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others

Oh Yeon Seo donates 10 million KRW to the Sewol relief efforts

Actress Oh Yeon Seo (27) has joined the long list of celebrities who donated to the Sewol relief efforts with her hefty donation of 10 million KRW (9,600 USD).

Her agency Wellmade StarM rep told Sports Seoul on April 23, "Oh Yeon Seo recently donated 10 million KRW (9,600 USD) to the Korean National Red Cross for the bereaved families of the Sewol tragedy... Oh Yeon So has been consistently donating and doing charity work for the Korean National Red Cross up until now."

Oh Yeon Seo joins Ha Ji Won, Song Seung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Song Hye Kyo, Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, and more who have donated to the Sewol relief efforts.

She is currently starring in the MBC weekend drama "Jang Bo Ri is Here"

Kim Soo Hyun Donates 300 Million Won to Danwon High School

Thinking of the students who may be suffering from survivors’ guilt, Kim Soo Hyun made a large donation of 300 million won to Danwon High School.

On April 24, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, KeyEast stated, “Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million won to the students of Danwon High School. He wanted to help the people who were suffering the most.”

Kim Soo Hyun expressed his sadness by donating 300 million won to Danwon High School in Ansan after a tragic ferry accident on April 16 took the lives of many of their students.

The donation will be used for the Sewol victims and families, the students and teachers of Danwon High School who have lost their friends and pupils, and the Danwon High School memorial altar.

Ahead of the tragic event, Kim Soo Hyun had donated around 200 million won to children and teenagers in China on April 8

Salvation Army Explains How Celebrity Donations Will Be Used to Aid Sewol Ferry Rescue Operations

The money donated to Salvation Army by numerous celebrities will be used to create relief kits.

A representative from Korea’s Salvation Army has announced that they are in the process of making relief kits, which will include basic toiletries, socks, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and other necessities.

So far, celebrities like Ha Ji WonSong Seung Hun, Ryu Hyun Jin, Jo Sang Wook, Jung Il Woo and Kim Bo Sung are among those who have donated individually. Entertainment agencies such as UAA which houses Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won have done group donations, while the cast for MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady” and production company of SBS drama “Three Days” have also donated to the cause

San E donates 10 million won for the Sewol tragedy #PrayForSouthKorea

Not only he delayed his comeback but San E also join the efforts of helping those in grief by donating 10 million won.

The rapper donates the money on April 23 to Nanoom Welfare Organization for the sake of the victims and families of the sunken ferry.

He also expressed his condolences. Other than San E, people who have donated are Song Seung Hun, Ha Ji Won, Ryu Hyun Jin, Kim Yuna, Cha Seung Won, On Ju Wan, Kim Bo Sung, Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, Park Jae Min, Yoo Ha Na, Park Kyeong Rim and more.

Entertainment Stars Respond Differently To The Sewol Ferry Tragedy – In Anger, Advice, Prayer

Stars in the entertainment industry are sharing their sorrow through their SNS.

On April 19th Lee Jung vented about the government"s inabilities. He said, "Not only with this case, but in every event like this the government"s rotten water and pus-like employees that are incompetent and naive fools who only seek money and fame should step down. When will you figure out what is really needed? Why! Why do these kinds of things always have to happen? Is this the only way that you will pretend to do something?" He continued, "Our small country has great talent and abilities but cannot be a developed country. You have some nerve to talk about safety frigidity," and raged about the current conditions. Afterward he deleted the controversial post. He then said, "Earlier today I was unable to conceal my frustration. I deleted the harsh post earlier, but my thoughts have not changed

San E Joins Others by Donating Ten Million Won for Ferry Victims

San E joined the efforts to show condolences for the ferry victims by donating ten million KRW (~9,600 USD).

On April 23, San E donated ten million KRW to the Nanoom welfare organization to be used for the sake of the victims and families of the sunken Sewol ferry.

About this, San E reportedly expressed his condolences for those sacrificed in the tragedy of Sewol ferry.

The other stars who have made donation for Sewol ferry victims include Song Seung Hun, Ha Ji Won, Ryu Hyun Jin, Kim Yuna, Cha Seung Won, On Ju Wan, Kim Bo Sung, Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, Park Jae Min, Yoo Ha Na, Park Kyeong Rim and more.

Photo credit: San E’s Twitter

“You’re All Surrounded” Actor Cha Seung Won Makes Donation to Ferry Disaster Charity

Cha Seung Won, star of hit drama “The Greatest Love”, has pledged 100 million won (roughly US$96,300) to a charity committed to helping the families and victims of the Sewol ferry disaster.

The actor’s donation was received by the Community Chest of Korea. A spokesperson for the charity said that the money would be used to provide valuable support for survivors and the families of the victims.

Cha Seung Won joins other major Koreans stars who have also made financial donations to charities involved with relief efforts. Other donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others. UAA, the entertainment agency which manages stars such as Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Ah In and Kang Dong Won, has also announced that it will be sending items such as blankets to the site in Jindo, where the families of missing passengers are still gathered

KBS, MBC, SBS Cautiously Announce Wed-Thurs Dramas Are a Go This Week, Variety Shows Are Still Canceled

The main three broadcast stations KBS, MBC, and SBS announced that they’ll air their Wednesday and Thursday dramas, “Golden Cross,” “Cunning Single Lady,” “Three Days,” respectively, tonight. However, they will not air their variety programs including “Vitamin,” “Radio Star,” “Midnight TV Entertainment,” respectively.

Instead, the main three broadcast stations plan to fill in the variety show timeslots with news updating the Sewol ferry tragedy or documentary programs.

Many high school students boarded the ill-fated Sewol ferry seven days ago on April 16 for a field trip to Jeju Island when the ferry was capsized around the area of Jindo, an island near South Jeolla Province

South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100,000 To Victims Of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

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As divers continue to search for survivors among the wreckage of the Sewol ferry, several of South Korea"s top celebrities have pledged their support for the victims and their loved ones in the form of generous charity donations.

Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna, actor Cha Seung Won and actress Ha Ji Won each contributed $100,000 to the cause.

"I"m honestly praying for a miracle," Kim wrote in a Twitter post, earlier this week.

On Monday, the Korean Committee for UNICEF praised the 2010 gold medal winner-turned-humanitarian for her charitable contribution in an official statement, according to the website allkpop.

"UNICEF"s national ambassador Kim Yuna has donated $100,000 to the Korean Committee for UNICEF as she shares the pain the whole nation is going through in the wake of the Sewol tragedy