[Song Review] Unnies – ‘Right?’

[Song Review] Unnies – ‘Right?’


The girl group Unnies have dropped their new single, ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2’ with title track “Right?” The Unnies got their start on the reality show ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk,’ as the fulfillment of a cast member’s dream in Season 1 and they released the song “Shut Up.” Season 2 sees some new faces in pursuit of that dream. The show currently stars original members Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung, with the addition of Kang Ye Won, Han Chae Young, Hong Jin Young, Minzy, and Jeon So Mi.

“Right?” is a song composed by J.Y. Park’s “teacher” Kim Hyung Suk. He is a producer who made numerous hits in the 1990’s and 2000’s, he has earned the nickname “hit song maker” for making so many numerous hits. starts off with some adlibs, culminating in a name drop. The main verses are really strong, and they definitely pour their lungs into this one. There’s no shrinking violets in this group. The chorus is quite ubiquitous and found in many singles. I like it though — it has that stomp your feet quality and gets you pumped for the rest of the tune. It has that power behind it that I really like. And Hong Jin Young’s rap? Awesome. Definitely going on my playlist.

“La La La Song” has a retro feel to it, a sing-song pace with a piano. It feels almost like a 50s number or even older than that, but you can tell it’s not quite from that era, particularly from the rap in the middle. I love how the rap transitions into the rest of the song. The track is bubbly and bright and has a little bounce to it for a pick-me-up. There are some great vocal flourishes, and the girls harmonize beautifully.

Frankly, this is a solid couple of tunes. I particularly enjoyed “Right ?” and believe it is their strongest track, a perfect choice for a lead single. Their Music Bank performance has already aired and the MV is pretty cool, which you can check out below.

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