[Song & MV Review] Yezi – ‘Anck Su Namun’

[Song & MV Review] Yezi – ‘Anck Su Namun’

Rapper Yezi (of FIESTAR) dropped her new single “Anck Su Namun.” The title is the name of a character from the 1999 American film ‘The Mummy,’ as well as its sequel ‘The Mummy Returns.’ The character from the movie is based on Ankhesenamun, queen of the 18th dynasty of Egypt from 1348 to 1322 BC.

The song itself is drenched in pure attitude. For the most part, it’s describing how bad she is, with some vague hints here and there about being the queen and such, though there’s never a direct reference to Egypt or the movie, except for a part where she tries to say “Evelyn” (I think), also a character. As such, the lyrics are sort of hit and miss and a little generic.

The more obvious parts are where the song shines. Yezi still manages to spit those rapid-fire lines with a sharpshooter’s precision, and the music sounds vaguely middle-eastern, while still retaining a distinctive modern sheen. It’s meant to give you that feeling of being in a desert environment, and it does that decently well.

And let’s be honest: Yezi’s songs isn’t really meant to be broken down and analyzed. They’re more visceral than intellectual, meant to be felt, and you don’t need to think too hard about it. She spits fire and vitriol and sounds good doing it. And in that, the song succeeds.

Yezi produced this one herself, which marks her first self-produced song since debut. Yezi slays here, and the song itself is lit. But don’t take my word for it. Just press “play” on the MV below and see.

Yezi and her backup dancers dance against a backdrop of various desert inspired things, such as the walls of a tent, on the sand, in front of gold hangings, etc. This is interspersed with a story sequence, where Yezi’s dancers cast a spell and resurrect her. Images of her in a shroud and against a scene of burning devastation abound.

This could have been a particularly bad video, but there are several things that save it. First, the resurrection story is done fairly well, and the image of her in a shroud has some strange otherworldly background effects. The scene with the burning palm trees was especially interesting.

Yezi and her dancers wear some faux-desert outfits during some of it, although I think the fish netting is a modern conceit. The outfits do little to distract you, however, and just add to the overall effect. The wardrobe’s not amazing, but it’s more varied than what she wore in “Cider,” and more true to her concept too.

She’s not really a dancer, and this shows here. Not every rapper has to dance, or even can, and the choreographer took special pains to make it easier on her, I think. Which is interesting when you really take a look at it. I believe the way it was filmed serves to hide this.

Regardless of whether they spent a lot of money on it, it works really well. Everything is pretty well on point, even if there’s not a whole lot going on. Yezi is a lovely lady in my eyes, so I’d be lying if I told you that didn’t make it more fun to watch. Not only that, but there were some nice effects too. So yes, all in all, it is a good MV.   

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