[Song & MV Review] WINNER – ‘Our Twenty Four (Love Me Love Me / Island)’

[Song & MV Review] WINNER – ‘Our Twenty Four (Love Me Love Me / Island)’

WINNER is back to cool down your heat wave with their second single album ‘Our Twenty Four!’ The twin title tracks “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” are written by members Seung Yoon, Mino and Seung Hoon.

“Love Me Love Me” starts out with Seung Yoon’s smooth vocals transitioning into Jin Woo’s voice, and then Mino’s raps. The chorus is sung in a higher register than “Really Really,” making this a refreshing summer single. It also sets the tone, letting you know this will be less serious their last single, less introspective. Lyrics about puppies and lollipop voices tell you everything you need to know. It’s a fun, low-key bop.

Appropriately, “Island” is tropical house, which is all the rage these days. Here the boys get even more playful, and the song is more lively, with some nods to EDM. Tracks like this are highly enjoyable in my book, like a good cup of coffee, injecting an energy boost into your day (and this single). The song goes through the motions that you’d expect, telling her to grab a drink and relax, with some naughty lyrics as well, ending with “I’ll be your island.”

It’s interesting to hear what different sounds they come up with. They could have done something very much like their last single, but they didn’t, instead opting for more dynamic rhythms and an upbeat sound. Like their comeback in April, this single album appears to be a clear winner as well.


The boys head to Hawaii in this tropical island-themed MV. They show you different aspects of the place, playing on a monster truck, grooving on the bleachers of Eddie Hamada Field, golfing, relaxing in the sun, and taking in a tropical sunset.

Ultimately, there’s not much more to it than that. I almost felt I was watching an advertisement for an island resort getaway rather than an MV, except you had the boys looking like they were enjoying themselves. Still, it looked like a fun place to be and they looked like they were having fun and all ready for the summer.

Filmed in the same place, this one has a little different take on it, showing off Hawaii’s beautiful scenery and natural charms. The boys of WINNER hike on rocky cliffs, hang out on the beach, ride bikes in the streets, and enjoy a campfire.

Again, there’s no real dancing, having taken a cinema verite style to the MV, and showing the boys just enjoying themselves and having a good time. There’s a couple moves here and there, a natural consequence of having danceable music playing in the background, I’m sure.

If you’re a fan of the band, then you get to see WINNER in every shot. If not, you still get some breathtakingly gorgeous views of the island, and that all by itself is worth a few minutes of your time.

(Scores are averaged across both MVs)

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