[Song & MV Review] VAV — “Flower (You)”

[Song & MV Review] VAV — “Flower (You)”

Known for songs like “Under the Moonlight” and “Brotherhood,” VAV is back with an end of spring release guaranteed to lift your mood titled, “Flower.” For this comeback, they’ve now added Lou, Ayno, and Ziu for a total of 7 members.

I didn’t agree with the opening part. The opening is less annoying when there’s musical accompaniment, but the opening did everything other than invite me to continue listening.

The song itself is really rather catchy¬†and keeps things simple. It’s got that kind of sing-song nature to it, with a slightly awkward bridge. I did enjoy Ayno on the raps, even if his “I told ya” is almost unintelligible. The other English parts aren’t bad at all. They harmonize well, too, and they seem to have a pretty equal line distribution. It’s also remarkably upbeat for a breakup song.

Overall, it’s pretty awesome. I think the beginning detracts from it, but the chorus is a very effective hook, and very singable. It’s nice and upbeat, and a good pick-me-up if you’ve been suffering from the season. Vampz should be amped.

The MV, like their jacket shoots, turns the members of VAV into literal flower boys.

And that is true, as literally every scene in this MV involves flowers in some way. Someone’s got their head on the table, oh look! Flowers. There’s a girl, and someone offers her flowers. As they’re singing as a group, there are flowers all around. I’m just hoping no one had allergies.

Aside from all the floral follies, this video reminds me a lot of the early K-pop days. There are no wild costumes, but they have the obligatory hair colors not found in nature, and the boys are in some cute scenes together, lined up, all holding flowers, turning their heads in unison. They even wag their fingers.

There’s no dancing here, even though I’m sure someone could have come up with some choreo. No, the focus here is on some of the pouting¬†and begging the girl not to go through with the breakup. A girl that is really never seen but once. I’m guessing it didn’t work, cuz there’s one of the boys at the end, alone at the table, looking as if he just woke from a dream.

Truthfully, I think I enjoyed the MV more than the song, for once. There’s a certain tongue-in-cheek to the whole thing, and a charm that makes this one kind of a winner.

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