[Song & MV Review] Soyu – ‘The Blue Night of Jeju Island’

[Song & MV Review] Soyu – ‘The Blue Night of Jeju Island’


1. The Blue Night of Jeju Island

After SISTAR’s disbandment, Soyu has dropped her unique version of “The Blue Night of Jeju Island”! It’s a cover version of Choi Sung Won’s song, back from 1988.

The track is a little different from what you may have heard before. This time, there’s acoustic guitar, along with some hip hop beats to keep things interesting. I like how the guitar increases the tempo as the song progresses. It makes it more of a soft pop tune than a ballad, which is just fine by me.

Separated from her former bandmates, we get more of a sense of Soyu’s vocal style. It’s breathy, with a hint of breathlessness. Still, the net effect is super-sweet and gentle, as she works her way through the song. I think the stronger parts are where she actually sings with some guts, and we hear her trademark vocal style, the one we’re used to.

So what we have is a really pretty tune, exhorting you to get away and vacation with Soyu on Jeju Island. And really, with her enchanting vocals, I can’t find a reason to argue with that.  

The MV starts off as we head over the water to the southern holiday resort island of Jeju. Once there, Soyu meets a guy and they drink together, walk on the beach, and have a generally romantic time. The MV flashes between that and shots of Soyu in the studio.

I’m a sucker for MVs like this. Jeju has some really gorgeous areas, and this MV takes full advantage of that. Sunlight shimmers on the water, Soyu and her love interest pass each other on paths bounded by well-constructed rock walls, and they dine together under twinkling stars. I love beautiful sights and this video has them in spades.

Soyu looks fetching throughout. They didn’t squeeze her into any unnaturally sexy outfits, and she can easily catch your eye in something as simple as a modest dress. She does that here. With attractive stars and gorgeous scenery, this is definitely an awesome MV.   

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The Blue Night of Jeju Island