[Song & MV Review] Momoland — “Wonderful Love”

[Song & MV Review] Momoland — “Wonderful Love”


2. Wonderful Love (Instrumental)

Momoland, Duble Kick’s first ever girl group, made a splash in the industry with their debut mini-album ‘Welcome to Momoland’ which spawned the single “Jjan! Koong! Kwang!” Now they’re back with new members Daisy and Taeha with the single “Wonderful Love!”

The song itself is a bright, upbeat, happy one. Everything about the melody screams cute and fun, which is the fundamentals behind the band’s “amusement park” concept. It’s danceable, singable, and just all around a decent song. 9 girls belting out “I will be always on your side” is actually pretty powerful stuff.

It’s not as strong as their previous single, though. And, though it hews to their concept well, there’s a distinct lack of identity that runs through the whole song. It’s by the numbers, and they colored in between the lines, but that’s about it. It’s overall not as catchy or as fierce as their last one, though the chorus is probably the high point.

It’s a little underwhelming. I was hoping for more, and well, I didn’t quite get it.  I’m kind of hoping the evolution is like G-Friend, where they got better and better as they put out albums, before finally hitting that sweet spot. The girls said they want to be here for a long time, and I can see a bright future ahead.

Now the MV is actually not bad.

They’re dancing around an amusement park, with adorable individual shots and bright smiles. While there’s nothing amazing or laugh out loud, it is cute, upbeat, and a great way to see that spring has sprung.

I’m not sure exactly where they’re dancing at, but it seems pretty bare. Which is fine — you don’t want tons of people standing around staring unless you’re at an event. But it also seems rather stripped of stuff. It’s still a pretty nice set and perfect for what they wanted to do with it.  

The dancing itself is actually pretty good. It’s fairly animated and is absolutely drowning in aegyo. The girls go through the motions, making hearts with their fingers and pointing, while the rest of the video is just as cute.

Winking, waving, feeding each other cotton candy, riding on a merry-go-round (a nod to their fandom name), and the usual things you’d expect at a carnival. The girls are delightfully waifish and are dressed respectfully, with schoolgirl uniforms as the primary mode of dress, though they change costumes a couple times.

The CGI is nearly non-existent, except for a short spot near the end. But nifty fx are not the point. The point is to push their brand and their concept, which they do quite well here. It’s one thing to declare that your concept is an amusement park, it’s quite another to actually film at one.* It’s fun, and there’s enough going on where you won’t be bored.  

* There is a real Momoland amusement park in Viet Nam. Pretty sure it’s not associated with the band.

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