[Song & MV Review] Jessica – ‘It’s Spring’

[Song & MV Review] Jessica – ‘It’s Spring’

April 18 is Jessica’s birthday, and instead of receiving gifts she sent one to the fans — the single “It’s Spring!”

Right off the bat, I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the beginning. It’s got an uninspiring retro lounge vibe running through the piano melody that more serves to annoy me than anything. Although I like the part where it slows down and you can hear someone switch it on again.

Where it picks up is about the 1:14 mark, where the tempo shoots up and the overdubs give Jessica’s angelic voice a boost. That’s when it shifts and becomes sweet and almost innocent. The feeling is now more of walking under cherry blossoms and admiring the blooms of spring. This is what I was hoping for, and the net effect is so much better than just another pop song. The weather’s warming up, and the song is now warm, too.

I can’t really say that it will appeal to more traditional pop fans. It is quite soothing and sweet and features Jessica’s honey voice throughout. As I said, the beginning didn’t grab me, but the rest of the song is actually dynamite. It’s definitely ideal for relaxation, whether you’re studying or just trying to chill. A greatly chillaxing tune made by a greatly talented woman.

P.S. — Happy belated birthday Jessica!

 The MV takes place in and around a home, ostensibly Jessica’s, though this isn’t made clear. There she cavorts around, dancing, having makeup applied, laying down, and generally mugging for the camera. There’s some variation in outfits worn, but otherwise, it’s kind of static.

 It presents itself as a behind-the-scenes video, which, if these scenes were unscripted, is what it would be. The sad thing is there’s no one there for her to interact with, at least no one that betrays their presence by stepping in front of the camera. That would probably be a welcome change so there would be a framing device for this MV.

 There’s really no dancing, or special effects, just various camera tricks that the cameraman uses. While I suppose it saves money, it also kind of makes for a bland video. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not terribly memorable, either.

 Interesting how they term it a film, rather than a music video. While the lines often blur (like in B.A.P’s “Skydive”), here the intent is clear. Jessica wants to sort of make a slice of life style video, but there’s really not enough here to connect with. There’s just a simple video that appears to invite you into her life, then takes a step back. There are some feels to that went into the song that didn’t quite translate to the MV. My final reaction is complicated because I really like Jessica. So let’s call my feelings ‘not entirely thrilled.’

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