Song Ji Hyo’s drinking habits revealed on ‘Running Man’

Song Ji Hyo’s drinking habits revealed on ‘Running Man’

‘Running Man’ aired a family special episode this week to celebrate their seventh year.

To surprise the cast of the show, some real family members attended the show and had a blind talk with the members of the program. One family member said, “When he or she drinks, they become a dog. They sometimes hit me as well. I would have to keep meeting the person’s needs while they sing the same song for two hours.” The cast of the show all laughed and speculated the person to be Song Ji Hyo.

The mystery person was, in fact, Song Ji Hyo as others had expected and the family member who came to expose her secrets was none other than her little brother. He gained much attention by his good looks and look alike features as his sister. It was also revealed on the show that he has been following his older sister’s footstep by becoming an actor who goes by the name of Chun Sung Moon.

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