Tang Wei Collaborates with Husband to Shoot Song Video for Her Upcoming Film

Tang Wei Collaborates with Husband to Shoot Song Video for Her Upcoming Film

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Actress Tang Wei joined forces with her husband Kim Tae-yong to movie the track video for her upcoming film, her controlfirmstated in a press match in Beijing ultimate week.

The music video for the sequel of the 2013 film "Finding Mr. Right", a romantic comedy encouragedthrough "Sleepless in Seattle" was once filmed in Hong Kong in only one day.

"We rushed to shoot the music video because of the time constraint, yet Kim who knows and understands me best possible makes things fast and easy", Tang said.

"I like her voice and her singing", Kim said. "Now she is my wife, and she still makes my center flutter.

The film is decided to hit theaters in China later this week, and the music video may be released in Korea as well.


"Descendants of the Sun" Song Joong-ki, 'the biggest husband material' in China

Song Joong-ki was oncediscussed in "2580".

MBC "Current Affairs Mag 2580" took a glance at what direction Hallyu tourism become headed in the foreign marketplacethank you to dramas like "Dae Jang Geum" and "Descendants of the Sun".

Foreign enthusiastshad been visiting Korea to consult with the tracks of Korean stars. Thanks to "Descendants of the Sun", the town of Taebaek has made up our minds to rebuild the set of the drama to give a contribution to tourism.

Other places like Camp Greeves have been pouring down with requests of tourists' visits. The ones Chinese tourists who have been there wereextremely joyful after being in the room where Song Joong-ki used as his waiting room.

Chinese tourists say Song Joong-ki is referred to as the 'ideal husband' type.


Everything You need to have  to understand About Song Ji Hyo’s Virtual Husband Chen Bo Lin

Everything You need to have to understand About Song Ji Hyo’s Virtual Husband Chen Bo Lin

Everything You wantto understand or so Song Ji Hyos Virtual Husband Chen Bo Linblacksesame88 February 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Everything It's a would have to to Know About Song Ji Hyos Virtual Husband Chen Bo Lin As you have got already heard, our cherished Song Ji Hyo is lately filming We Are in Love, the Chinese edition of We Got Married with Chen Bo Lin.  For the ones thatsimplestobserve Korean entertainment, you’re possiblyno longerconversant in Bo Lin. Well, here’s the scoop on Bo Lin, and why he’s completely ship-worthy!

Born on August 27, 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan, Bo Lin is described as one of the vitalmaximum talented young actors in the Asia-Pacific region. He started out his profession equally a style and at the age of 17, landed his first leading role in the hit movie “Blue Gate Crossing.” The film right awaywon him largereputation and helped to release his film career. Bo Lin has an extensive film career in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, and he once in a while dabbles in Television dramas. Bo Lin has taken on a wide selection of roles, from obnoxious playboy to candy boy next door. Regardless of what he plays, he sells it naturally and effortlessly. His performances had beenseriously acclaimed and well-received by way of the public audience, thus making Bo Lin one of the most popular and recognizable actors from Taiwan.

Sweet Boy Next Door Charmsintimewithyouposter

Bo Lin is most well known for his role as Li Da Ren, in the 2011 hit Taiwanese drama “In Time With You.The drama revolves round thedatingof 2 lifelong best possible friends, Chen You Qing (Ariel Lin) and Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen). Da Ren has at all times been in love You Qing, then again timing was once never correctto admit his feelings, as one of them is constantly in a relationship.

Bo Lin’s functionality as Li Da Ren is spot on, as he becomes each girl’s dream: best-guy-friend-turned-lover. His persona is the very best gentleman – sweet and genuine, yet likewise down to earth and realistic. Bo Lin won Best Leading Actor at the 47th Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan’s similar to the Emmy Awards) for his wonderful portrayal as the most efficient friend stuck in the friend zone for years. To height IT off, Bo Lin confessed to taking the role because his grandmother sought afterto look him on television, since he doesn’t incessantly motion-picture show dramas. If that doesn’t win hearts, I don’t know what will!

The drama won several awards at the 47th Golden Bell Awards, adding Best Drama, Best Actress (Ariel Lin), Best Supporting Actress (Lin Mei Xiu), Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Drama Marketing. The Korean remake of the drama, called “The Time I’ve Enjoyed You,” stars Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook.

Bo Lin also participated in the drama’s OST with the song “I Won’t Like You”.

Paving In-Roads to Korean Entertainmentbadguysalwaysdieposter

Besides being a well-liked actor loved by millions of Chinese talking audiences, Bo Lin is now having a look to scouse borrow more hearts in Korea! Remaining year, he signed with the Korean firm BM Plus Entertainment, which also manages actress Ha Ji Won. Bo Lin has been moderately active already in Korea, filming two Korean films, “Bad Guys Always Die” with Son Ye Jin, and “Risking Existence for Love” with Ha Ji Won and Chun Jung Myung. Taiwanese Da Ren meets Korean You Qing? It will have to exist fate. He also made an appearance on Infinite Challenge when Haha made a guest appearance in the film “Risking Life for Love.” Most recently, Bo Lin becameintroducedto seem in the impending drama Monster, starring Sung Yuri and Kang Ji Hwan. However, he has yet to make a final resolutionin regards to the special appearance.

It looks as if Bo Lin is determined to make waves in Korea, and there’s no sign of him slowing down!

Bo Lin stars in the 2015 hit film “20 Once Again,” China’s remake of the preferred Korean film Miss Granny, starring Shim Eun Kyung. It’s a comedy-drama about a lady in her 70s who magically unearths herself in the frame of her 20-year-old self, after having her photo taken at a mysterious photo studio. Bo Lin plays the role of the affection interest, in the beginning played by Lee Jin Wook (yes, the Korean version of Li Da Ren)! The motion picture also stars Luhan. The film was the kind of hit, earning over $59 million US, that China is turning the film into a drama series as well.

Best Friends Without Advantagesbolinlunmei01

Bo Lin is famous for being most sensiblebuddies with actress Gwei Lun Mei, whom he has known for over a decade, after assemblyduring the popular film Blue Gate Crossing. Gwei Lun Mei already has a long-term boyfriend and has made it transparent that her friendship with Bo Lin is powerful and beyond of that of a romantic couple. She doesn’t need it to be the rest more because she needs their friendship to last till they’re old. Bo Lin has admitted that Gwei Lun Mei is his genuine life Chen You Qing (the character whom he was in love with in “In Time With You”). Bo Lin states that the sentiments and reports of developing up in combination are very precious to him, and they either agree that their relationship can also be described as usually friends, occasionally family, sometimes a couple, or even sometimes more than a couple. Their relationship sounds similar to yous Qing and Da Ren in “In Time With You,” doesn’t it?

So there you've got it. Now that you’re slightly more accustomed to Chen Bo Lin, get ready to fall for his charm and just right looks, as he romances our beloved Song Ji Hyo on “We Are in Love”.

If youre inquisitive about getting to know more about Bo Lin, stick with him on Instagram!

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Lee Kwang Soo Asks Song Ji Hyo to Rank Husband Doable of Running Man Members

Lee Kwang Soo Asks Song Ji Hyo to Rank Husband Doable of Running Man Members

Lee Kwang Soo Asks Song Ji Hyo to Rank Husband Possible of “Running Man” Contributors notclaira December 30, 2015 0 LINE it!Lee Kwang Soo Asks Song Ji Hyo to Rank Husband Prospective of “Running Man” Members Actress Song Ji Hyo these days ranked her fellow “Running Man” members at an awards ceremony. The “Running Man” solidused to beprovide at the 2015 SBS Entertainment Awards that happened on December 30.

Lee Kwang Soo, as Song Ji Hyo’s “Monday Couple” spouse Gary becameno longer present, asked her to rank the opposite members with regards to husband material. After some thought, Song Ji Hyo picked Yoo Jae Suk as No. 1, Haha as No. 2 and Kim Jong Kook as No. 3. After hearing her most sensible3 choices, Lee Kwang Soo insisted that she divulge who was closingposition and she chose him.

At the ceremony, “Running Man” won the Viewers’ Selection Program award.

What is your individual husband potential scoreamong the Running Guy cast members?

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Song Seung Hoon Might Be The Perfect Husband, Says Uhm Jung Hwa

Song Seung Hoon Might Be The Perfect Husband, Says Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa and Song Seung Hoon

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa thinks that Song Seung Hoon would make a perfect husband, which was perhaps already obvious to many of his fans. She is basing her opinion on having spent a lot of time on a film set with him.

When she attended the press conference for their new film, "Miss Wife" aka "Wonderful Nightmare," she had nothing but praise for her co-star"s ability and kindness.

The film was originally titled "Wonderful Nightmare" because it is the story of a woman who wakes up in another body and with another life. She was a successful lawyer and then dies. But since heaven made a mistake and took her too soon, she gets a second chance at life. She gets to wake up in bed next to her Song Seung Hoon. She discovers that she is now a housewife named Yeon Woo raising a six-year-old and a difficult teen. She"s not used to being married or doing housework. And her husband still loves her but can"t figure out why she is acting so strangely. It might be a nightmare for both of them, but in the end, being Yeon Woo has a lot of benefits. It turns out to be more fun than being a successful career woman.

Uhm Jung Hwa agreed that Yeon Woo"s life had a lot to offer and said she would prefer being Song Seung Hoon"s wife.

"Instead of being a successful lawyer, I would want to live with a husband as handsome as this," she said.

The role was something new for Song, who had never played a role so close to his real life. Uhm praised him for working so hard at it and at a previous press conference said he looked very cool playing the role. But then it was not much of a stretch. He"s kind and considerate, she said.

"Song Seung Hoon is an extremely caring man," she said. "We filmed a hand-holding scene ona coldday, and after first warminghis hands with a hot pack, he thenheld myhand. It was thefirst time in my life being treated like that. Song Seung Hun really scores100 out of 100 in terms of husband material."

Song Seung Hoon"s last film was "Obsessed" and he also appears in the Chinese film "The Third Love." His last drama was "When A Man Loves" in 2013.

Uhm Jung Hwa was last seen in the drama "Witch"s Romance." Her last film was "Venus Talk."

"Miss Wife" will open August.


Uhm Jung Hwa Says Song Seung Hun Would Make Perfect Husband

Uhm Jung Hwa Says Song Seung Hun Would Make Perfect Husband

Actress Uhm Jung Hwa only had the highest praise for Miss Wife co-star Song Seung Hun at a press briefing held on July 13 for the film.

In Miss Wife, Uhm Jung Hwa plays a very successful single lawyer who wins every case she takes but then dies because of a mistake made in heaven. She then reincarnates as a housewife of a mundane household with two children. During the press conference, Uhm Jung Hwa said that she would prefer being a housewife over a successful lawyer if it meant living with such a handsome husband as Song Seung Hun, Instead of a successful lawyer I want to live as an average housewife if it means [living with] a husband as handsome as this.

Uhm Jung Hwa added that Song Seung Hun is an extremely caring man.

We filmed a hand-holding scene on a cold day, and after first warming his hands with a hot pack, he then held my hand. It was the first time in my life being treated like that, she said. Song Seung Hun is really a 100 out of 100 in terms of husband material.

Meanwhile, Miss Wife is slated to open in theaters in August.

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Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa

Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa"s "son" in "Reply 1997" to her husband in "Orange Marmalade"

Song Jong Ho talks about going from Lee Il Hwa

Yeah... remember when Lee Il Hwa played the mother in "Reply 1997" whose daughter was dating Song Jong Ho? He was pretty much like a son to Lee Il Hwa there, but now he"s playing her husband in "Orange Marmalade." That"s what you call a sudden switch! He discussed this during the press conference for the upcoming vampire drama on May 12.

He said regarding their coupling, "It was awkward calling her honey when I used to call her mother in "Reply 1997." Still, we"ve worked together [before] and she comes out as an older woman, but she looks young, so I felt no burdens. I hope you"ll watch without preconceived notions."

You"ll get to see a different chemistry between the two actors this time around! Make sure you watch out for it this Friday during the drama"s premiere.

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'Bluebird House' Song Ok Sook Shocked Seeing Husband

'Bluebird House' Song Ok Sook Shocked Seeing Husband

Bluebird House Song Ok Sook Shocked Seeing Husband In 8th episode of KBS 2TV "Bluebird House" (script Choi Hyun Kyung, director Ji Byung Hyun) broadcast on Mar. 15th, Oh Min Ja (played by Song Ok Sook) found her husband Kang Jae Chul (played by Jung Won Joong) passing out pamphlets.

In the earlier part of this episode, Oh Min Ja had thought that he was working in the headquarters office. Nonetheless, seeing him hand out pamphlets, she was in ultimate shock.

Earlier that day, Oh Min Ja was on the phone boasting to her friend about what she had thought was her husband"s recent raise. She had thought that because he worked in the headquarters office, he had gotten a raise. Nonetheless, finding that he was distributing pamphlets, she was in shock.

In actuality, Jae Chul had given up his position to do manual labor at the headquarters office. He was past his mandatory retirement age and thus he was treated like dirt in his company. Seeing her husband on the streets, Min Ja was embarrassed and didn"t know what to do.

Nonetheless, Min Ja came home and talked to her daughter. Her daughter was extremely happy that she had gotten a job at the broadcasting company and Min Ja tried her best to talk her out of this job.


The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 36: Lee Ji Ah sings Song Chang Eui I Didnt Get Divorce to Get Back with My Ex-Husband

The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 36: Lee Ji Ah sings Song Chang Eui I Didnt Get Divorce to Get Back with My Ex-Husband

The Woman Who Married Three Times Episode 36 Review: Lee Ji Ah Tells Song Chang Eui “I Didn’t Get Divorce to Get Back with My Ex-Husband”

In The Woman Who Married Three Times, episode 36, Oh Eun Soo(played by Lee Ji Ah) told Jung Tae Won(played by Song Chang Eui) that she did not get divorced with Kim Joon Goo(played by Ha Suk Jin) to get back with him.

As Tae Won said he was sick and tired of Chae Rin(played by Son Yeo Eun), Eun Soo said, “Then what about her? Your family is weird. You should get mad at yourself first before blaming everything on your wife.” Tae Won answered, “You don’t know her.”

Eun Soo continued, “Do you know me? I don’t know everything about you. You told me to return to my place. I was thankful about your consideration. Don’t let her misunderstand about us and explain to her that it’s not true what she thinks.” She added, “Wait for her and bear for her. I would have misunderstood if I were her. All women would feel the same. I didn’t get divorced to get back with my ex-husband.”


Lee Hyo-lee and husband team up for song

Lee Hyo-lee and husband team up for song

Lee Hyo-lee and husband team up for song

Singer Lee Hyo-lee is ready to release her first song of 2014, and the track is a collaboration with her husband, Lee Sang-soon.

Together, the two are making a song for the soundtrack of the tvN drama "I Need Romance Season 3". The song will be released on Tuesday, one day after the drama debuts.

It is the first time the couple has worked together since getting married in September on Jeju Island, although Sang-soon did once remix one of Lee Hyo-lee's songs, a version of "Miss Korea" that originally appeared on her fifth album, "Monochrome", before they got hitched.

Lee Hyo-lee recently stuck up for her husband after she was asked at the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards if she wanted him to look a little more handsome.

"You don't live off of the looks of your husband?" she answered cynically. "And it's okay, as long as our child resembles me".

By Lee Sun-min