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Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery?

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Song Hye Kyo Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery? Actress Song Hye Kyo, who is lately gearing up to superstar in the 2016 drama “Descendants of the Sun,” used to be subjected to gossip at the November nine episode of communicate display “Heard It Throughout the Grapevine.” despite the truth that the actress is noted for being a herbal beauty, the prove advised that she had, in fact, long gone thru plastic surgery.

A panel member noted that “while she become filming for ‘Soon Poong Clinic,’ she had some orthodontic remedy done.”

The panel participants also mentioned the dating rumor between Song Hye Kyo and Yoo Ah In. the 2 had posted a photo on Instagram, leading many fanatics to wager that they were dating.

In the end, the panel concluded that the two weren’t dating. The two are controlled via the similar small agency. because of the small selection of customers represented by the agency, the two were ready to develop into close and proportion a familial relationship.

What do you think? Do orthodontics count as plastic surgery?

“Roommate” Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Rumors

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“Roommate” Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Rumors Song Ga Yeon, the resident fighter of SBS’ “Roommate,” recently opened up about her face and plastic surgery.

On July 9, through her agency, Song Ga Yeon touched upon the high chance of hurting her face during her upcoming MMA (mixed martial arts) matches. “I received that question from a lot of people. However, I’m not worried. If my face scratches up in the middle of a fight, then I’ll just have to stitch it back up, and if it bruises up, it will disappear with time.”

When asked if she’s really natural and didn’t receive plastic surgery due to her nickname ‘beauty fighter, Song Ga Yeon shared, “I didn’t touch a single place on my face. It’s embarrassing to say it with my own two lips, but I’ve heard that I’m pretty since I was young. I’ve never thought about getting plastic surgery because the money spent would be such a waste.”

Song Ga Yeon, who was a ring girl, will soon make her MMA debut on July 17 through ROAD Fighting Championship 17, which will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Song Hye Kyo's Face Is the Top Request in Plastic Surgery Hospitals

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Song Hye Kyos Face Is the Top Request in Plastic Surgery HospitalsSong Hye Kyos face is the most requested among women intending to undergo plastic surgery. On September 27, Y-Stars program Other Questions featured confessions about women and plastic surgery. It also explored the analysis and attitudes of women on plastic surgery among the three Northeast Asian countries Korea, Japan and China.

It was found that Song Hye Kyos is the face most preferred to be copied among the women. She is widely acknowledged as the best face to represent Korea.

In the latest cosmetic surgery craze sweeping China, Vietnam and even France, the foreigners want the same style as Song Hye Kyo, the plastic surgery specialists said. 

Following Song Hye Kyo, in second place is newlywed (to Lee Byung Hun) actress Lee Min Jung. Another actress, Han Ga In rounds out the top three.

Plastic Surgery Clinic Faces Lawsuit for Unlawful Use of Jang Dong Gun, Song Hye Kyo and Other Top Stars' Images

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Plastic Surgery Clinic Faces Lawsuit for Unlawful Use of Jang Dong Gun, Song Hye Kyo and Other Top Stars Images A plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam faces a lawsuit for the unauthorized use of images of top stars like Jang Dong Gun, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Nam Gil, BoA, Girls Generations Jessica and Tiffany.

According to news reports in local news agencies, the plastic surgery clinic finds itself in legal battle after violating the right of publicity of the mentioned domestic top stars.

Further reports said Jang Dong Gun and the six other celebrities named are to be paid 120 million won (around 1.2 million USD) as damages, stated in the claim filed with the Seoul Central District Court.

The plastic surgery clinic was found to be operating a blog and circulating these artists images on the Internet to promote the hospital without their consent or permission, thus is an infringement of these celebrities rights, reports quoted from the statement.

Similar cases were reported to have been filed in December, infringing upon the rights of Lee Byung Hun, the Wonder Girls and Girls Generation.

Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a snooze Fight on and#8220;Running Man”

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Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a snoozeCombat on and#8220;Running Man”leejojoba November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Song Ji Hyo and EXIDand#8217;s Hani Have a Sleep Conflict on and#8220;Running Man” On November 29 broadcast of SBS’s typedisplay “Running Man,” actress Song Ji Hyo and EXID’s Hani actually have a totally unique competition. Entertainers Lim Yo Hwan, Hong Jin Ho, singers Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, and Hani are visitorsin this episode of “Running Man.”

All the audience wonder why those two are brought in combination on this episode. Come to discover out, these two women are decided on as the sleepyheads who can go to sleepbeneath any circumstances. Song Ji Hyo is understoodto cross to sleep anytime anywhere. And Hani was once in the middle of attention for falling asleep all the manner through the “Running Man” recording ultimate fourth dimension she becameat the show. The project for these two ladies on at the existing time was to look who can fall asleep faster.

Kim Heechul noted, “When I’m on the set with Hani, she turns out to fall asleep anyplace any time. She’s a robust opponent. No person sack beat her.” To that remark, the “Running Man” contributors refuted, “What are you saying? Ji Hyo falls asleep once her head hits the floor. She’s a robust opponent.” The contest was judged via a sleep clinician to decipher who fell asleep faster.

To see who is the easier sleepyhead, song in to SBS’s “Running Man” this Sunday, November 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Catch up on the newest episode of and#8220;Running Manand#8221; below!

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Psy teases his collaborative song with JYJ's Junsu

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Psy teases his collaborative song with JYJ's Junsu

Yesterday,Psyrevealed that JYJ's Junsu would be featured at the song "Dream" on hisanticipated, upcoming album '7th Album Psyder' and now he published a teaser image.

SEE ALSO: Fall for Junsu's charms in '@star1'

Earlier today, he shared the picture teaser on his social media accounts and wrote, "Dream feat. XIA of JYJD-5!!‪#7thALBUM‬." The song is in willpower of the overduemythical singer, Shin Hae Chul,and the teaser symbolpresentations Psy symbolically pointing at a star.

During his reside broadcast on Naver's 'V', Psy discussed that he first concept about taking part with Junsu after he saw him in the musical 'Death Note.' Psy also revealed that he believes here's Junsu's first time engaging in every other artist's album.

Psy will unlock his 7th album 'Psyder' on December 1 and he'll have his comeback functionalitytomorrow on Mnet's 'MAMA'.

Song Triplets Get a Lesson on Stranger Risk in

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Song Triplets Get a Lesson on Stranger Risk in The Go back of Superman Previewilmare42 November 26, 2015 0 LINE it!Song Triplets Get a Lesson on Stranger Danger in The Return of Superman Preview In a preview for the following episode of The Return of Superman, Song Il Gook tries to coach his triplets to watch out of strangers!

While at a theme park, Song Il Gook tells Daehan, Minguk, and Manse that hes going to get them all a snack. He says that while hes gone, they shouldnt apply any stranger who suggests that they go somewhere together.

Once he leaves, he puts their working out of his lesson to the examineby way of asking a girl at the park to head up to the triplets and ask them to go somewhere with her.

When she is going over to them and asks if its ok if she sits at the bench with them, Minguk replies Yes hesitantly yet Daehan shakes his head. As suave as always, Minguk then says to her, Dad statednow not to go any place amongst a stranger.

The girl then suggests, We could choketo find your dad!

Well need to wait till Sunday to determine how the men respond. For now, you'll be in a position totake a glance at the preview here!

Catch up with The Return of Superman by looking atthe newest episode below.

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BEAST Talk about The muse At the back of Their Song And The call of the game To Luck EXCLUSIVE

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(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thank you to BEAST, Dice Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and 3 Angles Group)K-pop idol group BEAST may be heading to Australia and Malaysia next month, traveling Asia in make strongerin theirmaximumfresh EP, "Ordinary." The six-member boy band - Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Gikwang, and Dongwoon - sat down with KpopStarz behind the scenes in Singapore right throughthe primaryforestall on their fan assemblyexcursion and mentionedthe musein the back of their tune and the call of the game to their success. Take a glance at the exclusive KpopStarz QA with BEAST below.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and 3 Angles Group)

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)KpopStarz: Junhyung, you produced many of the "Ordinary" album. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Junhyung: I might say as an alternative of being exclusively encouragedvia one area, I used to be inspired by many things. I also especially think I was once very influenced by Doojoon.

KpopStarz: Doojoon and Yoseob, you travelled in any other countryin combination for the tvN food program "Let's Eat." What became that revel in like?

Doojoon: At first, it felt find it irresistible was just a shuttle alongside a just right friend. I also were givento peeran excessively tired Yoseob go to sleep early (laughs).

KpopStarz: This October, it will exist the group's 6-year anniversary. What is the secret to preservingstable and having a lasting have an effect on as a team?

Doojoon: Our secret? As an alternative of a secret, we just at all times hope that and ponder whetherwe're going to be in a positionto stick and make music together, with our fans, for a long, long - very long - time.

KpopStarz: What upcoming BEAST match or assignment are you most fascinated by and why?

Doojoon: Latelywe are having a fan meeting in Singapore for a couple of hours, and we're in point of facthaving a lookahead to that a phase of the trip!

At the finish of the fast interview, BEAST gave a distinct shout-out to KpopStarz readers. Investigate cross-check the interview clips below!

(Photo : Ain Osman | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)(Photo : Ain Osman | Special Thanks to BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group)

Interview by: KpopStarz SG Team (Ong Melin) | Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ain Osman and Ong Melin | Video Editor: P.J. Gaynard at Goat Milk Fudge Productions| Translator: Yuri Chong| Photo Credits: Ain Osman and Ong Melin| Special thanks to: BEAST, Cube Entertainment, IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Group

© 2015 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do no longer reproduce without permission.

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‘Superman Returns’ Song Triplets Consult with Periodic Drama’s Filming Site

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‘Superman Returns’ Song Triplets Consult with Periodic Drama’s Filming Site

The popular KBS 2 Television entertainment program 'Superman Returns' Song triplets visited their dad Song Il Kook's drama filming site.

On the latest episode of the popular KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns,' which aired on November 22, 2015, the Song Il Gook family, the Lee Hwi Jae family, the Lee Dong Gook circle of relatives and the Choo Sung Hoon own family enjoyed spending time with the children.

Actor Song Il Gook took his triplets Song Dae Han, Song Min Gook, and Song Guy Sae to his place of work in suburban Korea, where he motion pictures a historicduration drama called "Jang Young Sil." The triplets wandered round the drama's filming web page and were ended up gambling a small role in the drama. In comparable news, the KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' tells a tale of Korean famous person dads and their children. Actor Song Il Gook and his triplets Song Dae Han, Song Min Gook, and Song Man Sae, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japbeststyle Yano Shiho's daughter Choo Sarang, actor Uhm Tae Woong and his daughter Uhm Ji On, and comic Lee Hwi Jae and his dual sons Lee Suh Joon and Lee Suh Uhn celebrity in the show. The KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' airs each Sunday night.

Contestant Jung Jin Woo Wows All Judges with Self-Composed Song on “K-Pop Star”

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Contestant Jung Jin Woo Wows All Judges with Self-Composed Song on “K-Pop Star” Contestant Jung Jin Woo passes his audition after receiving many compliments from the judges.

On the November 22 broadcast of SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” contestant Jung Jin Woo sings his self-composed song, ‘Satellite.’ Jung Jin Woo had in the past auditioned for the display back in the 3rd season.

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP’s Park Jin Young, and Antenna’s Yoo Hee Yeol all press the “pass” button even ahead of the song has ended.

Yang Hyun Suk says, “This is the artist that can be ready to apply the footsteps of Zion.T and Hyukoh.” Yoo Hee Yeol also says, “Sign a freelance with me.” Finally, Park Jin Young says, “You wrote the melody of the song well. This type of melody will be very popular. There is not anything to educate or fix about your singing.”

You can watch “K-Pop Star” when it airs each Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST. Watch the clip of his audition below.

Also take a glance at his outdated functionality from season three.