Song Jae-hee,

Song Jae-hee, "My singer ex-girlfriend broke up with me because I am too talkative"

Song Jae-hee mentioned the time he used to be dumped because he become as well talkative.

Song Jae-hee acknowledged his female friend broke up with him because he talked too much.

Song Jae-hee said, "One day she was getting challengingto achieve and after all she said, "You communicate as well as much" and broke up with me".

He continued, "I like to peerany individualhead to headto speak because SNS makes you wait. She sought after to talk by approach of text so I said, "I'll call you so if you want to haveto mention 'yes' hit the table once, two timesif you could liketo claim 'no' and 3 times if you do not know"".

"She was a singer and her physician told her now notto talk too much so we even talked in Morse Code for an hour once".


Kang Seung Yoon and   Sandara Park  have been seen getting cozy in the teaser for the song called

Kang Seung Yoon and Sandara Park have been seen getting cozy in the teaser for the song called "We broke up"

-- New web drama We Broke Up, starring Winner′s Kang Seung Yoon and 2NE1′s Sandara Park, is set to premiere on June 29, but the stars are already getting lovey-dovey.

CJ EM Digitial Studio and YG K+ released a video teaser for the web drama via YouTube on June 24, previewing the onscreen couple′s sweet moments and theme song.

Winner′s Kang Seung Yoon and 2NE1 Sandara Park′s Sweet ′We Broke Up′ Teaser Released

We Broke Up is about ex-lovers who wind up living together due to unforeseen circumstances. The first two episodes will air on InsiteTV′s YouTube channel at 7 p.m. KST on June 29 and be broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on YG Entertainment and YG K+′s YouTube channels thereafter. The web drama will also air on OnStyle every Friday at 7 p.m. KST beginning on July 3.


EXOs Baekhyun, Chanyeol, And Suho Listing New Logo Song For Radio Station Anniversary

EXOs Baekhyun, Chanyeol, And Suho Listing New Logo Song For Radio Station Anniversary

EXO’s Baekhyun, Chanyeol, And Suho List New Logo Song For Radio Station Anniversaryilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 EXO’s Baekhyun, Chanyeol, And Suho Record New Logo Song For Radio Station Anniversary EXO contributors Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Suho have teamed up to record an emblem song for SBS Vitality FM!

SBS Drive FM is celebrating their 20th anniversary on air this year, and the trio has lent their vocal abilities to the station’s new logo song to celebrate.

SBS Strength FM were given its get started in November of 1996, and has been internet hostinga uniqueat the 20th day of every month this year to mark its 20th anniversary. Old logo songs for the stations anniversary had been sung by potential of artists reminiscent of IU and Kim Yeon Woo.

July 20’s special integrated the divulge of the recent logo song featuring Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and Suho.

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Song Joong Ki Supplies  Beneficiant Gifts To Workforce Members

Song Joong Ki Supplies Beneficiant Gifts To Workforce Members

Song Joong Ki OffersBeneficiant Gifts To WorkforceIndividuals kokoberry July 19, 2016 0 Song Joong Ki Gives Generous Gifts To Staff Members Song Joong Kis generous act of kindness has been belatedly revealed!

On July 16, following the actors fanmeeting in Shanghai, Song Joong Ki and staff members accumulated for a wrap-up party. Even if there were dozens of staff members present, the actor talentedevery person alongside a capsule PC. Any such tablet PCs is estimated to price around 1.3 million won (approximately $1,140). The gifts were supplied as a gladfinishing for his fanmeeting tour.

Even despite the reality thatit's milesnot unusualtrain to have a small wrap-up birthday celebration for Korean stars in China, Song Joong Ki made certain to invite and cope with all staff members including concert planners, degree directors, security guards, and more. He also gifted the Chinese security team with ginseng fitness products.

Previously, Song Joong Ki began his Asia fanmeeting excursion in April. His fanmeetings happened in Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Taipei, and Shanghai. He was oncereadyto satisfy approximately 6 million fans.

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Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook’s Selfie Game

Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook’s Selfie Game

Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kooks Selfie Gameehk38 July 18, 2016 0 Song Joong Ki Evaluates Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kooks Selfie Game All through a promotional match that happened on July 15 in Shanghai for Chinese cellular phonecorporate Vivo, actor Song Joong Ki talked selfies and information usage.

I heard your selfie will pop outneatly if you're taking it at a forty fivelevel angle, Song Joong Ki says. Kim Jong Kook hyung takes a load more selfies than you canbe expecting and could also bejust right at taking them.

Song Joong Ki also addresses Lee Kwang Soos selfie game. The old day (July 14) used to be Kwang Soos birthday, so we ate seaweed soup together, Song Joong Ki says. Kwang Soo takes selfies well, yet doesnt take that many with me. Our heights dont match, the actor quips.

With regards to his information usage, Song Joong Ki reveals, I watch numerous videos and movies. I believe I use maximum of my data in looking at entertaining videos.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki wrapped up his Asia excursion on July 16 and has begun filming for upcoming movie Battleship Island (working title).

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Netizens talk about alleged “ghost face” hiding in Song Joong Ki’s photos

Netizens talk about alleged “ghost face” hiding in Song Joong Ki’s photos

10stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Song Joong Ki is in heartof a giant debate online after his pictorial with an alleged ghost figure in the background went viral. 

Fans had been commenting about a post highlighting a shadowy figure in the back of Song Joong Ki in one of his shoots in Hong Kong. The post, which originated from Sina, in the end spread thrumore than a few media shops in South Korea.

At first glance, it looked as though Joong Ki had an unknown shape in the background as he posted. However, Dispatch released two pictures depicting that the acknowledged viral photo used to be edited, suggesting it to in all probability have been a prank made through netizens.

In the normal photo shot in Hong Kong released by Harper’s Bazaar, it changed into pointed out that the smoky figure being discussed was no longer there. It was concluded that with a play of lighting, together with the cracks at the wall and reflection, made it appear that there has been a ghost in the background.

Check out the comparison photos below.

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Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/11  7/17

Best of Weekly Song Shows: 7/11 7/17

20160717_seoulbeats_sixflyingdragonsBest possible of Weekly Tune Shows: 7/11 – 7/17Written via Willis On July 18, 2016Welcome back to Most sensible of Weekly Music Shows, where we recap our favourite performances of the beyond week. Quite so much of artists held their comeback stages this week including, Eric Nam, GFriend, and Snuper. Vromance, Mamamoo’s brother group, made their debut on music shows. Beast and the Wonder Girls split the wins this week. Beast took house trophies from Show Champion and Music Bank – the latter of which featured Dongwoon webhosting for the primary fourth dimensionwhilstthe sweetnessLadies were the massive winners on The Show, M! Countdown, and Inkigayo.

Here are my selections for the week, yet please do come with yours in the comments below!

Vromances She, MBC Show! Music Core, July 16, 2016

Vromance made their long awaited debut this week. The foursome are a vocal powerhouse workforce in the similar vein as their sister group. They started out a bit tentatively on music shows but trulydiscovered close to range, degree confidence, and more potent footing later on in the week. While their personalities dont pop as vivaciously as Mamamoos did all over their debut, they do have this undercurrent of soulfulness and charm, brimming with talented potential.

Lee Eun-mis I Have A Lover, KBS Yoo Hee-yeols Sketchbook, July 15, 2016

This week’s Sketchbook featured an all famous person collective as they hosted their height karaoke songs special. Noel, Davichi, and Buzz were probably the most few some of the list of stars guesting at the episode. My favorite and of route the pick of the week  would need to be Lee Eun-mi. Her songs were covered by many idols including, SNSDTaeyeon and JYJJunsu. Lee Eun-mi sings her most well known song I Have a Lover, and she still kills it a decade after its initial release. It’s no longerdifficult to fail to remember why this song has turn into a standard. She bears her lifestyles in this song. You still feel the pain and grittiness in the back ofeach and every note. It's far a joyous instancewhilst you can hear her sing.

Seventeens Very Nice, Mnet M! Countdown, July 14, 2016

While I can havemost popular the outfit colours of their Inkigayo stage, I found the camera paintingsand effortpoint of this functionality to be stronger. I believe Seventeen are the epitome of what there is to like about K-pop. They have gotsuch much ofamusing moments, like when Jun exclaims whoa at some stage in his phase at the front of the formation. While the pelvis thrusting choreo isnt exciting to me, the crowd makes the most in their formation and circulation to build dynamics on stage. They incorporate lovable follow-along motions and also contain sharper dance cuts to create a polished but lighthearted time on stage. The song itself could also be very catchy, and this period adds onto Seventeens streak of relaxing singles.

Wonder Ladies Why So Lonely, KBS Music Bank, July 15, 2016

I am actually loving Why So Lonely. The song hits all of thecorrect notes for me and the girls are striking the gladheart between sensuality and yearning. They've gotdeterminedto head amongst the dance edition this week, which is a good move since most shows aren't instrument-friendly. The dance flows smartly and makes excellent use of arm movements. I also love the colourful colors of their outfits set to the washed out blues, pinks, and orange of the backdrop at the back of them. One of the only real qualms I have, though, is with Hyerim being the only one no longerdressed in a Powerpuff Girls revealed outfit.

Beasts Ribbon, Dingo Music, July 16, 2016

I love those stripped down renditions of K-pop. I believe “Ribbon” lends itself to fewer accompaniments. When teams can just sit back and sing to an acoustic guitar, it should favorable as the strength of the melody sticks out. For one, Junhyung shocked me with all his adlibs. Yoseob and Dongwoon are eitherfantasticall through their falsettos. Kikwang proves himself steady with his performance, and Doojoon really gets some crowd participation issues after inspiring the other table to register fortogether with waving their arms. All in all, it used to be an incredibly fun  and drunken version of “Ribbon.”

Stephanie, Stellars Gayoung, VIXXs N, Lovelyz Yein, Snupers Woosung, WJSNs Cheng Xiao dancing to Lemaitre feat. Jennie As Closer, SBS Inkigayo, July 17, 2016

Anyone else loving these ultra dance festival special stages? It provides idols a chanceto turn their skill out of doors of their normal choreography. This week the trendy and fresh folks, dubbed Six Flying Dragons, were givena possibility to strut their stuff and they delivered. Stephanie become fantastic, really leading the fee first with her duet with N, prior to dancing in tune with the remainder of the ladies. N’s gaze and motion exactly exudes charisma. The extensions and quality of movement from everybody was excellent. They were grounded, there were numerous dynamics, and it was ultimately beautiful to watch.

G.Souls Where Do We Go From Here, Naver On Stage, July 14, 2016

G.Soul’s On Stage performances were all highlights this week. The band versions of all 3 songs were worthy of being in this list. Of specific note, the renditions of “Crazy For You” and “Where Do We Go From Here” felt more dynamic than the recorded versions, with the band backing G.Soul adding some oomph to the minimum production of the original. It is a testomony to the strength of the songs as they translated so fantastically with the band. The electric guitar is more pronounced here, drawing out the wonderfully complex feelings stirring underneath his tunes. G.Soul is a rockstar, and he meritsyour entirecompliment for always staying true to himself and permitting his authenticity to translate over to his music.

(Image by way of SBS, YouTube 123456)


Kim Jong Kook And Song Joong Ki Are Overflowing With Brotherly Love

Kim Jong Kook And Song Joong Ki Are Overflowing With Brotherly Love

Kim Jong Kook And Song Joong Ki Are Overflowing With Brotherly Lovenotclaira July 17, 2016 0 Kim Jong Kook And Song Joong Ki Are Overflowing With Brotherly Love On July 17, Kim Jong Kook posted an image with Song Joong Ki on his Instagram and wrote a caption overflowing with compliment for the actor.

The two of them glanceglad in the picture, with Kim Jong Kook’s arm around Song Joong Ki, and are dressed for an informal meet up. In the caption, Kim Jong Kook wrote, “I’m trulypleased that this guy is doing well. He’s a just right guy. Loyal. I'm hoping that he and Lee Kwangsoo do even larger in the future. My dongsaengs.”

So pleased to c ma lil bro getting more popular n turning into a bestinternational star! #Songjoongki #WellDeserve #HappyForU #NoOneBetter #MaybeKwangsoo #lol #Shanghai #FanMeet 난 얘가 잘되는게 참 좋다.. #송중기 #좋은놈 #의리남 #광수랑얘랑 #더대박나라 #내동생들 #상해팬미팅

A photo posted by way of Jk (@kjk76) on Jul 17, 2016 at 3:51am PDT

The affectionate caption and photo show off the brotherly dating between the former Running Guy castmates. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki these days wrapped up his Asia fan assemblyexcursion on July 16.

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DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pink’s Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pink’s Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song

DIAs Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pinks Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Songleonid July 17, 2016 0 DIAs Jung Chaeyeon To Collaborate With A Pinks Bomi And Namjoo For A Summer Song I.O.I and DIA member Jung Chaeyeon is liberating a unmarried with her seniors Bomi and Namjoo from A Pink.

On July 17, more than a fewresources reported that Bomi, Namjoo, and Jung Chaeyeon are working in combination for a song to be released in July.

The single will come withno longersimplestthe 3ladystaff members, yet also numerous other singers. The taskfunctions an unforeseenaggregatefor the explanation that DIA is from a otherfirm than A Purple and that the 2teams take a four-year hole between their debut dates.

A representative stated, This upcoming project gathers popular feminine idols to create a song for the summer. We are hoping that the result of this project featuring contributors who have vocals, beauty, and more, will catch your interest.

Bomi, Namjoo, and Jung Chaeyeon will drop their single in July and goal to capture the season of summer with their refreshing charm and teamwork.

Meanwhile, Jung Chaeyeon is determined to rejoin I.O.Is activities in the 2d onepart of the year after selling with DIA, whilst A Pink is these daystraveling in Japan.

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Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About “Taeyang” In A Song

Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About “Taeyang” In A Song

Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About Taeyang In A Songleonid July 16, 2016 0 Min Hyo Rin Wittily Reacts To Lyrics About Taeyang In A Song Actress Min Hyo Rin reacts to lyrics about Taeyang in a song played all over Sisters Slam Dunk.

On the July 15 episode of the KBS2 show, the forged sets out for a go back and forth to Namyangju.

As she drives, comic Kim Sook puts on the song Tactics to Steer transparent of the Sun through Rain. The levelcall of Min Hyo Rins boyfriend, Taeyang of BIGBANG, method sun in Korean.

As soon as the song plays, Min Hyo Rin breaks out into a dance, following the songs choreography.

She takes the teasing smartly and wittily comments, No wonder its actually hot. The sun has been following me, making the alternativegirls burst into laughter.

During the trip, Kim Sook entertains the participants by gamblingmore than a few songs similar to Wonder Girls member Sunmis 24 Hours (Korean title: 24 Hours isn't Enough), for ladies Generations Tiffany who is not ableto check in for the days filming because of her busy schedule overseas.

Catch the episode below!

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