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Dia sing a song for their 'Friend's Boyfriend'

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Dia sing a song for their 'Friend's Boyfriend'

New ladies Dia sing their practice up song My Friend"s Boyfriend on MTV The Show, take a glance at their functionality below

Song Ji Hyo leaves C-Jes Entertainment; confirmed broken up with her CEO boyfriend 2 years ago

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Song Ji Hyo leaves C-Jes Entertainment; confirmed broken up with her CEO boyfriend 2 years ago

Actress Song Ji Hyo revealed to have ended her contract with C-Jes Entertainment.

A rep from C-Jes Entertainment stated on July 10th,"We have ended our management with Song Ji Hyo after 4 years. We will continue to support her future activities and will proceed with related services until she finds a new agency".

In particular, it was revealed that the actress also ended her relationship with CEO Baek Chang Joo 2 years ago. Since it"s something related to their privacy, the matter has been kept in secret for a long time until now.

Song Ji Hyo is currently active as a member of SBS"s "Running Man". Her latest drama work was tvN"s "Ex-Girlfriend Club".

Song Ji Hyo Ended Her Relationship With CjeS Entertainment And Announced Break Up With CEO

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Song Ji Hyo (Photo : ) On July 10, Star News published an article announcing that actress and variety star Song Ji Hyo would no longer be represented by CjeS Entertainment. The report included the detail that Song was no longer dating Baek Chang Joo, the CEO of CjeS, with whom she had maintained a relationship since 2012.

"After four years of managing Song Ji Hyo, we will no longer be working with her," said a representative for CjeS Entertainment. "Also, the CEO and Song Ji Hyo have continued a manager-actor relationship, after breaking up two years ago."

The representative went on to state that CjeS Entertainment would continue to support the actress. "We will support Song Ji Hyo, who gained great popularity in Asia, and continues to receive love through numerous activities," said the company spokesperson.

Song is best known for her work with the popular variety show, "Running Man." She quickly rose to fame after joining the show in 2010.

She recently starred opposite Byun Yo Han in the tvN romantic comedy, "Ex-Girlfriend Club." The series suffered from low ratings and was reduced from 16 episodes to 12.

The failure of "Ex-Girlfriend Club" was disappointing to fans of the star, who were invigorated by her 2014 performance in the tvN drama, "Emergency Couple."

The "Running Man" star began her management relationship with CjeS Entertainment in 2011. Since working with the company, she has starred in the Kim Jae Joong film, "Code Name: Jackal" and entered the Chinese market with "708090." In "708090," she stars opposite Kenji Wu.


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Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways with C-JeS + Revealed to Have Broken Up With CEO Boyfriend 2 Years Ago

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Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways with C-JeS + Revealed to Have Broken Up With CEO Boyfriend 2 Years Ago

It is being reported that actress Song Ji Hyo has decided parted ways with her management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, following the expiration of her contract. Along with this news, it has also officially been confirmed that she is no longer with her former boyfriend, who is also the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment.

On the morning of July 10, it was made known that her exclusive contract with her agency has ended its run.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “After four years of being Song Ji Hyo’s management, we will no longer be working with her. Also, CEO [Baek Chang Joo] and Song Ji Hyo have maintained their manager-actor relations after parting ways as a couple two years ago.”

The agency rep further shared, “We will cheer on Song Ji Hyo, who has been earning much popularity in Asia, to continue earning a lot of love through various promotions in the future. Furthermore, we will fully cooperate with her until she decides on a new agency.”

Jang Hyun Seung's popular song called ′Break Up With Him" appeared to have been considered unsuitale for Broadcast

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Jang Hyun Seung's  popular song called   ′Break Up With Him

-- BEAST Jang Hyun Seung′s new song, Break Up With Him (Translated) was deemed unfit for broadcast by SBS.

SBS banned Break Up With Him from Jang Hyung Seung′s upcoming solo album My from airing on broadcast due to vulagrism and slang in the lyrics.

Cube Entertainment told Newsen on May 6, "We will be fixing up the lyrics to Break Up With Him and resubmit for judging."

Break Up With Him, featuring Dok2, is an RB song with a soft melody and Jang Hyun Seung′s sharp and surprising voice.

Awaiting to be promoted along with the title song Ma First, Break Up With Him is a track that will show the confidence of Jang Hyung Seung as he asks someone to choose him over another man. The lyrics were written by producer KUSH with Dok2 featuring in the song.

Jang Hyun Seung will perform his new songs for the first time on May 7 on Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN and release his first solo album My on May 8.

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Song Ji Hyo says Gary gives off an ex-boyfriend vibe and co-star Byun Yo Han a new boyfriend vibe

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Song Ji Hyo says Gary gives off an ex-boyfriend vibe and co-star Byun Yo Han a new boyfriend vibe

Actress Song Ji Hyo might be "Monday Couple" with Gary, but she"ll be part of the "Ex-Girlfriend Club" for actor Byun Yo Han. The press conference for the new tvN drama took place on April 30 where she talked about both men.

She said, "Honestly, besides Monday and Tuesday, I keep seeing Byun Yo Han. If Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend, Byun Yo Han feels like a new boyfriend who appeared like a comet."

It turns out Gary is very supportive of her, though, which is expected of such a good friend and colleague. She revealed, "Gary said a lot of nice things to me, too. He supported me with comments like, "It seems fun. Since you"re with Byun Yo Han, you two look good together." I was grateful."

Byun Yo Han aded, "Since first meeting Song Ji Hyo, I felt that there indeed was such a thing as chemistry . . . We were all together with the director and she really made me comfortable, so I was able to approach her with ease. Yesterday, Song Ji Hyo and I said to each other, "We match very well." It"s to the point I think I don"t have to try to get closer to her now. Usually, I need time to get close to somebody, but now, it"s to the point if someone goes "Ah," the other goes, "Uh (yeah),"" suggesting they could even read each other"s mind at this point.

You can see their chemistry for yourself on May 8 with the first episode!

Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend?

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Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend?

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang have long been called the "Monday Couple" because they co-star on the variety show "Running Man." He seems to adore her and they make an appealing onscreen couple.

But Gary, a singer and member of the group Leessang, often has to share her attentions with her co-stars. As an actress Song Ji Hyo has had some attractive leading men, including Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung and Lee Dong Wook.

Her latest leading man is the up-and-coming actor Byun Yo Han. Byun will star with her in the upcoming drama "The Ex-Girlfriends Club."

How does Gary feel about this?

Almost every time she appears in a new drama, at least one reporter will ask her how her "Monday boyfriend" feels about her new drama co-star. And her latest drama is no exception.

At the April 30 press conference for the tvN drama "Ex-Girlfriends Club," she was asked how Gary felt about her filming romantic scenes with Byun Yo Han.

"Isn"t Gary jealous," one reporter asked.

The actress said that in some ways Gary was starting to feel like an ex-boyfriend as she was spending more time with Byun Yo Han.

"I meet Yo Han every day besides Monday and Tuesday," said Song Ji Hyo. "If Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend, then Yo Han feels like a new shooting comet."

But she said that Gary did support her and she was grateful for that.

"I recently filmed with oppa and he told me good things about my drama. That he thinks it will be fun. After seeing me with Yo Han, he said we look good together. He supported me. Thank you oppa."

In "Ex Girlfriends Club" Song plays Kim Soo Jin, a woman who decides to direct a film based on a popular webtoon.

The webtoon"s writer Bang Myung Soo writes about and compares his ex-girlfriends. It is only after Kim Soo Jin has committed to directing the film and cannot afford to get out of her commitment that she realizes the webtoon author is none other than her ex-boyfriend. And that makes her a character in the film she is directing. Awkward!

"Ex-Girlfriends Club" also stars Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, and Ryu Hwa Young, who all attended the press conference along with the director Kwon Suk Jang. The drama will air on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning May 8.

Song Ji Hyo Says Gary Feels Like an Ex-Boyfriend While Byun Yo Han is Rising as a New Boyfriend

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Song Ji Hyo Says Gary Feels Like an Ex-Boyfriend While Byun Yo Han is Rising as a New Boyfriend

--> Speaking about the Monday Couple in front of her onscreen boyfriend, Song Ji Hyo said LeeSsang′s Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend.

On April 30, the production presentation for tvN′s Ex-Girlfriend Club took place at the Amoris Hall in Times Square in Yeongdeungpo, where Song Ji Hyo was asked about Gary.

A reporter said she spotted a flower wreath from Gary outside of the hall, asking if Gary showed any jealousy as Song Ji Hyo closely acts with Byun Yo Han.

Song Ji Hyo replied, "Lately, I′ve been meeting Byun Yo Han everyday except Monday and Tuesday."

"Maybe it′s because of that, but Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend. Byun Yo Han feels like a new boyfriend that′s rising like a comet. So I′m having fun while filming."

Song Ji Hyo then added, "I recently filmed with Gary, and he actually said a lot of good things to me. He said the drama looks fun and that I match well with Byun Yo Han. I was really thankful."

Ex-Girlfriend Club is about a popular webtoonist Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han) drawing out a story about his ex-girlfirend, and a movie producer, Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo), who has to create the webtoon into a movie.

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In 'My Unfortunate Boyfriend' Honesty Could Break Up The Relationship

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My Unfortunate Boyfriend Yang Jin Suns last onscreen boyfriend was Lee Hong Ki. The actress and F.T. Island singer appeared together in the double identity drama Bride of the Century. In her next drama, My Unfortunate Boyfriend, her boyfriend will be singer and actor No Min Woo, last seen in The Greatest Marriage and Gods Gift14 Days.

They will play characters with a different sense of the importance of honesty.

Yang plays career woman Yoo Jin Na, who falls for a sweet nave guy named Yoon Tae Woon, played by No Min Woo. While Yoon Tae Woon has a lot going for him, he does not measure up to corporate standards. And Yoo considers her career to be a priority. It sounds like a spin on the classic k-drama dating problem, namely that the hero needs to make an impression and the girl is just not up to his (or his familys) standards.

One of the problems that Yoon Tae Woon has in the corporate world is that hes honest to a fault. Yoo Jin Na lives in the corporate world where honesty is not valued too highly. Shes prepared to lie when she has to.

The dramas teasers dont give much away except that Yoon Tae Won seems to be sweet and boyish. He does not seem like the kind of guy you ask to accompany you to a company dinner. Not if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

Will Yoon Tae Woon become more mature and a man that Yoo Jin Na can be proud of? Or will Yoo Jin Na decide that love is much more important than the impression shes required to make in the corporate rat race?

Something will have to give for their relationship to survive.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend also stars former Supernova member Jung Yoon Hak, whose previous acting credits include the 2014 Japanese film Ichijiku No Mori and the 2011 k-drama Sign. Kwak Ji Min, last seen in the drama Shining Romance, plays the second female lead.

The drama also stars Kim Eun Jung and Kim Byung Se.

You can check out one of the teasers below. My Unfortunate Boyfriend" is expected to air on April 10.

Bae Doona and boyfriend break up

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Bae Doona and boyfriend break up

Actress Bae Doona and her actor boyfriend Jim Sturgess have broken up, according to Saetbyeoldang Entertainment, Bae"s agency.

"They are not together anymore. But we can"t give any further details", The agency said Friday. "Bae is in Paris now".

Bae and Sturgess first met each other when the two were cast for the film "Cloud Atlas" (2012), directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski.

-In the sci-fi film, the two acted as a fictional couple and later developed a romantic relationship in real life. -Bae publicly addressed Sturgess as her boyfriend last May when she attended Cannes Film Festival. -She was at Cannes because the film she starred in, "A Girl at My Door", was invited by the festival. -Bae debuted in 1998 as a model on the cover of a fashion magazine and has been pursuing an acting career since then. -She has appeared in films such as "The Host" (2006) and "As One" (2012) in Korea. -Her 2009 film "Air Doll", in which she takes on the role of a life-sized inflatable sex doll, became a milestone in her career.

After watching her performance in the film, the Wachowskis contacted her. Bae has worked with the Hollywood filmmakers in a couple of projects, including "Cloud Atlas" and the drama series "Sense 8". By Sung So-young