Kim Woo-bin:

Kim Woo-bin: "Jo In-Seong's home is our hang-out, Song Joong-ki and Lee Gwang-soo also come

Kim Woo-bin revealed, "I think I have numerous aegyo".

During his interview with typemag Elle on August 15th, Kim Woo-bin said, "I think I have so much of aegyo" and "I snuggle in hyung's palms a lot. I like skinship".

Kim Woo-bin also said, "What I revel inmaximum is drinking soju with hyung (older participants of his hang-out) in a quiet place". He continued, "There is a big table in Jo In-Seong's position and here's our haunt place. We drink tea and enjoy chitchatting there".

Kim Woo-bin said, " Cha Tae-hyeon, Song Joong-ki, and Lee Gwang-soo also come incessantly come to this place. Im Joo-hwan also got here recently" and "This amassing takes a largea phase of my life. Every time one own time, I call and meet them".

He added, "I ask hyung for suggestion often. For example, if I tell Jo In-Seong about my concerns, he discusses it with others and talks about what they are in a position to do for me. I now and again open up and percentage my considerations alongside all others".

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Song Triplets Are Little Patriots As They Sign up for Song Il Gook On Level To Celebrate National Liberation Day

Song Triplets Are Little Patriots As They Sign up for Song Il Gook On Level To Celebrate National Liberation Day

Song Triplets Are Little Patriots As They Sign up for Song Il Gook On Degree To Celebrate National Liberation Dayilmare42 August 15, 2016 0 Song Triplets Are Little Patriots As They Connect Song Il Gook On Stage To Celebrate National Liberation Day Song Il Gooks loved triplets joined their dad on stage at his musical with South Korean flags to celebrate National Liberation Day!

On August 15, Song Il Gook reposted a photo to his Instagram that a fan had taken throughout the curtain call for his musical 42nd Street, in which Daehan, Minguk, and Manse glancedefinitely adorable in their sensible outfits and hats on stage.

Song Il Gook writes, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse who joined their dad as a wonder during curtain call for National Liberation Day today. Thank you such a lot to the target market member who took the photo! I didnt have any footage so I must re-gram this.

A photo posted by capability of 1958 (@songilkook) on Aug 15, 2016 at 5:50am PDT

August 15 is National Liberation Day in Korea, which celebrates the day in which Korea used to be liberated from Eastern colonial rule in 1945. Song Il Gook is understood for appearing his patriotism for South Korea, or even once took phase in a relay swim to Dokdo (a team of islets which either South Korea and Japan claim as their own) on National Liberation Day in 2012, in addition of route named his sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse (their names in combination sound like Long are living the Republic of Korea). Song Il Gooks great-grandfather turned into a total who fought for Koreas independence from Japan, and his grandfather also fought opposed tothe japanese police during the colonial period.

The Song triplets appearance will have towerea actually perfect surprise for everybody in the audience today!

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Bada Overtakes The “Ace” Crown From Song Ji Hyo

Bada Overtakes The “Ace” Crown From Song Ji Hyo

Bada Overtakes The Ace Crown From Song Ji Hyoboxclub August 14, 2016 0 Bada Overtakes The Ace Crown From Song Ji Hyo Singer Bada proves that she is more than just a skilled singer on the newest episode of Running Man!

On the August 14 episode of the SBS type show, the visitors are Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Kyung Ho, Bada, Jo Jung Chi, and Yoo Byung Jae.

Before the games begin, the guests make their front and, in spite of the early morning hour, Kim Kyung Ho belts out his signature song Those that Make Me Unhappy to the amazement of the forged members.

Bada enters next making a song MAD and brightens the surroundings with her open and friendly personality.

She, however, presentationsevery otheraspect to her when the games start and she astonishes the solidcontributors with her amazing swimming skill as she catches up to Ace Song Ji Hyo in the pool.

Jo Jung Chi, who typically has a vulnerable image, bravely takes on Kim Jong Kook in the swimming tube concernyet despite a valiant effort, he is instantly overtaken. Yoon Jong Shin watches nervously and declares, This game isn’t my forte.

Check out the episode on Viki below!

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Song Ji Hyo Gets MVP Whilst Lee Kwang Soo Is Dead Remaining In “Running Man” Functionality  Score For July

Song Ji Hyo Gets MVP Whilst Lee Kwang Soo Is Dead Remaining In “Running Man” Functionality Score For July

Song Ji Hyo Gets MVP Whilst Lee Kwang Soo Is Dead Final In Running GuyFunctionalityScore For Julyehk38 August 14, 2016 0 Song Ji Hyo Gets MVP While Lee Kwang Soo Is Dead Last In Running Man Performance Ranking For July At the August 14 episode of SBS tv program Running Man, the forgedindividualsget preserve of an evaluatein their performance on the display in July.

Announcer Kim Min Ah makes a distinct appearance to announce the consequences and unearths that Song Ji Hyo is the MVP of the month, having won as many as 3 times in July.

The solid members snort equally Lee Kwang Soo is printed to have placed dead last in the ranking. Lee Kwang Soo failed to win even once in July, and even though he effectively took off the maximum tags out of the cast, he used to be also the member whose tag became taken off the most.

You can catch the remainder of the performance ranking segment on the newest episode of Running Man on Viki below!

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Song Kang Ho Teases Gong Yoo About Never Purchasing Dinner

Song Kang Ho Teases Gong Yoo About Never Purchasing Dinner

Song Kang Ho Teases Gong Yoo About Never Purchasing Dinnerleonid August 14, 2016 0 Song Kang Ho Teases Gong Yoo About Never Buying Dinner Actor Song Kang Ho pokes amusing at his friend and junior actor Gong Yoo.

On the August 14 broadcast of MBCs Entertainment Relay, the solid of upcoming movie The Age of Shadows sit down down for an interview.

During the show, actress Han Ji Min stocks a tale from when they filmed the film and says, On Song Kang Hos birthday party, Gong Yoo treated us to beef.

Song Kang Ho reveals, Gong Yoo is known for now not treating us in body of workers dinners. That exampleof buying groceries forred meatwas onceincredibly rare. I ate food from him for the primary time then, leaving Gong Yoo dumbfounded.

Gong Yoo attempts to explain, Let me clarify. I don't have any opportunity to shop for him foods because hes at all times doing it first.

Song Kang Ho hilariously responds, Thats since you never do.

Their film Age of Shadows is decided to premiere in September.

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Kim So Eun And Song Jae Rim Thank “We Were given Married” For Chemistry In New Drama

Kim So Eun And Song Jae Rim Thank “We Were given Married” For Chemistry In New Drama

Kim So Eun And Song Jae Rim Thank We Were given Married For Chemistry In New Dramajun2yng August 13, 2016 0 Kim So Eun And Song Jae Rim Thank We Got Married For Chemistry In New Drama Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim, who are starring in the impending SBS weekend drama Our Hole Soon, are proving that their chemistry from We Got Married is as robust every bit ever.

Kim So Eun said, Were a in point of factwonderful fit; theres no hassle with our chemistry. In the drama, weve been dating for 10 years. Because we did ‘We Got Married, the acting comes truly naturally.

Song Jae Rim also said, My first filming was once with Kim So Eun, and because we spent numerous time in combination over the couple of months doing ‘We Got Married, it become really comfortable.

The new drama airs on August 27.

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Lee Jong Suk Asks Fanatics For Song Recommendations

Lee Jong Suk Asks Fanatics For Song Recommendations

Lee Jong Suk Asks Fanatics For Song Options leonid August 13, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Asks Fans For Song Recommendations Actor Lee Jong Suk took to Instagram to invite for his fans reviews for a fan meeting.

On August 13, the W famous person uploaded a picture of him in a comfortable dark sweater, reputedly hiding a grin as he partly covers his face with his hand.

A photo posted through 이종석 (@jongsuk0206) on Aug 12, 2016 at 6:15am PDT

On the caption, Lee Jong Suk wrote, Please give me song recommendations for the fan meeting. What do you want to have to hear? I mean, just a recommendation, guaranteeing his fans personal tastes are taken into consideration in his preparations.

Meanwhile, the actor is recentlyperforming in the drama W, which airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

Catch the maximum recent episode exclusively on Viki or get startedobserving below:

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DIA Records Song With Fanatics For New Album

DIA Records Song With Fanatics For New Album

DIA Records Song With Enthusiasts For New Albumilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 DIA Records Song With Fans For New Album DIA is celebrating 12 months since their debut by way of recording a tune with fans!

The fan song, which capabilities lyrics written by the members, is entitled The Love… and supplies the individualsa chanceto specific their gratefulness to fans and sing about the satisfied moments theyve had along with them.

The song is very special because its being recorded in combination with fans!

The Love… might beincorporated as a song on their upcoming album, which is determined to be released on September 12. So far, the crowd has released a Harry Potter-themed teaser for the album.

DIA debuted beneath MBK Entertainment on September 14, 2015 with the album Do It Amazing. They maximumthese days released the mini album Pleased Ending, featuring the name track At the Road, in June.

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Choyoung Asks What is Your Color in New Song Video!

Choyoung Asks What is Your Color in New Song Video!

Upcoming jazz artistChoyoungreleased her new unmarried album'What is Your Color?'as neatly equally the tune video for the identify track on August 3.

This neo-soul song is soothing and simple to pay attention to.Choyounghas a voice this iscandy and captivating. She does now not belt as though she is making an attempt to end up something. She uses her voice and graceto inform a story. In 'What is Your Color?',Choyoungis for sure telling a story, and the video is helping alongside her endeavor.

Advertisement At the surface, the song and video appear ambiguous. However, after looking at the video several times, I got here to the belief thatChoyoung's query about color is a query about identity.

In the video, we seeChoyoungwalking around an desertedbelongingsthat's littered with debris. I accept as true with the debris represents how the influences of the arena give the axe tarnish anything that was oncestunningto start with. In this case, an individual who is dependent upon the superficial validation from others can lose themselves and overlook their true, pretty identity.

Notice the 3D glasses scattered around a tv and the loss ofcenter of attentionall through the video:

This imagery conveys the tragic truth of the effect media has on people. Perfection is something that is most unlikely to grasp, yetit's far something that is longed for. The glasses on the floorconstitutethose who refuse to watch themselves obviously and as a substitutedepend upon the media to tell them what they will have to be.

PerhapsChoyoungstruggled with searching for her 'color' in existence and has fought with the need to comply with what the realm says she "should" be. The video has a gloomy undertone, but fortunatelythe talewould notfinish here.

Choyoungceases to wonder around aimlessly when she found out an old piano.

She is intrigued through the piano as if it had selected her for a purpose.

In the end,Choyoungrealizes her color, which is that of a musician. Sometimes, we want to sift in the process the debris of the global to notice our color. Just know that you don't seem to be alone, for other peopleof each age and from all backgrounds are still looking toin finding their color!

This is only my interpretation of her song. I'm curious to understand your interpretation of the song and video! Tell me in the comments below!

For moreChoyoung, make certain you listen to the remainder of her new single album which features'Something Different'and'Missya'.

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WINNER’s Song Mino To check in for iKON’s Concert Tour

WINNER’s Song Mino To check in for iKON’s Concert Tour

WINNERs Song Mino To join in iKONs Concert Excursion kokoberry August 12, 2016 0 WINNERs Song Mino To Join iKONs Concert Tour WINNERs Song Mino may beperforming as a guest for iKONs Eastern concert tour.

iKON has concerts on September 10 and 11 in Chiba, on September 24 and 25 in Aichi, on October fiveand six in Osaka, on October 8 in Hyogo, on October 10 in Fukuoka, and more. They're going to exist performing in five towns for a general of 14 concerts and may be assembly around 150,000 fanaticsthru their 2d arena tour.

Due to Song Mino and Bobbys upcoming unit debut and promotions, the duo will be functioning at iKONs upcoming concerts. Bobby and Song Mino in the pastgave the impression on YGs fact survival display that ended in the debut of WINNER. They also were contestants on other seasons of rap festivalprove Show Me the Money.

Tickets pass on sale August thirteen at 10 a.m. KST.

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