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Trouble Maker are cute couple for "Milk Song" Latest K-Pop News

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Trouble Maker show their adorable image for Inkigayo's special song the "Milk Song", check out their cute performance together below

AlphaBAT's debut song 'AB City' MV revealed! Latest K-Pop News

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Rookie group AlphaBAT revealed their music video for their debut single, 'AB City'.

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Liu Yifei Posts Message on Weibo After News Breaks About Her relationship with Song Seung Hun

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Liu Yifei Posts Message on Weibo After News Breaks About Her relationship with Song Seung Hun Chinese actress Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu) has posted a message for fanatics on social media after contemporary reports about her relationship with actor Song Seung Hun.

After Song Seung Hun’s firm showed reports that they're dating on August five, Liu Yifei gave the impression to in a roundabout way verify the scoop herself via posting a message to her fanatics on her Weibo without a photo. “ despite the fact that there’s so much that I would like to mention, for now i will be able to upload two ♥♥,” she says. “Thank you, every person.”

Liu Yifei and Song Seung Hun gave the impression as lovers in the joint Chinese-Korean movie “third Love” (sometimes called “The third Way of Love”), which premiered previous this year. The photo above changed into once uploaded via Song Seung Hun to his own Weibo in June 2014 when the pair met in Shanghai before movieing. according to his firm, the 2 actors have become close whilst they were shooting the movie, and are now originally stages in their relationship as a couple.

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the competition between Girl′s Day vs. SNSD

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Lets  catch up with all the latest news on the  competition between Girl′s Day vs. SNSD

-- If you′ve fallen off of the bikini body wagon already, we have some inspiration to get you back on your feet.

In this week′s Battle, we want to know which girl group′s swimsuit look you′re loving: Girl′s Day or Girl′s Generation (SNSD).

Girl′s Day made a bold comeback with Ring My Bell, and the girls did it clad in sexy swimsuits.

In the music video, the members went for a a mod vibe in black-and-white one-pieces, but sometimes, covering up is sexier than baring it all.

SNSD also debuted their hot summer bodies in the music video for latest hit Party as they hit the beach in bright bikinis.

The girls know they′re hot, and they′re not afraid to show it. And we′re sure the fanboys aren′t complaining.

Now it′s time to vote! Whose swimsuit look was the sexist?

Lets catch up with all the latest news on “Music Core” 07.04.15

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Lets catch up with all the latest news on “Music Core” 07.04.15

MC : MINHO(SHINee), N(VIXX), YERI(Red Velvet)

♬ Comeback- BTOB 『Its Okay』,『Yo-ho-ho』- 9MUSES 『Hurt Locker』- NS Yoon-G 『Honey Summer』

♬ Heart♡Attack- SISTAR 『SHAKE IT』- AOA 『Heart Attack』- BTS 『DOPE』- MAMAMOO 『Um Oh Ah Yeh』- HIGH4 『Baby Boy』- SEVENTEEN 『Adore U』- HOTSHOT 『Im a HOTSHOT』- 4TEN 『Go easy』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- SLEEPYSONG JIEUN 『Cool Night』- HONG DAE KWANG 『With You』- MINX 『Love Shake』- JO JUNG MIN 『Sway』

♬ New♡Sound- LEE JU SUN 『Druwa』- Sung Eun 『Please』

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the Airport Fashion Roundu

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Airport Fashion Roundup: Kim Woo Bin, Taeyeon, Honey Lee, and More Gone are the days when movie stars and singers show up at the airport dressed to the nines – this weeks celebrity sightings at Incheon International Airport saw our favorite A-listers in T-shirts, jeans, and flats. Lets take a look!

Kim Woo Bin headed to Shanghai on June 26 to attend a promotional event for CK Calvin Klein watches. The actor and model traveled in style with a Tom Ford Buckley leather backpack as well as (of course) a CK watch.

Honey Lee flew to Singapore to on June 28 to film an upcoming episode of Get It Beauty 2. We love her simple neon pink and yellow mani-pedi.

Get It Beauty 2 costar Kim Jung Min also made the trip to Singapore, proving that even a white T-shirt and jeans can register as fashionable when youve got a killer body. Sbenu sneakers and a studded backpack completed the casual outfit.

Girls Generations Taeyeon raised the cuteness factor of her denim romper with not one, but two cartoon bags – a large Mickey Mouse clutch and a Tiffany Cooper crossbody bag.

Sung Yuri flew to China on June 26 to attend a cosmetics promotion event. She paired her all-black outfit with a gray Decke handbag and Koko2 white leopard sunglasses.

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the investigation into the No Min Woo and SM's legal fight

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Investigation Into No Min Woo and SM Entertainments Legal Battle Begins Investigation for singer/actor No Min Woos lawsuit against SM Entertainment has officially begun.

Seoul Federal Trade Commission recently summoned No Min Woo to get his side of the dispute he had with SM Entertainment regarding his contract and broadcast ban. The trade commission also summoned a representative from SM Entertainment to testify shortly after No Min Woos testimonial.

In May, No Min Woo sued SM Entertainment and reported them to the Federal Trade Commission for enforcing a slave contract and issues surrounding distribution of profit, among other concerns.

No Min Woos legal representative stated, SM enforced a contract spanning 17 years on No Min Woo. When he broke free from SM with much difficulty and tried to be on his own, they tried to ban him from appearing on all broadcast networks.

The representative from SM Entertainment has since refuted, stating, In regards to baseless claims and reports, we will fight back wit the law.

No Min Woo debuted in SM Entertainments rock band The TRAX in 2004. He left the group in 2006.

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the “Music Core” 06.27.15

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Lets catch up with  all  the  latest  news on the  “Music Core” 06.27.15

MC : MINHO(SHINee), N(VIXX), YERI(Red Velvet)

♬ Comeback- SISTAR 『SHAKE IT』,『Dont Be Such a Baby』- TEENTOP 『ah-ah』,『5 seasons』- AOA 『Heart Attack』,『Chocolate』- BTS 『DOPE』- CHAE YEON 『Truism』

♬ Hot Stage- MAMAMOO 『Um Oh Ah Yeh』- BAEK A YEON (feat. YOUNG K) 『Shouldnt Have』- SLEEPYMINJAE 『Cool Night』

♬ Sound-HOLIC- CLC 『Like』- MELODYDAY 『#LoveMe』- BOYS REPUBLIC 『Hello』- SPEED 『What U』- HIGH4 『Baby Boy』- SO YUMI 『Shake Me Up』- JO JUNG MIN 『Sway』

♬ New Song- SWEET REVENGE 『Fly high』

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the fierce battle between BTS vs. 2PM

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Lets  catch up with all the latest news on the fierce battle between BTS vs. 2PM

-- It may seem like the girl groups are dominating the charts as of late, but in this week’s Battle, we’re spotlighting two talented male idol groups.

Following the success of I NEED U, BTS is back to drive fans wild with Dope.

The BTS members confirm their talents beyond the stage with the track, which members Suga, J-Hope and Rap Monster helped pen and compose.

The song may sound like a club banger, but the lyrics are all business, as are the boys’ characters in the music video, which has already amassed over one million views since it was released on June 24.

After a nine month hiatus, the 2PM members proved they were worth the wait with a new album and hot title track.

Not only did the members prove that they can take the wheel musically with Jun.K’s title-track-worthy creation, My House, they’ve become more forward when it comes to love – just listen to the lyrics.

Vote for your favorite star now!

Lets catch up with all the latest news on the competition of the K-pop Best Body

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K-pop Best Body Tournament: Final Round Welcome back to Soompi’s K-pop Best Body Tournament! Its time for the ultimate showdown!

The third round, which ended on Sunday, proved to be an especially intense match for the males. After all, how could fans be expected to choose between our final four male contestants when their levels of hotness are all off the charts? Heres a sample of some of the user comments:

Changmin, Minho, Changmin, Minho aaaw this is so hard! Changmin is the master but what do I do when the student becomes better than the master?

Me: *sees Taecyeons body* oooooooh nice! *scrolls down and sees Jimins big booty* OMG YOU WIN CHIM CHIM! I love me some booty!

Taecyeon really does have the best BODY out of the bunch. As far as bias goes Id pick someone else out of this group. This is a vote for who has the best body. I would pick a muscular man body over a baby boy muscle body any day!! Sorry Jimin youre a cutie bug, but I have to say your body just needs a couple more years to bulk up for me :D

I was going to vote for Taecyeon first thought because he has such a masculine body. But then I think Soompi knew… They added the Jibooty.

I cant vote anymore! Really? Minho vs Changmin? 2 hulks of tall, sexy, gorgeousnessyou expect me to choose?! NOT FAIR! I refuse to vote. I will just waitsee what happens.

Lets just admit it – no matter your personal preference, its pretty obvious that Taecyeon, Minho, Changmin, and Jimin all have great bodies! But in the end, only two guys could move forward. And those two guys were *drumroll* Jimin and Changmin! Congratulations!

As for the ladies? Most everyone agreed that Yuri, Hyori, Soyu, and NS Yoonji all have bodies to die for. But the levels of fandom didnt inspire quite the same number of impassioned arguments. As a couple users put it:

Soyu has a better body than Yuri, though Yuri has an amazing body. And between Hyori and Yoonji, Ill go for Yoonji though both have really great bodies, Ill be happy with whoever wins this between those 2 ladies.

Between Yuri and Soyu, I say the former. Mainly because with Yuri, I see a confidence and glow that I dont get from Soyu when looking at her. Personal opinion though, folks ^^

Again, all four are deserving of the title, but in the end, the finalists were chosen. *drumroll* Hyori and Soyu are moving to the final round!

Now, before you click over to the next page, be forewarned – you may have already seen these photos and videos before! Thats because for the final round, we will be taking user-suggested photos and videos. Share your best photos of Changmin, Jimin, Soyu, and Hyori on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #KpopBestBody. Well be checking these sites for the best photos, and will be rotating them on this article periodically!

You can vote once every three hours from now until Monday, June 29, 2 PM KST.

Let’s get down to business! Go to the next page to begin.