"Sexy in anything" Song Joong-ki in boyfriend cuts

"Descendants of the Sun" Song Joong-ki's behind-the-scene cuts were released.

Blossom Entertainment released several photographs of the actor at the 9th.

Song Joong-ki, who stars in "Descendants of the Sun" as Yoo Si-jin, is honest in one picture. He looks very fascinated by his paintings on the set.

Then in some other picture, he is smiling widely in uniform.

According to group of workers on site, Song Joong-ki is an ideal actor out and in of the camera and the manner he concentrates on his personality when the cameras get started rolling is in fact surprising. He also gets along rather well with fellow actors and actresses.

Meanwhile, in the 5th episode of "Descendants of the Sun", Song Joong-ki sets out to save Kang Mo-yeon at riskand there would possibly be a preview of them breaking apart once again.


Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate  Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

K-Pop Crossover: NBC News Highlights Korean-American Artists Like Teddy Park And Ailee(Photo : Facebook)6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk “Daniel” Lee become not stated in the Radiolab report Radiolab co-hosts Jad Abumrad (right) and Robert Krulwich(Photo : courtesy of Radiolab's authentic Facebook page)It was the tale that shook Hallyu culture down to its foundations.

Back in 2013, 6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk "Daniel" Lee, the ex-boyfriend of K-pop star Ailee, reportedly attempted to sell nude footage of the vocalist to the South Korean tabloid Dispatch. When the photographsseemedin a while thereafter at the Korean entertainment news web page allkpop, enthusiasts were furious.

"It was our Watergate," Soompi editor AJ Park told the nationally broadcast WNYC program Radiolab, in a work released on Wednesday. "It was our K-popgate. It replaced everything."

But it was the revelation that Lee's corporate 6Theory Media owns allkpop that truly threw gas on the flame for lots of fans.

Though any connection with Ailee's ex throughcall or his connection to allkpop was conspicuously omitted of the Radiolab report, which testedthe hotupward thrust of paparazzi in Korea. The importance of the liked radio display and podcast, respected for it is in-depth and outside-the-box reporting, omitting such severemain points wasn't lost on Beyond Hallyu editor Lizzie Parker.

In a seething op-ed published on the UK-based K-pop-themed site on Wednesday, Paker, who declined to be interviewed for this article, laid into Radiolab for presenting an incomplete view of the story.

"It's bizarre that this podcast never mentioned that he was Ailee's ex-boyfriend," Parker wrote. "It's weird that they never mentioned that he admitted to looking to sell Dispatch the photos (even if he says he didn't leak them to allkpop)."

Though Lee gave the affect to admit in an on-air telephone outcry to the Seoul Broadcasting Gadget programme "One Evening of Television Entertainment" that he did if fact exist told inquire about promoting the nude photos to Dispatch, he claimed he was the truth iswanting to lend a hand Ailee she was allegedly tricked into posing nude for what she was told was a modeling audition.

"Because we had a tip from other folks alongside that more or lessfunction to sell Ailee's nude photos to the tabloid in mind, I just trulysought afterto peer if it was conceivable and I innocently asked. I had no other intention," Lee acknowledged in the 2013 interview.

The allkpop executive maintains he didn'tsupply his employers with the disclosing images.

"A false impressiontook place and I may bein a position tobestmake an apology more or less it," Lee said. "But what I would like to say is that I did not leak the photos."

For an allkpop reader commenting in a 2013 forum on the web contentbeneath the name Krevice, Lee's admission provoked more questions than answers.

"I too wonder about...this newest news that Daniel Lee made that phone call to Dispatch News, faking an be offering of the Ailee nude pics for money," Krevice wrote in a forum post on the website from quickly subsequently the incident.

"I wonder whetherany individualrunning at allkpop knew that Daniel Lee was going to make that phone call? Were there any discussions between allkpop staffas to if this was an okconceptahead of Daniel Lee doing that?"

The user has since been banned from commenting on the allkpop website, but the questions Krevice raised did obtain a reaction from a commenter named Ace, claiming to be a former allkpop moderator.

"From what I been told by ex-allkpop team of workers is that allkpop has not lied referring to being the leaker," Ace wrote. "They also have evidence for all in their claims. It was a dumb go by Daniel though to check the evidence out. However, all and sundry makes mistakes."

Following the incident, 6Theory rushed to factor a remarksaying Lee's innocence, putting forward that it whomever posted the X-rated pictureswerethe use of a Canadian IP cope with and that Ailee's checklist label YMC Entertainment was unfairly jumping to conclusions when they accused the site of misconduct.

"For complete disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question," the statement read. "Not knowing whom the real culprit was, YMC grew to become the blame to the perfect target.

According to the court of public opinion though, it wasn't adequate according to the Radiolab piece, entitled "K-poparazzi."

"Really, their recognition merely tanks. It was a caution to them from K-pop fans 'don't mess with us.'" Park said in the podcast, concerning allkpop's backlash for publishing the nude photos of Ailee. "I mean I have not really followed them in a while, but they haven't recovered since then."

For Beyond Hallyu's editor, the irony of having Park remark on the legitimacy of her biggest competitor as a US-based Korean entertainment site that generated the Radiolab report's biggest credibility gap.

"The maximumfantastic moment was when a substantialbite of the tale about the backlash opposed to allkpop was told by the editor of Soompi, as though she had no stake in sharing the story of the site's intended downfall," Parker wrote.

"And the most frustrating phase is it isn't true. Up to 1 hate to mention it, allkpop has most commonly recovered."

Allkpop is lately the fourth result that looks in a Google seek of the term "kpop."

Radiolab's manufacturers and allkpop's editorial body of workersmay not straight away be reached for comment.

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Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alex

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alex

Rainbows Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Isn't About Her Boyfriend Alexck525 February 15, 2016 0 LINE it!Rainbows Hyunyoung Says Her New Song Is No longer About Her Boyfriend Alex Rainbow’s Hyunyoung confident that her dating amongst Alex is greater than ever, and her new song has not anything to do with him.

On February 15, the holeshow off for Rainbow’s fourth mini album “PRISM” used to be held. All of theparticipants were provide for the event, and Jisook and Kim Saeng Min, her spouse in KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” were the MCs.

When the members said, “Hyunyoung, our youngest, even wrote her own song,” Kim Saeng Min complimented her saying, “I concept abs were your specialty.”

Hyunyoung’s song is the 5thsong “Eye Contact.”

“We dont releases songs one after some other like other groups, so weve had several hiatuses,” Hyunyoung said. “I become wondering what I must make in my spare time, and I made up our mindsto be told song writing two to 3 years ago. I showed my song to my members, and we ended up adding it to the album because they loved it.”

Kim Saeng Min asked about Alex by way of saying, “The song turns out to be about love, and aren’t you presently seeing anyoneappropriate now?”

Jaekyung teased, “It’s about cheating though,” and Hyunyoung clarified, “It’s just a song. Nothing more.”

The album incorporates ageneral of six songs. “Whoo,” the identify song of “Prism,” is a rock dance song with a unfashionable melody line.  “Things I Would like to Tell You” is a cushy ballad, whilst “BlackWhite” is an intense dance song that highlights the group’s vocal skills. The witty lyrics of “Click” and Hyunyoung’s self-made song, “Eye Contact,” are especially notable as well.

rainbow prism yeasiaMake stronger the artist by purchasing Rainbow- Prism from YesAsia Source (1)

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Honey Lee Needs to Song Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang

Honey Lee Needs to Song Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang

Honey Lee Needs to Music Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang?kiddy_nights December 13, 2015 0 LINE it!Honey Lee Wants to Track Her Boyfriend, Yoon Kye Sang? Actress Honey Lee made an appearance at a promotional tournament for Robot, Sori on December 14, at the facet of her co-actors.

As she plays the role of a Ph.D. who works for the Korean Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics, she was once asked a relatively technical question, which turned into Is there somebody in the sector that you should track the use of sounds? Even if she acknowledged no, when she underwent a polygraph test, the lie detector indicated that she lied about it.

When the MC Park Kyung Lim teased her about whether it was her boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang, Honey Lee attempted to stay her cool, saying, I wager there will have towere a time where I sought after to track him. Perhaps one just neededto seem cool answering that question. She added, I maycommunicate to him at the phone, and there'sa massive number of technology. So long as he responds to me, I dont think theres any want for trackers.

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Model Song Hae Na says her dog prevents her from having skinship with her boyfriend

Model Song Hae Na says her dog prevents her from having skinship with her boyfriend

The December 11 airing of 'Witch Hunt' featured units Song Hae Na and Bae Jung Nam for any othercircular of sizzling, 19talk!

Song Hae Nawas empathetic in opposition tothe tale of a lady who claimed she gaineda massive number ofrigidity from her boyfriend's puppy pup.Some of you'll be able toconsider her as one of the vitalultimate contestants on 'Korea's Next Best Model's 2nd cycle and as the actress from Big Bang Seungri's "Gotta Consult with U" song video.

The model said, "I own a black poodle. Because my dog has separation anxiety, even if I move to the bathroom, it helps to keep crying through the door. I at all timesneed to sleep with my dog."

SEE ALSO: 'Reply 1988' has perfect viewer ratings for 6th week in a row

She then added, "Even when I amappearing love to my boyfriend, my doggy comes in front of me and sticks beside me. I'm k amongst it yet my boyfriend, now not so much. As a result of that, there were times we could not have a physical relationship."


Song Ji Hyo leaves C-Jes Entertainment; confirmed broken up with her CEO boyfriend 2 years ago

Song Ji Hyo leaves C-Jes Entertainment; confirmed broken up with her CEO boyfriend 2 years ago

Actress Song Ji Hyo revealed to have ended her contract with C-Jes Entertainment.

A rep from C-Jes Entertainment stated on July 10th,"We have ended our management with Song Ji Hyo after 4 years. We will continue to support her future activities and will proceed with related services until she finds a new agency".

In particular, it was revealed that the actress also ended her relationship with CEO Baek Chang Joo 2 years ago. Since it"s something related to their privacy, the matter has been kept in secret for a long time until now.

Song Ji Hyo is currently active as a member of SBS"s "Running Man". Her latest drama work was tvN"s "Ex-Girlfriend Club".



Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways with C-JeS + Revealed to Have Broken Up With CEO Boyfriend 2 Years Ago

Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways with C-JeS + Revealed to Have Broken Up With CEO Boyfriend 2 Years Ago

It is being reported that actress Song Ji Hyo has decided parted ways with her management agency, C-JeS Entertainment, following the expiration of her contract. Along with this news, it has also officially been confirmed that she is no longer with her former boyfriend, who is also the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment.

On the morning of July 10, it was made known that her exclusive contract with her agency has ended its run.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “After four years of being Song Ji Hyo’s management, we will no longer be working with her. Also, CEO [Baek Chang Joo] and Song Ji Hyo have maintained their manager-actor relations after parting ways as a couple two years ago.”

The agency rep further shared, “We will cheer on Song Ji Hyo, who has been earning much popularity in Asia, to continue earning a lot of love through various promotions in the future. Furthermore, we will fully cooperate with her until she decides on a new agency.”

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Song Ji Hyo says Gary gives off an ex-boyfriend vibe and co-star Byun Yo Han a new boyfriend vibe

Song Ji Hyo says Gary gives off an ex-boyfriend vibe and co-star Byun Yo Han a new boyfriend vibe

Song Ji Hyo says Gary gives off an ex-boyfriend vibe and co-star Byun Yo Han a new boyfriend vibe

Actress Song Ji Hyo might be "Monday Couple" with Gary, but she"ll be part of the "Ex-Girlfriend Club" for actor Byun Yo Han. The press conference for the new tvN drama took place on April 30 where she talked about both men.

She said, "Honestly, besides Monday and Tuesday, I keep seeing Byun Yo Han. If Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend, Byun Yo Han feels like a new boyfriend who appeared like a comet."

It turns out Gary is very supportive of her, though, which is expected of such a good friend and colleague. She revealed, "Gary said a lot of nice things to me, too. He supported me with comments like, "It seems fun. Since you"re with Byun Yo Han, you two look good together." I was grateful."

Byun Yo Han aded, "Since first meeting Song Ji Hyo, I felt that there indeed was such a thing as chemistry . . . We were all together with the director and she really made me comfortable, so I was able to approach her with ease. Yesterday, Song Ji Hyo and I said to each other, "We match very well." It"s to the point I think I don"t have to try to get closer to her now. Usually, I need time to get close to somebody, but now, it"s to the point if someone goes "Ah," the other goes, "Uh (yeah),"" suggesting they could even read each other"s mind at this point.

You can see their chemistry for yourself on May 8 with the first episode!


Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend

Is Gary Kang Jealous Of Song Ji Hyo's New Ex-Boyfriend

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang

Song Ji Hyo and Gary Kang have long been called the "Monday Couple" because they co-star on the variety show "Running Man." He seems to adore her and they make an appealing onscreen couple.

But Gary, a singer and member of the group Leessang, often has to share her attentions with her co-stars. As an actress Song Ji Hyo has had some attractive leading men, including Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Jin Mo, Jo In Sung and Lee Dong Wook.

Her latest leading man is the up-and-coming actor Byun Yo Han. Byun will star with her in the upcoming drama "The Ex-Girlfriends Club."

How does Gary feel about this?

Almost every time she appears in a new drama, at least one reporter will ask her how her "Monday boyfriend" feels about her new drama co-star. And her latest drama is no exception.

At the April 30 press conference for the tvN drama "Ex-Girlfriends Club," she was asked how Gary felt about her filming romantic scenes with Byun Yo Han.

"Isn"t Gary jealous," one reporter asked.

The actress said that in some ways Gary was starting to feel like an ex-boyfriend as she was spending more time with Byun Yo Han.

"I meet Yo Han every day besides Monday and Tuesday," said Song Ji Hyo. "If Gary feels like an ex-boyfriend, then Yo Han feels like a new shooting comet."

But she said that Gary did support her and she was grateful for that.

"I recently filmed with oppa and he told me good things about my drama. That he thinks it will be fun. After seeing me with Yo Han, he said we look good together. He supported me. Thank you oppa."

In "Ex Girlfriends Club" Song plays Kim Soo Jin, a woman who decides to direct a film based on a popular webtoon.

The webtoon"s writer Bang Myung Soo writes about and compares his ex-girlfriends. It is only after Kim Soo Jin has committed to directing the film and cannot afford to get out of her commitment that she realizes the webtoon author is none other than her ex-boyfriend. And that makes her a character in the film she is directing. Awkward!

"Ex-Girlfriends Club" also stars Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, and Ryu Hwa Young, who all attended the press conference along with the director Kwon Suk Jang. The drama will air on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning May 8.