Boyfriend to release live DVD "BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2012 Xmas Bell" and 3rd single "Hitomi no Melody" in Japan

Boyfriend to release live DVD "BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2012 Xmas Bell" and 3rd single "Hitomi no Melody" in Japan

Boyfriend to release live DVD BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2012 ?Xmas Bell? and 3rd single Hitomi no Melody in JapanBoyfriend will be releasing the live DVD titled "「BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2012 ~Xmas Bell~」" in March.

The DVD will be available in two different versions. The limited edition comes with an additional replica of the staff t-shirts, while the regular edition gets additional staff pass replicas for a limited amount of its releases. Both versions get the same full concert edit as well as the making of. Included in the tracklist are the group's various Japanese singles as well asKorean tracks such as "Janus" and "YouI."

Boyfriend's third single, "Hitomi no Melody," will be released just a little while after. Its tracklist consists out of the title track, b-side "TO MOON" and instrumentals for both songs. It will be available in a CD only release and one limited CD+DVD version. Lawson and Conan versions will also be released.

"「BOYFRIEND LOVE COMMUNICATION 2012 ~Xmas Bell~」" will be released on March 13th. The six member group's third Japanese single "Hitomi no Melody" will be released two weeks later, on March 27th.



Be my shine ~君を離さない~

You’re My Lady~Don’t Touch My Girl

MY LADY ~冬の恋人~





One Day

クリスマスソングカバー(ジングルベル~All I want for Christmas is you)

キミとDance Dance Dance

Love Style

Super Hero

I’ll Be There


キミとDance Dance Dance

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Boyfriend to Attend Hallyu Festival 2012 in Philippines!

Boyfriend to Attend Hallyu Festival 2012 in Philippines!


Boyfriend to Attend Hallyu Festival 2012 in Philippines! Boyfriend in PhilippinesBoyfriend to Attend Hallyu Festival 2012 in Philippines! BoyfriendRookie idol group Boyfriend will be heading to the Philippines to join the first anniversary celebration of KCC, the Korean Cultural Center located in the Philippines.

Boyfriend consists of members Kim Donghyun, Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Youngmin, Jo Kwangmin, and No Minwoo. It will be their first time visiting the Philippines to make an appearance at the Hallyu Festival 2012. Boyfriend is schedule to perform at the SM Mall of Asia, Centerstage on the 28th of July.

The Hallyu Festival was created to promote K-Pop in the Philippines and will be part of the month long celebration of KCC's anniversary. Fans will get various opportunities to showcase their talents by entering in events like, K-Pop Dance Cover Contest, K-Pop Dance Remix Contest and SM TOWN Tribute Concert.The winner of the K-Pop Dance Cover Contest will represent the Philippines at the K-Pop Dance Cover Festival in the city of Gyeongju in Korea.

Aside from the K-Pop Contests, people will be able to participate in numerous activities like, drama cosplay competition, photo contest, raffles and games.

Boyfriend debuted in 2011 with their single Boyfriend and won the SBS "MTV Best of Best Best New Artist Award" the same year.Also, Boyfriend successfully held a debut showcase in Japan on the 30th of June that brought in a total of over 40,000 fans.

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Kim Sae Ron Denies Duty For Yoon Shi Yoon’s Failed “Boyfriend Look”

Kim Sae Ron Denies Duty For Yoon Shi Yoon’s Failed “Boyfriend Look”

Kim Sae Ron Denies Obligation For Yoon Shi Yoons Failed Boyfriend Glance notclaira July 29, 2016 0 Kim Sae Ron Denies Responsibility For Yoon Shi Yoons Failed Boyfriend Look On July 28, actress Kim Sae Ron gave an interview in which she mentioned her Replicate of the Witch co-star, Yoon Shi Yoon, and his program 2 Days 1 Night.

If he asked me to appear, I would, she said. Yet he most certainly doesn’t have any mind about it.

During 2 Days 1 Night’s Ewha University special, the forgedwas once asked to get dressed up in a boyfriend look. Yoon Shi Yoon stunned the contributorsby way ofappearing up in jean shorts and a hot redblouse and claimed that Kim Sae Ron have been his stylist.

Kim Sae Ron protested, I never suggestedthe ones clothes. I sought afterto look him clothewell on Television for once so I sent him footage of quite so much of styles. I told him to duplicate the imageprecisely and now not to mention me if he wore anything else. But he went on broadcast and acknowledged I endorsed it… I never told him to wear denims and a hot pink shirt!

Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Shi Yoons drama Mirror of the Witch wrapped up on July 16. Watch the finale below!

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Suzy becomes new face of Bet following her boyfriend Lee Min-ho

Suzy becomes new face of Bet following her boyfriend Lee Min-ho

Singer actress Suzy has develop into a new face for Guess.

Suzy, these days starring in KBS 2TV's Wednesday Thursday drama, "Uncontrollably Fond" as No-eul, a documentary producer, presented her authentic image, liberal and relaxed in the pictorial for Bet new crusadepublished on July 19th.

Guess has been runningat theworld ad campaigns with many celebrityitemsadding Claudia Schiffer, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Upto, who are ceaselessly referred as Guess Girl. In Korea, the large A-list stars including Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Hyori, Jeong Woo-seong, and Lee Min-ho have worked with Guess as their ad campaign models so far.

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T-ara's Soyeon And Boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk Get a divorce After 6 Years

T-ara's Soyeon And Boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk Get a divorce After 6 Years

T-aras Soyeon And Boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk Cut up After 6 Years(Photo : Television Report)Click B member Oh Jonghyuk and T-ara member Soyeon have in any casedamaged up after 6 years of being together.

Jonghyuk's firm DSP Media showedthe inside of track on July 5, stating, "it is right that Oh Jonghyuk and T-ara member Soyeon have currently broken up."

The breakup used to be reportedly initiated through Jonghyuk because he changed intonot able to deal with dating Soyeon because of her busy agenda in Korea, Japan, and China.

Advertisement The 2 left hints they had broken up on social media. Soyeon unfriended Jonghyuk on social media, whilst Jonghyuk and his workforceparticipants all unfriended Soyeon.

The two have determinedto stay every bitbuddies and colleagues.

The two's datingstarted in 2010, yet SOyeon waas partial tothe press B member back in 1999, when they debuted. They dated for 3 years in secret prior to news in their relationship broke in September 2013.

Oh Jonghyuk currently works as a musical actor, while Soyeon is selling amongst T-ara.

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Yoo Seung-ho, a whole  edition of nation's boyfriend, awfully cute!

Yoo Seung-ho, a whole edition of nation's boyfriend, awfully cute!

Yoo Seung-ho showed off his gwiyomi appeals. Yoo Seung-ho these days had a photoshoot for a canopy page of the movie weekly mag 'Magazine M'. He printed his unforeseen sides, striking quite so much of poses into the camera lens

The good-looking actor finished the epitome of everyone's boyfriend's glance as he deserted his younger image. His half-moon eyes and lovable poses melt our hearts.

Yoo Seung-ho also showed off his manly guyallure in the blouse with buttons undone. You'll be ready to take a glimpse into his manly appeal that has gotten even more mature.

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Sulli spotted at nightclub tournament with boyfriend Choiza

Sulli spotted at nightclub tournament with boyfriend Choiza

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of her brief absence on some social networking sites, many are wondering about the activities and whereabouts of singer and actress, Sulli

Recently, a post on Pann uploaded multiplepictures of Sulli being out with artist boyfriend, Choiza. The post published Sulli’s contemporary whereabouts and showed her getting down at the club. Sulli used to be reportedly in the similarcorridortournament amongst Choiza with the post unveiling her dancing around in the back of the DJ booth.

Surprisingly, netizens appear to be in favour of her recent activities and posted sure comments of her free, self sustaining and relaxed lifestyle. Some were also optimistic of her newestcoiffure claiming it to be cute.

Since her departure from f(x), Sulli won much criticism for her sexual posts on social media, yet now apparently that lovers are in spite of everything accepting her for who she is and supporting her once again.

Check out her current photos below!

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TRENDING Most sensible 10 ‘boyfriend shots’ of male idols

TRENDING Most sensible 10 ‘boyfriend shots’ of male idols

21kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Netizens talk aboutphotographs of idols on their SNS with boyfriend looks.

Nam chin jjal in Korea literally method boyfriend shot. It suggests thatthe imagesaren't professionally shot nor are the idols dressed inlevel outfits, make up or in special places. Netizens and loversaccumulatethosefootage because it roughly feelsas though they are like a typical boyfriend in the photo.

Originally posted on Pann, fans and netizens talkthe pinnacle 10 boyfriend shots.

Titled My Non-publicMost sensible 10 Male Idol Boyfriend Shots, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I am a fan who for my part loves collecting idols, items and actors boyfriend shots hahahaha

Here is my height 10 list in my opinion

Theyre no longer ranked so asyet simply randomly!

Lets have a look at them in combination and experience them~

Oh this guy Yoon Doo Joon, who isn't just popular amongwomen but guys!

I in reality think he has the boyfriend glance in this picture. I actuallylove it T_T

I actually like this shot alot T_T_T_T_T_T Onew got here out so lovable in this..

He really looks as if a boyfriend this is paying close attention to his telephone hahaha I heard theyre coming circular again soon fighting!

Mr Lim Hyun Sik T_T My first favourite out of BTOB individuals T_T whew..

His eye smiles are best possible and I am hoping he gets more popular. Every other addition of boyfriend shots!

He could also benoted for his boyfriend shots T_T! His selfies are really my style, I like them.. T_T

I hope my biases learn the way to take selfies from him as neatly T_T

Wow.. freaking handsome.. I used to bebearing in mind L.Joe and him but I chose him!

This is this sort of handsome-like boyfriend shot

This photo came out so well T_T_T_T I believe information technologysuits my non-publicflavor in boyfriend shots yes yes.

I really love it that he already seems like a doggy but is taking an image alongside a puppy.

Mr. Choco..3 His appearance makes me apprehensive aye yes and his dimples are so lovely T_T

A boyfriend that is worked up because he's on a plane.. this sort of feel? hahahaahahahahaha I am prepared on it alot anyways

This is such a beautiful shot. He really turns out like a boyfriend, my boyfriend hahahahahahhahah sorry

He comes out really fairly when he is taking selfies to boot T_T

Most of the time, I really like every of his boyfriend shots so much T_T_T_T

He is my genuine boyfriend. He is such a cutie prankster T_T

Mr. Gongchan T_T_T_T This appears like a pictorial really T_T_T_T (wears fan lens )

His temper is awesome and appears like a style T_T I love this T_T_T_T

These are my ownreviews then please chorus from leaving comments to mention haveany person out and put someone in!

And please so I will collect, spread more boyfriend shots hahahahaha

278 / -115 Jimin too.. seems like he works at a cafe..

215 / -51 Thank you for bringing up V!

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Eric Nam Finds He Sang Book Songs For INFINITE, Boyfriend, And More

Eric Nam Finds He Sang Book Songs For INFINITE, Boyfriend, And More

Eric Nam Unearths He Sang Ebook Songs For INFINITE, Boyfriend, And Morekminjungee June 23, 2016 0 Eric Nam Exhibits He Sang Advisor Songs For INFINITE, Boyfriend, And More Right through the June 23 broadcast of JTBCs Old House, New House, Eric Nam talks about his life in between his album releases.

He confesses, I wasnt in a position to unencumber an album for decades following my debut. Back then, I earned numerous my source of revenueviamaking a songhandbook tracks for other idol groups. He reveals that hes sang guides for several of Endless and Boyfriends songs, in additionYoungsterBest and VIXX.

Eric Nam explains, I used to besatisfied to be making track in some form. I still had fun because I learned so much just about music and singing.

The singer also talks about how he pondered returning to the United States, yet ended up deciding opposed to information technology because he didnt wish to leave without giving it his all.

His demandingpaintingscertainly paid off in the end!

eric nam interview yesasia album Fortify the artist by purchasing Eric Nam - Interview from YesAsia Source (1)

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