Somi's German 'Doppelganger' Stirs K-Pop Communities

Somi's German 'Doppelganger' Stirs K-Pop Communities

When this German student appeared on YTN News, netizens and the K-pop community was dumbfounded as she looked familiar. Apparently, the student has a very close resemblance to Somi.

According to All Kpop, the Somi doppelganger is named Eileen. Since she appeared on the news, Eileen has become the center of attention in online communities.

Netizens claim that Eileen’s face looked like a photo copy of Somi’s. Others even predicted that Eileen’s face is what Somi would look like in two to three years’ time.

Meanwhile, a person who claimed to know Eileen in school uploaded more photos of the Somi doppelganger – with permission of course. The person claimed to have danced with Eileen in their school.

Looking at the photos shared in online communities, Somi and Eileen’s resemblance is undeniably uncanny. Both have the same eye shape except Eileen’s is a bit longer.

Somi and Eileen also have amazingly similar nose shape. They also have similar mouth shape, except Eileen has her dimples above the edges of her mouth.

The similarities end at their jawlines. Somi has a chubbier face that’s why her jawlines are kind of hidden. Eileen’s jawlines on the other hand are protruding and is much more emphasized.

However, other netizens disagree that Eileen is Somi’s “doppelganger”.

While others agree that Eileen is Somi’s “doppelganger”, others also disagree. However, they did point out how they both look pretty but Eileen is definitely not Somi’s doppelganger.

In other news, Somi celebrated National Sibling’s Day on April 12 by sharing photos of her and her little sister Evelyn on her Instagram account. As previously reported, Somi also uploaded pictures of her close friends Chaeyoung and Dahyun.

Somi’s photos showed the duo spending their quality time together at a caf. The photos also showed how Somi loves her little sister in all aspects.