Somis Father Claims That Her Younger Sister Is 10 Times As Talented

Somis Father Claims That Her Younger Sister Is 10 Times As Talented

Somis father, Matthew Douma, revealed how he has been helping Somi and Evelyn improve their talents and that Evelyn is showing incredible potential.

In a pre-recording of MBCs celebrity talk show Video Star, Somis father revealed that Evelyn (Somis younger sister) has been showing various skills that were at least 10 times more impressive than Somis.

Matthew explained that he had started teaching Somi how to take good photos before her debut and that he had even advised her on her photo shoot while she starred on JYP Entertainment and Mnets reality girl group survival show, Sixteen.

I taught Somi how to turn out better in photos. She told me she had to take it with a flatfish, so I advised her not to wear gloves while taking it.

Somis photo shoot with a flatfish on Mnets Sixteen. / Source: AllofIdol

When he was asked about Evelyn, Matthew expressed that she was growing up to become even more talented than Somi, in that she was learning his teachings much faster than her.

If Somis talent rating is 5, then Evelyns is more than just a 10 or a 20. Shes almost 10 times more talented than Somi. These days Ive been teaching how to take photos with Evelyn, but she picked it up much faster than Somi did.

This episode of Video Star is a Parents Day special episode and will be aired on May 9.