Solji rejoins EXID on stage at mini concert

Solji rejoins EXID on stage at mini concert

Soljimade a surprise appearance at EXID’s mini concert.

The girls had their mini concert on the 12th, and during the encore, the girls sang “Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring”. However, after the first verse, the lights suddenly completely dimmed.. and Solji came up from the audience and started singing her part. Both fans and EXID members started crying because the appearance was originally unplanned.

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Solji hadactually come to the concert an hour before the concert without telling the members. She said, “I didn’t know the members would cry, but I was surprised because Junghwacried as much as when we first got #1. I’m getting treatment, and also doing exercise. I’ll come back soon.”

You can watch the touching moment below.