Sohee poses for a laid-back photoshoot with ‘High Cut’

Sohee poses for a laid-back photoshoot with ‘High Cut’

Sohee was recently featured in ‘High Cut’ magazine, presenting a casual look on a hot summer day. After the photo shoot, she talked about her latest film ‘Single Rider’ and more in her interview. 

She said, “I enjoy cooking so I invite my friends from time to time and cook for them. I’m waiting for my next project while taking a rest at the moment, and I really enjoyed the movie ‘Get Out’ that I watched recently.” Sohee also spoke about Wonder Girls’s disbandment, “We spoke about the situation as a group prior to the official disbandment so we already knew. I thought a lot about the past but I think it’s important to focus and think about the future now.” She also added that she recently ate with Yenny, sharing, “Yenny unnie and I ate together just last week. Also, the other members attended the screening of ‘Single Rider’ when it premiered and gave me feedback on the film.”

She was also asked about her acting skills, and if she thought she’d improved since her very first film, to which she replied, “It’s embarrassing, I’m sure many people think various things about my acting but I’m trying not to feel too pressured. I’d like to be an actress who continues to act for a long time much like Yoon Yeo Jung teacher.”

You can find Sohee’s photo collection in ‘High Cut’s 200th issue!

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