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World famend Korean Wagner singer to accomplish 'The Flying Dutchman' in Seoul

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World famend Korean Wagner singer to accomplish 'The Flying Dutchman' in Seoul

Richard Wagner`s opera "The Flying Dutchman" might be conducted for the primary time in 40 years at the Opera space in Seoul Arts middle from Wednesday thru Friday next week, where Korea National Opera singer Yeon Kwang-chul will be gambling captain Daland. Opera singer Kim Il-hoon will be a replacement forged at the remaining day. The Dong-A Ilbo met Yeon at a convention room in Seoul Arts Center on Wednesday.

"Is it a clich to mention i think new each and every time? other from other composers, Wagner wrote all of the lines by way of himself", Yeon said. The orchestra also doesn`t remain as accompaniment and expresses the feelings of the performers. Various from Italian operas where the orchestra highly relies on the vocalist, the producer, singer and orchestra can create more than a few versions. here's what`s new".

Yeon had a substantial admiration of Wagner`s operas. Last year at Bayreuth, he completed in "The Flying Dutchman", "Valkyrja" and "Tannhauser", coming on level 16 times for 4 weeks. When asked why he digested any such tight killer schedule, Yeon acknowledged he didn`t wish to yield them to others.

This time, "The Flying Dutchman" reinterpreted the original, converting time background from 18th century to trendy time, and also modernized the stage.

"Daland is a father who needs to make his daughter marry a rich Dutch captain as an alternative of a deficient fianc who is a hunter", he said. "Daland used to be an experienced and simple character, yet this time replaced to uneasy and timid whale fishing send captain. The producer`s intentions were good".

Yeon said he first of all had an inferiority complex about being an Asian and being short. He recalls how he has struggled because of bias by foreigners. It changed into Daniel Barenboim who valued his voice and led him.

"Once i used to be making ready for a functionality in Japan", the opera singer said. "I don`t know if I was targeted, but an individual at the japanese generating company said he sought after the team to be composed of handiest Eu singers. Barenboim then said he wasn`t European and took me". Barenboim is a Jewish conductor born in Argentina.

This is why Yeon at all times tries to lead juniors. Tenor Kim Suk-chul who is appearing with him this time (Eric cast) was also invited to the Bayreuth festival, which was a tremendous deal helped by Yeon.

Yeon has a complete agenda till 2018. beginning with The recent York Metropolitan Opera next month where he'll play Verdi`s opera Il Trovatore, he will be on stage at London Royal Opera, the Staatsoper Wien, Opera National de Paris and Teatro genuine in Madrid.

Despite the tight schedule, Yeon will seem at a stage at two puts in Korea at year-end. Born in Cheongju, Korea, he will have a solo recital there in December as his 2d homeland performance. He will also carry out at a nursing house where his Cheongju Faculty of Tune professor is staying.

"Since it's miles difficult for elderly other folks to observe opera for see you later as two hours, I made up our minds to visit my hometown and sing Korean and German songs for them. The performance for my instructor often is the same with when I visited my Berlin music college professor and played for him. The professor is partly deaf, but is still enthusiastic in music".

"A international renown singer making a song at equivalent to stage might be discouraging", the Dong-A Ilbo reporter said. "Reputation is built by other people. If I have dignity of what I do, reputation is nothing. I don`t think I want to be self-conscious about others", Yeon said.

Yoo Seung Woo to open for Australian singer Lenka's Korean concert

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Yoo Seung Woo to open for Australian singer Lenka's Korean concert

Yoo Seung Woo will be opening for Australian singer Lenka"s Korean concert!

Lenka is an artist who debuted in 2008 and were given popular via making a song songs for displays comparable to "Grey"s Anatomy" and "Ugly Betty", in addition videos comparable to "Moneyball". Her Korean excursion is for her 4th album that became once released remaining month.

Yoo Seung Woo said, "I"m venerated that I"ll be opening for Lenka, who I"ve at all times liked. I"m either worried and excited, yet I"m going to do my absolute most sensible on level and then watch the level as a Lenka fan."

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The Korean entertainment global mourns the loss of singer Do Eun Young

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The Korean entertainment global mourns the loss of singer Do Eun Young

Following the sorrowful news of damaged Valentine"s singer Van loss of life, the Korean entertainment global just experienced any other tragic loss. it has been reported that rock singer Do Eun Young kicked the bucket on August 3.

Singer Yeon Gyu Sung expressed his mourning for the passing of the fellow singer, who he used to be close with. 

Yeon Gyu Sung wrote a message on his Facebook previous these days, lamenting, "Do Eun Young, who used to be an excellent singer, whom I truly be enjoyed and enjoyed, kicked the bucket the day before these days (August 3). We"ve been making a song in combination since Audition Box and for a new get commenceed she remade my song "Sad Song," had even recorded and shot the MV for it, and used to be just waiting to announce it. When I saw her just a couple days ago, she used to be smiling brightly and we recorded in combination; it"s challenging to accept as true with [that she"s long past]."

The singer also asked that folk pray for Do Eun Young"s secure passage to the afterlife, beseeching, "those who adored and enjoyed Eun Young, please pray that she will be able to pass on conveniently. Her funeral may be at Anyang"s Sam clinic. Today is a unhappy day."

Do Eun Young had debuted with "I"ll Pray," the OST for the 2005 MBC drama "Be robust, Geum-soon!" and released her virtual album "Carmen" in 2007. In 2012, the singer had seemed on tv for tvN"s audition program "Super Diva 2012," emerging to the quarterfinals.

Let"s hope that the singer is resting at a neater position.

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Korean Singer-Actor has reportedly used partner as Scapegoat when he was charged for driving in the drunk condition and not having a license

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Korean Singer-Actor Uses Girlfriend As Scapegoat for Driving Drunk and Without License On July 6, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that singer-actor Kim Eun Oh was arrested and charged for drunk driving, having no license, and making his girlfriend give false testimony.

According to the prosecutor’s office, earlier this year on March 29, Kim Eun Oh was drinking in Gangnam, when he got behind the wheel while intoxicated. When police pulled up behind him and tried to pull him over, he switched switched seats with his girlfriend and had her lie to the police.

Moreover, Kim Eun Oh refused the breathalyzer test three times, and once at the station, made his girlfriend lie once again.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun Oh has been active as both a singer and actor, and released a solo album just last year.

Rookies Yuta has reportedly admitted to having used to be a Soccer Player before coming to Korean to become a singer

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SM Rookies Yuta Says He Was a Soccer Player Before Moving to Korea to Become a Singer Yuta Nakamoto, the new Japanese representative of the JTBC variety show Abnormal Summit and a trainee at SM Entertainment (SM Rookies), revealed that he was a soccer player before deciding to become a singer.

In the show, upon being asked, What did you do before deciding to come to Korea to become a singer? Yuta responds, I was a soccer player between the ages of 5 to 16.

Then the panel asks Yuta a sensitive question: Which country is the best at soccer? Yuta rules Sam Okyeres home team Ghana out and picks Germany. Sam is hurt by Yutas response, and shoots back, if you want to be a real Abnormal Summit member, you shouldnt lie. MC Sung Si Kyung then teases Sam by asking him how he got on the show if one is not supposed to lie, but Sam quips, I only started lying after I was confirmed for the show.

This Korean singer made a decision that could cost him his life…The reason why will break your heart.

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This Korean singer made a decision that could cost him his life…The reason why will break your heart.

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterWhat lengths would you be willing to go to to protect your dreams and your passion? Would you be willing to put your life on the line to hold on to your dreams for even a minute longer? The legendary K-Pop artist Lee Moonsae shows us the true meaning of passion.

Are you familiar with the song Sunset Glow by Big Bang? Before Big Bang had fan girls going crazy with their amazing voice and stage presence, the original singer and lyricist of the song, Lee Moonsae had girls going crazy in the 80s.

As the pioneer of the pop-ballad genre, Lee Moonsae enjoyed massive popularity and gained massive respect as an artist.

Hes recognized as one of the most influential artist in K-Pop and is still very much active as a singer and radio host.

In 2007, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer from from which he made a full recovery. In 2014 however, it turned out that the cancer had simply gone into remission and his cancer had returned. He underwent extensive surgery and seemed to have made a full recovery.

He held multiple concerts and tours and he was as amazing as ever. On march 30th however, he revealed that he had not completely removed all the cancer cells in his thyroids.

Before surgery, the doctor seemed seriously concerned

He said, the cancer cells are extremely close to your vocal chords

If we make even the smallest contact with your vocal chords while we scrape out the cancer cells..

Even the smallest mistake could lead to complete loss of your voice

If you werent a singer we wouldnt even hesitate in scraping out all the cancer

So I decided to not complete the surgerythere are still cancer cells left on my thyroids

My life is important but my voicethats worth a whole lot more to me

I want to sing with my voice even for one more minute..even if my life is on the line

He is currently undergoing radiation treatment and doing his best to fight the cancer without surgery. 

I cannot believe that is the voice of someone with thyroid cancerI hope he makes a full recovery so we can continue to hear his voice..

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South Korean Singer IU Be Up For '2015 Golden Disc Awards'

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South Korean Singer IU Be Up For '2015 Golden Disc Awards'

Prior to the 2015 Golden Disc Awards, which will be held in Beijing this month, Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, will introduce the K-pop groups that have been nominated for grand prizes.In the sea of new releases, singer-songwriter IU, young sexy diva Hyuna and returning veteran Kim Dong-ryul each captivated music listeners with their distinctive music last year. IU released her album "A Flower Bookmark" in May, in which she covered hits from the "70s and "80s in her own style. Although she did not promote the album, most of the songs were successful on their own.It was the only album the young singer-songwriter released last year, but she was chosen as singer of the year in a survey conducted by Gallup Korea. In November, she also won artist of the year at the Melon Music Awards.Hyuna, a member of girl group 4Minute, ruled the music charts in July with her single "Red", which she especially tailored to her fans.Kim released his first studio album in six years in October.

[POLL] Which Korean singer did the best cover of Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars"?

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[POLL] Which Korean singer did the best cover of Adam Levine

Following the cover phenomenon that was "Frozen"s "Let It Go" and Taeyang"s "Eyes, Nose, Lips," Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars" from movie "Begin Again" has now become the latest national sensation in South Korea as numerous Korean artists cover the track.

Check out these covers below and let us know which Korean artist you think did the best rendition of "Lost Stars"!

Sinzo Eumke"s Kang Hwee Chan

Vote for your favorite below!

CL Becomes First Korean Singer to Grace the Cover of Elle Korea

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CL Becomes First Korean Singer to Grace the Cover of Elle Korea

CL will be gracing the cover of Elle Korea magazine in their upcoming October issue. According to the publication, she will be the first Korean singer and the youngest Korean star to be on the cover of the fashion magazine.

On the cover, CL looks majestic, dressed in a white suit with gold accessories. In other images released by Elle Korea in advance to the release of the October issue, she can be seen in striking poses, exuding confidence and femininity.

She is said to have contributed greatly to each shots styling and pose, drawing praise from the staff who worked on the shoot.

Check out the pictures of CL for Elle Korea below. More images from the photo shoot can be found in the upcoming October issue of the magazine.

Singer Lee Seung Chul sings about unification with a choir of North Korean defectors

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Singer Lee Seung Chul sings about unification with a choir of North Korean defectors

On August 14th, Lee Seung Chul, in collaboration with a choir of young North Korean defectors called “With-U,” sang his new song “The Day” at Dokdo.

“With-U” is a choir composed of 55 men and women between the ages of 20 and 30, who defected from North Korea to South Korea. The idea for “With-U” came from a joint effort between Lee Seung Chul and a North Korean native, Yoon Il Kon, to bring their vision of a unified Korea to life.

Yoon Il Kon had chosen to leave his comfortable lifestyle in North Korea, instead going to South Korea to work on his vision of a unified Korea. Realizing that he needed the help of an influential public figure to spread his vision, Yoon Il Kon joined hands with singer Lee Seung Chul.

Lee Seung Chul saw that music was the best way to convey Yoon Il Kons vision. Thus, he decided to write a unification song called The Day.

On August 14th, Lee Seung Chul, along with With-U performed the unification song at a special location symbolic of their vision - Dokdo.

Dokdo is one of the only places where North and South Korea are united. It is a piece of land that has been fought over by Japan and Korea for many decades. The two Koreas have come together to put up a united front on this issue.

Lee Seung Chul has taken the vision beyond music, and has also started a campaign called “One Nation,” that promotes the unification of Korea.

In regards to these activities, Lee Seung Chul said

I believe in hope and that hope can be conveyed through music, even in the most desperate times. Because music is universal and transcends cultural boundaries, it has a special way of bringing people together. That’s what inspired me to start this unification campaign.

Sometime in August, “The Day” will be released in three different versions. One version will be Lee Seung Chul singing in Korean, one will be Lee Seung Chul singing with the choir, and another version will be in English.

In addition to the release of the song, “With-U” and Lee Seung Chul will be performing “The Day” at Harvard University on August 29th.